Complete Seed Starter – Newbie Gardener Giveaway!

Are you new to organic gardening and overwhelmed by where to start? Excited to start your own garden and grow food for your family, but have little gardening experience? Check out our exciting new giveaway!

We’re giving away TWO different starter gardener packages! Both include:

How do I enter?

Leave a comment on this blog post telling us:

  1. Why you’d like to win one of these New Gardener packages, and
  2. let us know which vegetable, flower or herb variety that we carry you’d be excited to try this year! (Include a link to that variety on our website).

Contest closes at midnight (EST) on Thursday, April 4th, 2013.

The fine print: High Mowing Organic Seeds is giving away two New Gardener gift packages to two lucky winners!! (High Mowing will randomly choose which package the winner receives.) The contest runs from 3/29/13 through midnight (EST) 4/4/13.  The winner will be selected using The winner will be notified via e-mail, so please ensure that your e-mail is accurate. Winners must respond within 96 hours of the e-mail announcing that they have one being sent. If the winner fails to respond within that time, High Mowing Organic Seeds will select another winner through and will send out another e-mail to the next winner.

Comments Closed (Congratulations to Sue and Wence!)

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360 Responses to Complete Seed Starter – Newbie Gardener Giveaway!

  1. Kevin " Dirt Dog" Mattingly says:

    I would like to win the giveaway because my wife and I just decided yesterday to do a project on our small farm to teach groups of kids about composting , growing cucumbers and how to pickle them after they tour our cucumber patch! We are calling this project ” Organic Cucumber” ! The giveaway could give us some ideas! Thanks !

    Dirt Dog

  2. Megan Pickrel says:

    As a brand new gardener, i’m coveting these getting started kits! I’m taking a stand and growing my Freedom Garden, even in my second story apartment. I’ve been carefully seeking out heirloom variety, organic, non-gmo seeds and I’ve got many sprouting already! I’m drooling over these gorgeous sweet onions.

  3. jen says:

    Ive never gardened. Tried to grow kitchen herbs never sprouted, I kill house plants. Yet this year on my little apartment balcony, I am determined to grow my own food. The only thing is, I need a little help! This would truly jump start my plan ive been concocting in my head all winter of feeding my family and canning for next winter. I would be indebted if I won this. And also, thank you for keeping seeds organic. It is of the up most importance:)

  4. Mindy Loveall says:

    I would like to win one of your New Gardener packages because I am a pretty new gardener who is trying to learn about raising my own food and am looking forward to eating a much higher percentage raw in my diet. I am most excited about trying your Kakai pumpkin seeds ( as I have heard that the seeds have no hull, therefore they are ready to go. I know that pumpkin seeds are very high in nutrients, Zinc being just one of the MANY. I hear that they can be started in the Spring so am hoping to plant some soon! :) Whether I win them or not, I will be ordering them as I am super excited to plant these. They will look gorgeous out in my garden besides!

  5. Suzanne Repass says:

    We love your catalog! This is our first year that we will be having a garden. We are 100% adamant about growing organically. We have a 2 yr. old son who is fascinated with nature! He actually helped sprinkle the poppy and daisy seeds in the small starter pots that we placed in our kitchen window. Every day he says, “Mommy, plant!” I place the pots in front of him and he holds them lovingly, and looks and smiles at them, amazed at the fact that they are sprouting. He tries to count the sprouts. That being said, we have decided that he needs his own garden to nurture. We would like to try the Kids Garden Organic Seed Collection for him and the Heirloom Vegetable Lover’s Seed Collection for me and my husband. We are excited about your giveaway, and wish everyone luck!, http://highmowingseeds.heirloom-vegetable-lovers-organic-seed-collection.html Happy Gardening everyone!!!

  6. Melissa Sonko says:

    I am really looking forward to trying these sugar snap peas in some containers I recently commandeered

    I have been gardening, but this year I am working on making containers a huge part of my growing to show my neighbors what they can do with small spaces! Would love to win this to help show them how easy it can be and encourage them to follow suit as a container of fresh veggies and herbs is way more rewarding than pots of flowers they buy every year and replant for asthetic value only.

