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What’s Wrong with My Garden? Part 1: How to Manage Common Insect Pests

Nearly everyone who’s gardened for a season or two has experienced that moment of shock when, upon entering the garden, one first lays eyes on a squadron of cucumber beetles happily chomping away on the squash plants. After the shock … Continue reading

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Optimizing Your Backpack Sprayer

Most farms have at least one backpack sprayer. They are cheap to buy, easy to run and are an efficient way to get the sprays on the crop. My farm is small enough that I will probably never use a … Continue reading

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The Unique Challenge of Colorado Potato Beetles

It wasn’t until about 150 years ago that Colorado potato beetles began to play such a dramatic role in potato production in the US. Before then, this harmless insect fed on a handful of weed species in the foothills of … Continue reading

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Bloat Nematodes and You

Nothing scares a garlic grower like the bloat nematode. With the potential for almost total destruction of a crop, the bloat nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci) is most commonly introduced via infested seed. Once present, nematodes can survive in seed, crop debris, … Continue reading

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Pest, Disease, and Weed Resources in the Information Age

The ceaseless challenge posed by pest, disease, and weed pressure in our vegetable fields can be disheartening at best. As we patiently tend to our crops through the summer months, it’s important to take a moment to observe and learn … Continue reading

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Organic Control Measures for Striped Cucumber Beetles

It’s that time of year and cucumber beetles are once again wreaking havoc on tender cucurbit seedlings. In all stages of life, these beetles do damage to cucumbers, winter and summer squash, melons, pumpkins, and gourds. In addition to inflicting … Continue reading

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Controlling Japanese Beetles in the Home Garden

In recent years, I have noticed increasingly larger populations of Japanese Beetles in my garden.  I first observed them in my garden a few years ago when I came upon them devouring my edamame soybean plants.  Easy to spot with … Continue reading

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