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Companion Planting – Utilize nature’s diversity to improve the health of your garden

When dreaming of an ideal garden, one often imagines a neat and orderly, well-weeded and organized garden, not necessarily an overgrown forest, right?  Well…in some ways a forest can set a great example for your garden.  Biodiversity is nature’s very … Continue reading

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A “How-To” Guide for Watering Plants in a Greenhouse

One of the great things about running a greenhouse is the level of targeted care that you can give to your plants. They are all in one spot, and their basic needs can be addressed in a way that would … Continue reading

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Win a $50 Gift Certificate! Tell Us About Your Favorite Variety!

A few weeks ago we asked our staff what their favorite varieties that we carry are, and we’ve compiled them in the list below. While we were sitting around talking about all these wonderful different vegetables that we love, we … Continue reading

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Organic Vegetable Crops that Store Well

In an era where food security is becoming a growing priority, having access to affordable and nutritious food all year, say in your basement or pantry, is becoming increasingly important to many families, including my own.  Canning, lacto-fermentation, and freezing … Continue reading

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Garden Planning: A Step by Step Approach

Whether you are breaking new ground or an experienced gardener, making a detailed plan can help you to make the best use of your space, prioritize your crops, and maximize your harvests.  While I love my wheel cultivator and swan … Continue reading

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Organic Carrots of Many Seasons – and Colors

In the last variety spotlight, we talked about onions, which, if you’re in the northern latitudes, should all be seeded in the early spring. This month, we’ll look at carrots, which lend themselves to several seedings, or succession plantings, all … Continue reading

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Spinach Salad with Bacon Dressing

(makes four main course salads) This is a classic salad that is hearty enough for a meal! Add some crumbled blue cheese if you like. I made this for a group of friends for dinner recently, with over wintered organic … Continue reading

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