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Myanmar’s Floating Gardens and Golden Buddhas: Winter Farmer Travel (Part II)

This article is a follow up to Becky’s January article, Trading in Ski Boots for Sandals: Winter Adventures for Farmers (Part 1)   in which she wrote about the role that travel plays in her career as a farmer. She … Continue reading

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Katie’s Black Bean Hummus

A few summers ago I tried my hand at growing dry beans.  My husband and I sowed Black Turtle, cannellini, and Kenearly Yellow Eye beans, and despite the weeds that ended up taking over our neglected plot, come September, we … Continue reading

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High Mowing Organic Seeds Staff Variety Favorites

Just like you, we are all getting excited about the upcoming season here at High Mowing.  We have all spent the past few months making mental notes about the varieties that we love and want to try.  Just about everyone … Continue reading

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How to Choose? Open-Pollinated vs. Hybrid Varieties

Last week Tom introduced a discussion detailing characteristics of hybrid seeds. As we all consider varieties for the coming season, it is common to wonder about the difference between hybrid and open-pollinated varieties when choosing varieties that are right for … Continue reading

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Inside Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds have played a diverse role in agriculture for a long time.  New varieties are made by the accidental or planned crossing (the making of a hybrid) of two different varieties of the same type of plant.  Plants all … Continue reading

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Readers’ Tips on Efficiencies in the Garden and on the Farm

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to submit their tips and tricks they use to increase their efficiency in their gardens or on their farms. What a wonderful and useful collection of tips we received! We’ve gathered them … Continue reading

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