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Seed Grower Profile – Frank Morton: An Agent of Change

Frank Morton is a plant breeder and founder of Wild Garden Seed in Oregon. He and his family supply many of the unique varieties in the High Mowing catalog. On a spring day in the early 1980’s, a curious young … Continue reading

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Disease Prevention in High Tunnel Production

Organic growers are increasingly choosing to grow year-round in high tunnels, in part to avoid the diseases encountered by field crops. Not only do high tunnels provide physical exclusion from airborne disease, but the environmental conditions necessary for the presence … Continue reading

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The Unique Challenge of Colorado Potato Beetles

It wasn’t until about 150 years ago that Colorado potato beetles began to play such a dramatic role in potato production in the US. Before then, this harmless insect fed on a handful of weed species in the foothills of … Continue reading

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Carrots: A Look at Our Bejo Varieties

We are fortunate at High Mowing Organic Seeds to have access to some of the highest quality seed sources available. This week two of our friends at Bejo Seeds, Inc. visited us here in Wolcott, VT. Bejo is a Dutch … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Grow!

I often joke with customers that ordering seed is the hardest part.  With over 650 varieties in our catalog and endless ways of growing them all, the freedom can sometimes be stifling.  Of course, so can the heat in July. … Continue reading

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How to Choose? Open-Pollinated vs. Hybrid Varieties

Last week Tom introduced a discussion detailing characteristics of hybrid seeds. As we all consider varieties for the coming season, it is common to wonder about the difference between hybrid and open-pollinated varieties when choosing varieties that are right for … Continue reading

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Bloat Nematodes and You

Nothing scares a garlic grower like the bloat nematode. With the potential for almost total destruction of a crop, the bloat nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci) is most commonly introduced via infested seed. Once present, nematodes can survive in seed, crop debris, … Continue reading

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Organic Control Measures for Striped Cucumber Beetles

It’s that time of year and cucumber beetles are once again wreaking havoc on tender cucurbit seedlings. In all stages of life, these beetles do damage to cucumbers, winter and summer squash, melons, pumpkins, and gourds. In addition to inflicting … Continue reading

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Trellising Your Organic Tomatoes

Tomatoes pose a unique challenge to gardeners large and small. Indeterminate varieties can reach towering heights but are unable to support themselves, especially once they begin to set fruit. All varieties of tomatoes gain several benefits from support. Plants are … Continue reading

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