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Winter’s White Gold: Planning Ahead for Belgian Endive Harvest

Among the vast cornucopia of crops grown by the diversified vegetable farmer, there isn’t another quite like the Belgian endive.  Also known as witloof – which means “white leaf” in Dutch – Belgian endives are a long season crop that … Continue reading

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Tips for Planning Your Winter Harvest

Here in northern Vermont, our first fall frost can come anytime from the end of September through the middle of October, typically. It’s a short growing season, so, like many northern growers we’re interested in how to tease a little … Continue reading

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Downy Mildew Got You Down?

Downy Mildew is a type of foliar plant disease that spreads under cool, wet conditions and affects many different crops.  Ornamental flowers, grapes, onions, basil, lettuce and cucumber all get Downy Mildew, a parasitic pathogen in the Peronosporaceae family.  Although … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget About Fall! Seeding Now for Autumn Abundance

Growing is an act of faith and foresight. Faith because you plant these seeds, tiny embodiments of life, small parcels of potential, and you trust that with the proper conditions and care, they will grow.  Foresight because in farming and … Continue reading

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Mini Heads for Season Extension and Major Value

In recent years on our Trials Farm, we’ve fallen in love with the mini or midi type of lettuce – smaller sized lettuce heads that can be planted densely to maximize bed real estate and that offer great flavor. A … Continue reading

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A Look at Our Variety Trials

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest farmer around.  As Trials Manager at High Mowing Organic Seeds, my job affords me the satisfaction of not only farming vegetables and flower and herbs, but also cultivating information.  In fact, harvesting data is … Continue reading

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Spinach for Winter Production

In the late summer of 2010, High Mowing constructed a high tunnel with the goal of extending our growing season and conducting overwintering variety trials. We received a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to put up a … Continue reading

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Organic Salad Mixes – Growing the Perfect Combination

For many farmers, salad mix is the bread and butter of their market sales. But perhaps that isn’t the right metaphor to use for a group so devoted to their vegetables. Better to say that for many farmers, salad mix … Continue reading

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Variety Spotlight – Organic Beets

The beet is a vegetable that has in recent years been elevated to gourmet status.  A status that is well deserved, we must admit.  Not only do beets have a sweet, earthy flavor that pairs well with, say, goat cheese … Continue reading

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Variety Spotlight: Organic Cabbage

Nothing says I love you like a cabbage (to paraphrase Farmer Paul Betz, one of our commercial grower representatives and owner of High Ledge Farm).  Here’s what’s great about one of the most rock solid, high performing (yet often under-appreciated) … Continue reading

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