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Organic Cortland F1 Hybrid Onion
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Organic Cortland F1 Hybrid Onion

SKU: 2684A

...Organic Non-GMO Cortland F1 Yellow Onion - HYBRID Thick copper skin, fine necks and uniform round shape; the standard for organic growers everywhere. From the breeders of Copra and Prince. Considered an improvement based on its wider...

Organic Buckwheat, Common
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Organic Buckwheat, Common

SKU: 8010A

...Organic Non-GMO Buckwheat, Common Cover Crop - Open-Pollinated Warm-season crop for building soil and smothering weeds. Planting several successions in a season can be effective for eradicating persistent annual weeds which are out-competed...

High Mowing Seeds Organic Cotton T-shirt
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High Mowing Seeds Organic Cotton T-shirt

SKU: 94310-WS

...HMOS Organic Cotton T-Shirt Show your support for organic seeds with High Mowing hats and t-shirts! Our current t-shirt is 100% organic cotton and printed with beautiful hand-illustrated artwork by Vermont artist Marcia Brewster. Printed with...

Organic Hon Tsai Tai Sprouting Broccoli
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Organic Hon Tsai Tai Sprouting Broccoli

SKU: 2495A

...Organic Non-GMO Hon Tsai Tai Flowering Broccoli - Open-Pollinated Dark green leaves, purple stems and sweet, petite florets. Similar to broccoli raab with a sweeter flavor and delicate texture. Young flowering shoots are delicious in fresh...

Organic Delicata Winter Squash
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Organic Delicata Winter Squash

SKU: 2950A

...Organic Non-GMO Delicata Squash - Open-Pollinated Superbly sweet, tender flesh unique to Delicata. The only winter squash that can be eaten with skin on, after baking or boiling. Our strain has been selected since 2001 for uniformity of...

Organic Costata Romanesco Zucchini
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Organic Costata Romanesco Zucchini

SKU: 2895A

...Organic Non-GMO Costata Romanesco Zucchini - HEIRLOOM Wins every taste test with its unique, slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. Italian heirloom with tender, gray-green skin and prominent ribbing give this variety a distinctive...

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1. Seed Definitions
Definitions HEIRLOOM: Heirlooms are open-pollinated varieties that either pre-date or are unaltered by modern breeding work. Because most heirloom varieties precede the commercialization of agriculture, th ...[+]
2. Seed Bin - November 2005
Welcome to the November Edition of The Seed Bin - High Mowing Seeds' Online Newsletter! Welcome, Everyone! Up here in the north country, our blissful early autumn warmth has given way to the more standard late autumn cold, wet, and darkness. A very rainy October culminated in an early Nor'Easter ...[+]
3. Seed Bin - July 2005
Welcome to the July 2005 Edition of the High Mowing Seeds Online Newsletter! In This Issue: - New Developments at High Mowing Seeds - Tomatoes: Tips and Troubleshooting, with a special report by HMS Plant Pathologist, Jodi Lew-Smith - Great Seed Sale for July - Recipies of the Month, ...[+]
4. The Seed Bin - November 2008
5. The Seed Bin - March 2011
6. Growing Tips - Garlic
Growing Tips: Garlic - Megen Toaldo, Sales Associate   Aromatic, flavorful and healthful – there are hundreds of garlic varieties, but they all fall into two basic categories: hardneck or softneck.   Softneck varieties are best grown in warmer climates.  ...[+]
7. Turning Your Lawn Into Lunch
Turning Your Lawn into Your Lunch – How to Break New Ground for a Garden - Paul Betz, High Mowing Organic Seeds Sales Associate and owner of High Ledge Farm, VT Every year, more and more people are opening up new ground for gardening, either to create a plot or ...[+]
8. Talking To Customers About Organic Seeds
Talking to Customers About Organic Seed - Paul Betz, High Mowing Organic Seeds Sales Associate and owner of High Ledge Farm, VT We have been attending our market for ten seasons now, and one thing that is a constant is that our customers are great. They are int ...[+]
9. Winterizing Your Farm Equipment
Winterizing Farm Equipment - Paul Betz, Sales Associate and owner of High Ledge Farm  Here in Vermont, time is dwindling for field work as the ground is tightening and will soon be covered (we hope) with snow. Much of the work left to do is getting ready for winter and ...[+]
10. Organic Non-GMO Seeds
High Mowing Offers First Full Line Of Non-GMO Project Verified Vegetable Seeds High Mowing has long been a l ...[+]
High Mowing Organic Seeds Offers Nation's First Full Line Of Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds October 14, 2014 WOLCOTT, Vt.  – High Mowing Organic Seeds today announced that its entire line of seeds, all certified organic, has now been verified by ...[+]
12. Understanding Your Soil
Understanding Your Soil - Paul Betz, High Mowing Organic Seeds Sales Associate and owner of High Ledge Farm, VT Until recently, the prevailing wisdom was that one couldn’t add too much compost to a field. When we first opened our ground, we put on a lot of compost. I considered i ...[+]
13. Rolling Dibbler
The Rolling Dibbler  - Paul Betz At High Ledge Farm we are growing for a large market and a 25 member CSA. To get the consistency we want week after week, we are transplanting all the time. Having worked on farms that were using water wheels or mechanical transplanters, the benef ...[+]
14. nsurance, Take 2 - Important, Really!
Insurance, Take 2 - Important, Really!  - Paul Betz, Sales Associate & owner of High Ledge Farm Lets face it, when I mention insurance, people are only marginally interested. The classic image of people running away from their insurance agent has been around for a ...[+]
15. The Seed Bin - April 2011
16. News and Events January 2011
17. The Seed Bin - January 2011
18. The Seed Bin - December 2010
19. Turning your lawn into a garden
20. Understanding Your Soil

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