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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

Front Mounted Forks - Paul Betz, High Mowing Seeds' Sales Associate

Farmer Paul Betz I have always been a man of many favorites. Ask anyone who comes to our stand at market looking for the perfect potato. I have lots of favorite tools on the farm as well. I have a new one.

My set of front mounted forks has changed my life.

My love of implements is generally strong. I have a back that acts up occasionally, and have always been a fan of mechanizing when itís appropriate. I still remember getting my first tractor with a bucket loader. It seemed that everything could be or should be moved with a bucket. An incredibly handy tool for sure. I have worked on a farm that had a rear mounted hydraulic fork lift; also very cool, but it seemed a little big for my farm. My smaller tractor lacked rear remotes anyway, so it was never really an option. After our fire, I knew that my need for moving things was going to change dramatically, so I had my bucket converted to quick detach and bought a set of forks right away. My bucket has hardly been back on the tractor all summer.

Forklift Everything can be palletized. Our standard picking container is a bulb crate, which fit rather nicely. I built up a little side on the pallet to hold the bottom course, and now I can bring carrots right into the barn for washing. I can also load bags out of the field and then lift them up to truck height for easier loading. Once I pour a slab in the greenhouse, next yearís winter squash will get picked directly into bins and handled once.

Our plan for next year includes an outdoor wood boiler for heating our greenhouses and barn. Last summer we cut, split and stacked 15 cords of wood. Next year, all that wood will be put ontoÖ. You guessed it, pallets, so I can cut my handling in half. I also plan on making a two tiered rack for moving lots of flats of plants out to the field.

TillerI use a small, walk behind rototiller for lots of jobs on the farm. I used to put it in the bucket and strap it in. I have since made a carrier for it that allows me to pick it up and go in a few seconds. Thereís even room for a tool box and a can of gas. Itís secure over the road and it puts no stress on the machine. Something was always rubbing before when I would carry it in the bucket.

So far I have saved close to $15,000 by not having back surgery, a true bargain, and saved more time than I could have imagined. Even if you are a small grower, consider this tool. I canít imagine not having it.

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