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Winter’s White Gold: Planning Ahead for Belgian Endive Harvest

Among the vast cornucopia of crops grown by the diversified vegetable farmer, there isn’t another quite like the Belgian endive.  Also known as witloof – which means “white leaf” in Dutch – Belgian endives are a long season crop that … Continue reading

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A Look at Our Variety Trials

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest farmer around.  As Trials Manager at High Mowing Organic Seeds, my job affords me the satisfaction of not only farming vegetables and flower and herbs, but also cultivating information.  In fact, harvesting data is … Continue reading

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Feeding From Our Fields

The Trials Field at High Mowing sits atop a hill in Wolcott, Vermont and overlooks rolling mountains to the west.  On the Trials Crew, we spend our spring days meticulously laying out sets of varieties a few feet at a … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Sourcing Organic Seed: The Beloved Parsnip

Update – Jan. 2014 – we were able to source organic parsnip seeds this year! These seeds didn’t make it into our catalog, but we have them on the website: Organic Lancer Parsnip Seeds The world of organic seeds is … Continue reading

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Trial by Farmer: On-Farm Variety Trialing at the Intervale Community Farm

Becky Maden is the Assistant Farm Manager at Intervale Community Farm (ICF), a thriving member-owned CSA farm in its 21st season of growing organic produce in Burlington, Vermont. Becky has worked on several diverse vegetable farms throughout the country and … Continue reading

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2013 New Varieties: Tom’s Picks for the Cream of this Year’s Crop

- by Tom Stearns, owner and President of High Mowing Organic Seeds Hello Growers! Just as the season has finished, it is already getting to be time to plan for 2013. What new markets are you going to strive for; … Continue reading

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Spinach for Winter Production

In the late summer of 2010, High Mowing constructed a high tunnel with the goal of extending our growing season and conducting overwintering variety trials. We received a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to put up a … Continue reading

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Variety Spotlight: Organic Cabbage

Nothing says I love you like a cabbage (to paraphrase Farmer Paul Betz, one of our commercial grower representatives and owner of High Ledge Farm).  Here’s what’s great about one of the most rock solid, high performing (yet often under-appreciated) … Continue reading

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How High Mowing Organic Seeds Chooses Our Variety Selection

When the seed catalogs arrive, in late autumn and on into the spring, don’t we all just love to crack them open and pour over the descriptions – visual, written or both – of all the varieties inside? If seeds … Continue reading

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Trialing True Potato Seed

In the High Mowing Organic Seeds’ trials field, we spend our time trialing and evaluating varieties to determine how they perform compared with each other, as well as to gain knowledge about their characteristics to determine whether we would like … Continue reading

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