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Medicinal Herbs

At the height of the summer when the days are long, the trials field is full and our harvests are overflowing, it’s easy to let exhaustion creep into the few spare moments not spent hoeing, transplanting, collecting data, or harvesting.  … Continue reading

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Cover Cropping on the High Mowing Organic Seed Farm

I first heard the old adage of “no bare ground” while working for Gordon Tooley and Margaret Yancy at Tooley’s Trees in Truchas, New Mexico.  Gordon espouses many philosophies on life and farming.  However, the philosophy of “no bare ground” … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget About Fall! Seeding Now for Autumn Abundance

Growing is an act of faith and foresight. Faith because you plant these seeds, tiny embodiments of life, small parcels of potential, and you trust that with the proper conditions and care, they will grow.  Foresight because in farming and … Continue reading

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