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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Non-GMO Lettuce Seeds::Organic Non-GMO Green Romaine Lettuce::Organic Green Towers Lettuce

Organic Green Towers Lettuce  Organic Non-GMO Green Towers Lettuce - OPEN-POLLINATED

The industry standard for high quality, full-bodied heads. Dependable tall, dark green plants are ideal for market and wholesale growers who need consistent quality. Widely adapted and tolerant of corky root. Available as raw and pelleted seed. Uniform stand · 10-12" tall (Lactuca sativa)

Days to maturity: 60 days
Disease Resistance: MT0-10

Please note: Our pelleted lettuce seed has been primed for faster and more uniform emergence. Priming is a process in which the seed is placed in a warm, moist environment to initiate germination, then dried down again before germination occurs, ensuring uniform emergence when the seed comes in contact with moisture. Pelleted seed has a shorter shelf life than raw seed and will remain viable for one year if properly stored under cool and dry conditions.
SKU Description Our price
2586A 500 seeds $2.75
2586M005 5 M $5.50 $1.10/M
2586M025 25 M $20.00 $0.80/M
2586M050 50 M $35.00 $0.70/M
2586M100 100 M $60.00 $0.60/M
2586M500 500 M $250.00 $0.50/M
2586PA 100 seeds - pelleted $2.75
2586PM001 1 M - pelleted $4.30
2586PM005 5 M - pelleted $15.00 $3.00/M
2586PM025 25 M - pelleted $60.00 $2.40/M
2586PM050 50 M - pelleted $110.00 $2.20/M
2586PM100 100 M - pelleted Call For Availability $197.00 $1.97/M
2586PM500 500 M - pelleted Call For Availability $870.00 $1.74/M

Unit Size
Green Romaine Lettuce Comparison Chart
Item Code Variety Name Seed* Heirloom Type Disease Resistance DTM: Baby DTM: Full Bolt-Tolerant Standout Characteristics
2559 Winter Density R   green romaine   28 50 requires cool temperatures to germinate, heads average 9-10", heads are tightly and rounded, sit high on stem, nice texture and flavor
2606 Aerostar R   green romaine DM (1-27, 29, 32), MT0-30 21 55   midi heads, dark green, relatively smooth
2596 Parris Island Cos R green romaine LMV 28 55 uniform, grey-green heads, 8-12" tall, slightly savored
2543 Freckles R green romaine   28 55 bright green with crimson splashes, upright, early color, crisp, good at any size
2587 Jericho
R   green romaine TB, MT0-10 28 57 bright green, silky texture and sweet flavor, good for field and hoop house
2574 Defender R   green romaine DM (1-16,19, 21, 23) 28     dark green, round and wide leaf
2581 Spretnak R, P   green romaine DM (1, 4-21, 23-26, 28-31), MT0-30   45 mini head, dark and glossy leaves, smooth and dense, blanched hearts
2579 Ansar R   green romaine DM (1-27, 29, 32), LMV, MT0-30   50   very pretty bright green heads, between Little Gem and mini in size. Excellent holding ability; very uniform
2586 Green Towers R, P   green romaine MT0-10   60   industry standard, very reliable, widely-adapted, uniform, 10-12" tall
2625 Arroyo R, P   green romaine DM (1-27, 29), LMV, LNSV, MT0-30   65   tall upright habit good for hearts. For spring harvest in warm regions or summer harvest in cool regions
2580 Coastal Star R, P   green romaine CR, MT0-30   65   dark green, tall, sturdy heads, firm ribs, great for hearts or box packing
*Available as Raw (R) or Pelleted (P) seed

Disease Resistances Key:
APH Aphids
BR Bottom Rot
CR Corky Root
DM Downy Mildew (race specified if known)
LD Lettuce Drop, White Mold, Sclerotinia
LMV Lettuce Mosaic Virus
LNSV Lettuce Necrotic Stunt Virus
MT0-30 Indicates that 0 seeds out of 10,000 or 30,000, respectively, have tested positive for LMV. Aphid resistant varieties are bred to reduce the spread of LMV from other crops or non-resistant varieties.
TB Tip Burn

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