  7. Allison Furbish says:

    Love High Mowing Seeds! I would love to win the kit to start some seeds with my three-year-old daughter, who’s old enough this year to be fascinated and almost helpful with the gardening process.

    One product I’d really like to try this year is the Organic Inchelium Red Garlic. I’ve never grown garlic before and definitely want to get some into the ground this fall.

  8. Debbie says:

    I have been gardening on a small scale for a few years, mostly with containers and a couple of raised beds. I always seem to do something wrong and end up with less than optimum results. This year, I would like to graduate to a real garden in the ground, that will be large enough to produce veggies to freeze and can for the winter months.

    What variety would I like to try? Eventually, probably a good half of them, particularly heirloom varieties. Last year, I started seeds inside, and they flopped, most likely because the soil wasn’t right or the temperature was too cool. This year, I am using Fort V and a little greenhouse I set up indoors, and they are looking good. I am most looking forward to the tomatoes, Moskvich and Mountain Princess. and
    I also will enjoy the Inchelium garlic, which I planted last fall, as I virtually live on garlic during the winter months to keep away the colds and flu.

  9. Ben Grunow says:

    High Mowing Organic Seeds,

    Thank you for giving us a Vermont based non GMO product, wish every one was blessed enough to consume such a healthy seed to plate meal.

    I love all you have to offer, would be great to try the

    -Wolcott, Vermont

  10. Michael Craddock says:

    So glad to have found your company,im starting a new market garden in my area,i have to grow food the right way,for my customers health,and wellbeing.I want to order my seed from a quality and earthfriendly company like yours.I am concentrating on heirloom varietys like your winter luxury pumpkins.Thank you again.Mike Craddock Memory Farms

  11. Frank Egan says:

    I’d like to win one of these New Gardener packages because they’re cool, fun and easy to use!!! This is our family’s third year with a front lawn garden. We love growing our own food in the suburbs!
    We’re excited to try Tom Thumb Popcorn this year! We’ve never grown corn before!

  12. Brittany Harrison says:

    Just moved and would love to start a garden and would love to have more greens or my little girls. I would love the
    excited :)

  13. I am a city girl who just moved to the country. I have never had a garden before and could really use some help getting started. I am trying to fit in with my new surroundings. My family eats a lot of garlic and I would love to try some new varieties other than what is in the store. Thanks!

  14. Chris says:

    I would love to try your products. I am tired of GMO seeds and corporations ruining our food supply. It would be wonderful to be able to plant a healthy garden with my grand daughters and teach them the importance of your mission!

  15. I need all the help I can get to afford all the seeds and such I need. I want to grow these especially:


  16. Kevin Abner says:

    My wife and I have been lucky enough to have our own garden for about 4 years now. We have been concerned about the negative effects of GMO produce, and have taken our own steps to ensure that we do have a choice. Especially since there are currently no requirements for labeling.
    Thank you for your wide variety, and the stringent adherence to staying organic.

  17. Bruce Wood says:

    For me looking at your website (and shortly your seed catalogue) is like looking at wishbook during Christmas as a child. It is really difficult to choose which seeds would excite me most, but since my I miss my large cottage garden I am going to say Cosmos, but I would love some Holly Hocks too

  18. Mary Jane Pruzinsky says:

    Discovered the benefits of juicing this year and the seed starter would really help me grow my own vegetables and greens to juice. Will be trying 2532 Kale. Good luck everyone! MJ-Connecticut

  19. Jeff Langevin says:

    I would really like to try something I’ve never tried growing before – Kohlrabi. Kohlrabi always looked like some weird alien vegetable to me. But once I had tasted the sweetness of fall-grown kohlrabi this past winter at the farmer’s market, I was a convert! I liked it so much in fact that I asked the farmer what variety it was – Kossak Kohlrabi.

