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Carrots: A Look at Our Bejo Varieties

We are fortunate at High Mowing Organic Seeds to have access to some of the highest quality seed sources available. This week two of our friends at Bejo Seeds, Inc. visited us here in Wolcott, VT. Bejo is a Dutch … Continue reading

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Mini Heads for Season Extension and Major Value

In recent years on our Trials Farm, we’ve fallen in love with the mini or midi type of lettuce – smaller sized lettuce heads that can be planted densely to maximize bed real estate and that offer great flavor. A … Continue reading

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High Mowing Organic Seeds Staff Variety Favorites

Just like you, we are all getting excited about the upcoming season here at High Mowing.  We have all spent the past few months making mental notes about the varieties that we love and want to try.  Just about everyone … Continue reading

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How to Choose? Open-Pollinated vs. Hybrid Varieties

Last week Tom introduced a discussion detailing characteristics of hybrid seeds. As we all consider varieties for the coming season, it is common to wonder about the difference between hybrid and open-pollinated varieties when choosing varieties that are right for … Continue reading

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Sprouts and Shoots: For the Love of a Winter Salad

As we all search for ways to eat fresh, home-grown food year round—especially those of us with harsh winter climates—let us give tribute to the sprout and shoot…two super easy ways to feed your family fresh green and living foods … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Sourcing Organic Seed: The Beloved Parsnip

Update – Jan. 2014 – we were able to source organic parsnip seeds this year! These seeds didn’t make it into our catalog, but we have them on the website: Organic Lancer Parsnip Seeds The world of organic seeds is … Continue reading

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Nels’ Savoyed Cabbage Delight

A recipe inspired my uncle Steve, once a fine dining chef in and around Seattle.   I perused the assortment of bounty in the HMS produce fridge and found: two leeks and a few heads of Famosa F1 cabbage.  I called … Continue reading

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2013 New Varieties: Tom’s Picks for the Cream of this Year’s Crop

- by Tom Stearns, owner and President of High Mowing Organic Seeds Hello Growers! Just as the season has finished, it is already getting to be time to plan for 2013. What new markets are you going to strive for; … Continue reading

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Variety Spotlight – Organic Beets

The beet is a vegetable that has in recent years been elevated to gourmet status.  A status that is well deserved, we must admit.  Not only do beets have a sweet, earthy flavor that pairs well with, say, goat cheese … Continue reading

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Variety Spotlight: Organic Cabbage

Nothing says I love you like a cabbage (to paraphrase Farmer Paul Betz, one of our commercial grower representatives and owner of High Ledge Farm).  Here’s what’s great about one of the most rock solid, high performing (yet often under-appreciated) … Continue reading

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