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Affording the Farm: Financing for Beginners

For beginning farmers, finding the support to start your own farm or to improve your existing farm can seem like a challenge. This challenge doesn’t necessarily let up for the first few years—for perspective, a beginning farmer is defined as … Continue reading

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Emerging Agritourism: Farm to Fork Dinners at Sandiwood Farm

Twenty-five years ago, the land that would become Sandiwood Farm in Wolcott, VT wasn’t much more than a barren field. But that didn’t stop Sara and Bob Schlosser from putting down roots and starting a life there. The two married … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Hillside Farming

Katie Spring owns and operates Good Heart Farmstead with her husband Edge Fuentes in Worcester, VT. Prime agricultural soils are often found in flood-plain, where the land is nutrient-rich and fertile. Hillsides, in contrast, can bring a range of challenges … Continue reading

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Growing Wonder: Spending Time with Kids in the Garden

“All knowledge is rooted in wonder, and what better place to cultivate wonder than in our own gardens?” ~Sharon Lovejoy I gave birth at the end of July, bringing our baby boy into the world the same summer that we started … Continue reading

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Micro-Farm Success: Learning from the Market Gardener

When my husband Edge and I started our farm, a friend remarked, “now all you need is a tractor and you’ll be real farmers.”  What he didn’t realize is that we’ve never planned on buying a tractor to grow vegetables. … Continue reading

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Budget Seed Starting on a Small Farm

Late winter brings farmers out of the seed catalogs and into seed houses.  As greenhouses are heated, potting soil spread into trays, and seeds placed in each cell, excitement mounts for the coming season and all its possibilities.  For many … Continue reading

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Integrating Livestock and Crops at Good Heart Farmstead: Sheep, Pigs and Poultry to Increase Soil Health

Organic farmers know that healthy soil means healthy plants. At Good Heart Farmstead, everything we do is based in the soil. We even named our farm in honor of it—when soil is “in good heart”, it is alive and healthy. … Continue reading

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Putting Down Roots: The Search for Our Own Farm

We closed on the land in June 2012.  With a money transfer and a few signatures, Edge and I became official landowners of 14.5 acres in Worcester, Vermont.  We slept there that night—setting up a tent and building a small … Continue reading

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Making Your Farm Accessible to Low-Income Customers

In the spring of 2010, with one season of farming under my belt and the travel bug planted inside me, I moved to Alaska to work as a School Garden Supervisor for Calypso Farm and Ecology Center.  My job was … Continue reading

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Medicinal Herbs

At the height of the summer when the days are long, the trials field is full and our harvests are overflowing, it’s easy to let exhaustion creep into the few spare moments not spent hoeing, transplanting, collecting data, or harvesting.  … Continue reading

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