  20. Kendra B. says:

    We are moving to a new place very soon with lots more land to start a garden on and I would be SO excited to win one of these amazing packages. I’ve tried gardening before and I have A LOT to learn. Love your seeds, love the integrity of your company. I would be excited to try any of your shell pea varieties :)

  21. Christopher Collins says:

    I would really love to have this starter kit because I believe it will help me grow the veggies that I want with success. I know from experience that starting seeds is the most important part of planting a garden and having success with the seed starting process makes the creation of the garden easier. I really love all veggies and fruits but I would really look forward to planting and eating beets (

  22. Pam B. says:

    I’d love to win a starter kit because this year we are revamping, eliminating hybrids, GMO, non-organic seeds. Only planting heirloom and organic! I’d love to try the musque de provence pumpkins:

  23. Allie Schweiz says:

    Oh boy! I love farming, but this is my first garden! I don’t have the space to do much, yet I still feel a little overwhelmed at the garden store. This would be awesome! I love spinach and want to grow lots of it!

  24. Lauren says:

    Awesome giveaway!! I’m becoming a bit of an organic activist in my community and I really want to start practicing what I preach! I’d love a New Gardener package!

    I LOVE making Caprese salad all summer with fresh basil! Thanks!!

  25. Viki Gooch says:

    This will be the third year that I will have a vegetable garden. I have had mixed success in the past. Hopefully this year will be different. I would love to try these seeds because they are organic. Out of all the seeds you carry, the Hungarian Hot Wax pepper interests me the most! Plus, one can never have too many peppers!

  26. Colleen Parker says:

    We relocated from a high desert area to a location with very fertile soil. We will be moving from an apartment into our own home this year and I am anxious to begin organic gardening! This package would be a big help to me in getting started in homegrown healthy living.

    I would LOVE to try the organic heirloom Red Pear tomatoes. YUM!

  27. Tracey says:


    I am SO excited about this giveaway, and know that I would be the perfect candidate to receive the seed-starter-newbie kit, because that is JUST what I am, a newbie.

    While I have enjoyed healthy eating, veggies and local food for some time now, I have just reached the point where I am ready to grow my own goods. But, WHERE/HOW do I start. All of it seems completely overwhelming!

    My soon-to-be sis-in-law is a soil/seed expert and highly recommended High Mowing seeds…so I know that I would be working with a high quality product start to finish.

    I plan to plant two raised beds in our backyard. Hopefully tasty veggies abound! The one I am most excited about is your Kale:

    I have NEVER tried it, mostly because I have been terrified that it tastes terrible! But I am ready to tackle that fear this year. Bring on the kale chips!

    Thanks so much!

  28. Lorain says:

    I am for the first year out of a few trials having some bounty, arugula and basil. My little container garden is fun and nice to take care of, I am planning to expand bit by bit and organically. Up to now ive just bought whatever the local nursery or hardware store has. Now with the proliferation of big companys taking over the seed supplies and possibly just wreaking havoc, i’m interested in making a point to source heirloom and organic. Theres not much i can do but i can at least do this. herbs and vegetables are my obsession atm, and seems to be a good place to start.

    Funny thing is I’v taught at schools for an environmental awareness group in the area to the kids on how important it is to grow your own food and protect plants and yet I’ve not yet had a truly successful garden myself….. this year though is going that direction. :) Thank you for keeping it real, really.

  29. Andrea Rossignol says:

    I would love to plant a garden with organic seeds! I’m trying to slowly replace all my ‘normal’ food with ‘real normal’ food and I can’t think of a better way to do it! I think of all the seeds I would be most interested in planting dark green zucchini – my favorite vegetable!!! Yum!

  30. Mary Beth Bryant says:

    Love High Mowing Seeds, Fairly local, all organic and great results. I am a front lawn gardener and love the way a bountiful garden looks for the neighbors and passers-by. I love variety so a starter seed collection is always a good thing. It also helps to bring left over seeds to your local seed swap and I always tell folks there about High Mowing,I’d love to try the TYRIA Long Cucumber
    It looks so pretty in the photo and you can only eat cukes out of the garden in my opinion!
    Thanks High Mowing for all you do! You make me want to garden even more then I do!

