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Kinder Garden: Creating Functional Theme Gardens for Kids

Giving a child a garden is a wonderful way to spark interest in the natural world and offers built-in lessons in ecology and personal responsibility. And at the end of the day, it’s something beautiful and rewarding that they can … Continue reading

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Be First to Market with Colorful Vegetables

In Vermont, most farmers’ markets start in May. This may seem late to those of you growing in warmer climes, and it is. What’s even more shocking is that at that time of year, there’s only just enough produce to … Continue reading

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Increasing Production with a Whole Foods’ Local Producer Loan

Here at High Mowing we are always on the lookout for new ways to produce more high-quality organic seed. The exciting news is – this year we found three! With the support of Whole Foods’ Local Producer Loan Program, we’re … Continue reading

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Winter’s White Gold: Forcing Belgian Endives

It’s time to start forcing Belgian endives! If you missed it, check out our post from this spring, Winter’s White Gold: Planning Ahead for Belgian Endive Harvest. This previous post outlines the first part of the Belgian endive production cycle, … Continue reading

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Brassicas Rule! A Fall Planting Guide

Giveaway! One lucky commenter will win an Organic Winter Garden Seed Collection from High Mowing Organic Seeds. These 5 cold-hardy varieties can be planted for fall harvest and will even overwinter in mild climates. To enter, leave a comment on … Continue reading

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Winter CSA Basics: Bringing the Seasons into Balance

This will be our tenth winter running a winter CSA at the Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT, and every year I have been amazed at the enthusiasm our farm members have for winter crops. There is a glaring, fundamental … Continue reading

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Winter’s White Gold: Planning Ahead for Belgian Endive Harvest

Among the vast cornucopia of crops grown by the diversified vegetable farmer, there isn’t another quite like the Belgian endive.  Also known as witloof – which means “white leaf” in Dutch – Belgian endives are a long season crop that … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat: Staying Healthy in Winter

Living in the Northeast, as in many other regions, the winter cold has set in and the outdoor growing season has come to an end. This makes it easy to kick back, enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa, and … Continue reading

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Shoots and Microgreens to Expand your Winter Market Selection

Living in a climate like Vermont, where growing greens outdoors all winter is not an option (or even in areas where it is), raising shoots and microgreens can be a great way to expand the selection of winter produce available … Continue reading

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Disease Prevention in High Tunnel Production

Organic growers are increasingly choosing to grow year-round in high tunnels, in part to avoid the diseases encountered by field crops. Not only do high tunnels provide physical exclusion from airborne disease, but the environmental conditions necessary for the presence … Continue reading

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