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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Non-GMO Fennel Seeds::Organic Preludio F1 Fennel

Organic Preludio F1 Fennel  Organic Non-GMO Preludio F1 Fennel - HYBRID

Very early, heavy bulbs with superb flavor—a major improvement in hybrid fennel. This variety stood out in our trials with its lightly sweet flavor, uniformity and ability to hold in the field without bolting. Upright plants are easy to harvest. Early variety recommended for spring and summer harvest with good fall performance as well. Bolt-resistant · 4" bulbs (Foeniculum vulgare)

Days to maturity: 75 days
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Organic Fennel - Growing Information

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Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a hardy annual in the Umbelliferae family, which includes parsnip, carrot, dill, chervil, coriander, parsley, skirret and celery.
  • Bulbing-types produce large sweet bulbs.
  • Non-bulbing (leaf) fennel is grown as an herb or for seed and the attractive, feathery leaves.
Soil and Nutrient Requirements
Fennel needs deep, well drained, moderately fertile soil with a pH from 6.1-8.0. It has a very deep taproot.
Full Sun
Seeding Depth
Plant Spacing
 Direct seed at 2 and thin to 6-8"
Row Spacing
When to Sow
Direct seed fennel mid-spring through late summer, or start transplants 4-5 weeks before planting date. Plant outdoors after danger of hard frost has passed. Bolting can result from disturbing the roots.
Frost Tolerant
Drought Tolerant
Heat Tolerant
Seed Specs
7M seeds/oz avg. M=1,000
Seeding Rate
400 plants/100 double row using 6 plant spacing; 58,100 plants/acre, using 6 plant spacing, 18 row spacing.
 Harvest bulbs at 3-4 in diameter.
Fennel is delicate and will dry out quickly in storage. Store in cooler as close to freezing as possible. Quality will keep for 3-4 days.
Pest Info
  • Aphids, whitefly and lepidopterous larvae can be controlled by floating row cover in areas where they are a problem.
Disease Info
  • Fungal leaf blights caused by Alternaria dauci or Cercospora carotae can cause severe defoliation and greatly reduce yields. Generally, cercospora blight appears earlier in the season than alternaria blight. Both these fungi are seed-borne but can also be spread by crop residue from previous years.
  • White mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) manifests as a cottony white mycelium around roots and lower plant parts, usually late in the season. Avoid planting in areas which are shady or have poor drainage, practice crop rotations with non-vegetable crops.
Seed Saving Instructions
Insect pollinated annual. Varieties should be isolated by mile. When umbels are dry they may be harvested from the plant. Seeds will retain 50% germination for four years.

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