  31. Vtgeo says:

    So many great comments. Truly love the High Mowing seeds – quality and products.
    I’d like to know more about companion gardening. Growing your own veggies brings the ‘Life” back into your heart and soul–perhaps that’s why I like the flavor of your fennel. After reading your catalog description, I know why I was drawn to this veggie –licorice and anti-inflamatory agent–way to go
    Originating in the Mediterranean, fennel is referenced in many Greek and Roman texts, including a Greek myth which tells of the gods passing knowledge to humans in a stalk of fennel. Fennel is a good source of fiber, and derives its strong licorice flavor from anethole, a nutrient compound thought to be an anti-inflammatory agent.

  32. Torrey says:

    I would like to win a new gardener growing kit to teach my children about growing their own food.This opportunity would be an exciting way for them to get their hands dirty.

    I thought the Autumn beauty sunflower seed mix would be a delight as well. Our four year old loves flowers and the depth and range of color would be a new adventure.

  33. Jess S. says:

    I would like to win this, not for myself, but for the home day care center that my daughter attends. They are two amazing people who have dedicated themselves to caring for kids and promoting our local farming community in Western New York. During the summer they visit farmers markets on the weekends and then introduce different veggies to the kids throughout the week. They have them touch, smell and then taste each vegetable or cooking herb. The children love it! This would give them the opportunity, on a small scale, to start the seeds themselves and educate the kids on the entire life process of a plant. And of course the very best thing about your seeds its that they are organic and non-gmo!

    The seed that I am most excited about this year is your Rhonda beet, , mainly because my family is obsessed with beet chips at the moment and these will keep throughout the winter!

    Thanks for all the hard work that you guys do to make our gardens and tummies happy!

  34. Andrew Miano says:

    As a student and a teacher of permaculture, I would be ecstatic to be able to give this seed starting kit away to someone in need within my community. Living in the inner city of Charlotte North Carolina, many people are not aware of their food freedom and fast food runs rampant here in the south. To be able to give someone the chance to become aware of their food freedoms and educate them in the ways of reconnecting to that which is being lost in this culture of Facebook and materialism, this brings happiness into people’s lives.

    I love popcorn and would love to grow this variety….

  35. Jo W. says:

    I’d love to try growing soybeans for the first time. .They are so nutritious!

  36. Kris says:

    If I were to win, I would share with a friend. I’m planning a seed party in a couple weeks with a few new gardeners. It would be so much fun to have a “door prize.”

    I would love to try the beets myself though. I haven’t ever grown beets, but I love to eat them.

  37. I noticed I did not leave your wed site on my reply.So come back to do that. I so enjoyed your article
    on grafting tomatoes.Had thought of how that was done.Your email had come to me and I have not yet tried any of your seeds. Have not tried the starter kits cause of the cost of them and would be great to try a vegetable one, for the grandchildren and Sunday school class. Thanks for all you do to teach us all to help ourselves.

  38. S. McIntyre says:

    I’d love to try these:

    I’m moving soon and for the first time I’m going to have space for a garden. I’ve been waiting for so many years for a garden, and this would be great for it! :)

  39. Tracy W. says:

    This kit looks like the perfect set up for succesful seed starting! I need that. I’m looking forward to trying walking onions this year.

  40. Terri Walkup says:

    We are looking forward to planting this year. My son has decided to eat vegetarian, so we are planning fresh herbs and lots of tomatoes. Kale for kale chips and lots more!

  41. Linda S. says:

    I’d love to win because I’ve been wanting to start my own herb and veggie garden, and I really want to start it with good seeds. I’d love to start with the lemon balm for it’s culinary and medicinal qualities.

  42. Nicole says:

    I’d love to win because we’re starting our first garden this year and having the extras would be great.
    I’d be excited to try one of your garlics. We’ve already got our seeds from you to get started but decided to skip the garlic for our first year, but I think it will be great.

  43. Jean Seaborg says:

    i am really getting started into gardening and would love any help with anything! I am growing now several herbs to make teas with and for cooking and I am very exciting about adding. Also going to try tomatoes and some new veggies this year.

