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High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Cauliflower Seeds::Edith F1 Cauliflower

Edith F1 Cauliflower  Organic Edith F1 Cauliflower - Edith replaces Cassius as our early maturing, main season hybrid cauliflower. This variety is suitable for spring or fall harvests under a wide range of conditions. Deeply domed, creamy white heads show uniform size and maturity for a concentrated harvest. Heads are partially covered, and plants are upright and vigorous. (Brassica oleracea )

Days to maturity:68 days
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2308A 25 Seeds $5.25

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Organic Cauliflower Comparisons

Item Code Variety Name Type Disease Resistance DTM Standout Characteristics
2313 Goodman white   65 small plants produce nice heads, deep curds, ivory domes average 10" across, holds in field, concentrated harvest period
2338 Snowball Y white   70 smooth and tight curds, 6-7" heads, dwarf plants, outer leaves protect heads, harvest over long period, good for fall harvest
2312 Tipoff Romanesco F1 Romanesco FY 72 excellent flavor, nice yields, uniform, nutty flavor, good raw or cooked, can take heat better than Veronica F1
2316 Janvel F1 white   75 gorgeous, high quality uniform heads with tight wrapper leaves that protect curds from sunburn; high yielding and slightly longer harvest window
2318 Skywalker F1 white FY 75 good for fall harvest, excellent uniformity and quality, concentrated harvest, perfect white heads, widely adapted, partially self-wrapping heads
2319 Veronica Romanesco F1 Romanesco FY 77 tends to be cream colored with a blush of pink in warmer temperatures, nutty flavor, good cooked or raw
Disease Resistance Key:
FY Fusarium Yellows & Wilt

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