  44. Mary says:

    I’d love your seed starting kit! We’ve just started to dabble in starting our own seeds the last couple of years and it is a learning curve – but it’s worth the work and we want to expand what we already do!

    We buy most of our seeds from you and we love that they are organic and we love the quality of the seed and the plants. We’d love to try your DMR lettuce mix or your lemon sunflower!

  45. kathleen field says:

    I would like to win the started set so i can learn to grow organic seeds to plants . I am turning my flower garden into a vegetable garden this year.

    I called around and found your seeds at a local hardware store and bought cherry belle radish and green finger cucumber because i was told that they were the easiest to grow. I do not know how to add a link. I hope i will still have a chance to win. Thanks!

  46. Anne-Marie says:

    1. I would love to win this, because it would be a wonderful opportunity to try different varieties of High Mowing’s seeds. I often like to pick out my own seeds, but I think it would also be fun to just get a mix of something I’ve never tried before. Also, the book looks very interesting.
    2. I have had a hankering to try the Yellow Moon and Stars watermelon. It looks so beautiful and delicious at the same time!

  47. Rose says:

    in my third year of gardening, i’ve still not managed to start seeds on time/successfully. obviously something about my current methods aren’t working, so this would be a great way to get on the right track. i fell in love with lemon cucumbers last season, and can’t wait to grow them this year!

  48. Stephanie Cutlip says:

    My husband, a Marine, loves juicing. Moving and deploying has made him cherish the time home. We would love to be able to grow all of the items that he uses to juice: kale, spinach, carrots, etc. Being on a military income keeps us from being able to always get the produce that we want so growing it would be an amazing blessing. We just put in a raise garden bed, but nothing has been planted yet.

  49. Rachel Danti says:

    I would like this starter kit because I am in the process of turnings my from yard into a garden! I have planted these peas from high mowing already and I can wait to try them when they’re ready!

  50. Sarah Jacobson says:

    I’m a passionate locavore with a lot to learn! I would love to learn more about gardening at home not only for me, but also as a way to educate my family, friends, and those I interact with on a daily basis! Would love to try this tomato!

  51. Katie Taylor says:

    So excited to start the garden this year. It seems to be spring here in the Tetons, but that’s no promise that this warm weather will last. I’m very excited to try and get some green zebra’s growing once again!

  52. Tim Brenner says:

    I am most exciting about trying your selection of Herb Seeds as I’m putting in a new Herb Garden this year so I’m experimenting with all kinds of different Herbs I’ve never grown myself before. I’d love to try Sage & Thyme.

  53. Matt Crile says:

    I would really like to try the I am always looking for new varieties to try and the kit would be perfect for getting the seeds started. Thanks!!!

  54. martha wellman says: I’ve eaten these and love them. I would love to win your prize because I am without a job and living on food stamps. I want to grow some of my own food so I can be less of a burden to others and because organic is best but I can’t afford it.

  55. emily says:

    I want to get a seed starter kit to get my kids excited about growing our own food. It is fun to choose seeds as a family. I would especially like to try your touchstone gold beets.


  56. Doina says:

    I would love to win this because I’m a new gardener and what better way to learn than with a kit. I would also love to get a herb garden started so would be interested in all the herbs you carry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Sarah says:

    I have already purchased some heirloom vegetables seeds and plan to purchase some more. BTW, very happy to see your seeds for sale at the Littleton Coop and Trackside farm and garden :) I would be excited to try
    Just for fun.
    Thanks for the contest.

  58. sarah lessard says:

    I would love to win this package! I have been wanting to try the mustard kale! Sounds delicious!

  59. dave anderson says:

    i have never used oganic seed but iwood like to so i can re my own seed all this new seed claimto be good but you havr to by it from and i donot like that dependancy on others it is not good

  60. wendy says:

    This is the first year we are trying to start seeds. Before we have always bought plants. We are also making sure the seeds we buy are from good honest companies. I am excited about using cover crops. We have been neglecting our soil and this will be something very new for us.

  61. Tamara says:

    I have a little 5 1/2 year old son who is very interested in healthy, organic food. In fact, on Halloween, I heard him asking at the door, ‘Is this organic?’ And one of the first words he wrote with his bathtub letters was ‘GMO’. We moved into an apartment but the incredibly good news is, our building manager has set up some raised garden beds for tenants interested in growing vegetables or flowers! Perfect!
    In the past I have bought veggie starts but they were not organic so that concerned me.
    I am very interested in your products, for example, the kale:
    My best friend recently got a dehydrator and we have been enjoying dried apples. I would love to try making our own kale chips (they are so super expensive at our local health food stores).
    Thank you,
    Tamara & Drae
    (PS I also saw your link on Mama Natural. I love what she has to say and she says you’re great!)

  62. Danika Dingman says:

    What an exciting giveaway! We are getting ready to buy a new home and are very excited to finally be able to plant our own garden. This would be a great way to get started! We have two small children and because I stay home with them, we have a single income. I would love to offset our grocery costs by growing and preserving our own produce. I’ve done a lot of reading up on canning and would LOVE to try out your beautiful Gilbertie Paste Tomato for sauces and soups! Pasta is a staple at our house, and I’m very excited to grow and preserve our own, garden fresh, sauces! Thank you for this opportunity!

  63. Coreen T says:

    I’d love to win this package because I am a true newbie when it comes to gardening! I’ve thought of growing my own vegetables for the past 2 years, lack of knowledge & faith in my growing skills have stopped me. Not this year. This year, I’m starting a small garden in pots or boxes and I’d love to add your Corvair spinach seeds to the mix. I always feel like buying spinach in stores is like Russian roulette–with all the incidences of e-coli. Not only will growing my own be safer, but it will be tastier too. Thanks!

  64. Molly says:

    I have a young nephew who I’m teaching about gardening this year, and a set up like this would be perfect for helping him plant his first crop!

    I’m most interested in kakai pumpkins, Ashworth corn, Jacob’s Cattle dry beans, and nasturtiums. Plants that are easy to grow and will be colorful when they mature, to hold a small child’s interest.

    If I had to choose one, it would be the Jacob’s Cattle Dry Beans, since my nephew’s name is Jacob. :)

  65. Sara Chase says:

    I just love your seeds! I’ve been using them almost exclusively since I started gardening ten years ago. We (my almost 2 year old and I, ) picked your Sweet Basil variety because my son loves fresh basil in his turkey and tomato sandwiches. YUM! Also, since we currently live in a second story apartment with a billion sunny windows, we are going to plant a flower box garden this year. Something about the thought of the aroma of fresh basil blowing through my house with the breeze is really exciting, and I can’t wait until Summer! I’m so excited to teach my son about growing his own food!

    Yay for Spring! And free stuff!

  66. Virginia Lapierre says:

    I haven’t ordered my seeds yet this year so it would be great to win and not have to worry about it any more! I can’t wait to try growing baby bok choy this year. It is new for me and I love trying something new!

  67. tracy payton says:

    I would love to win this and share it with my newly wed brother who wants to start a garden. Even though I have gardened for years you do not know everything and the book would be helpful!! I think these pumpkins would be fun to grow and display

  68. Sarah says:

    I’d like to win because I am growing my first home garden this year! High Mowing seeds were recommended to me and I am trying to grow all organic/non-GMO veg! I really need some kale right now! I can’t find any seeds for sale right now locally unless I go to a big box store. Also, I am starting my garden in recycled egg cartons so a real kit would be a treat, although I love reuse and recycling. Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. Matt says:

    So I recently purchased about 30 different seeds from your site which I found out about from a friend who knows that I am into organics. Last year was my first garden and I definitely learned a lot but I’m definitely taking on much more this year and very excited about it, but could use the additional help. I’m also into juicing/smoothies so I’m trying to cut down on my expenditures at the grocery store.

    One thing I forgot to order was beets!:

  70. kate says:

    i’d like to try the lemon queen sunflowers! they look like delicate beauties : )

  71. Sadie says:

    I minored in urban farming this year and I learned all about farming but have yet to actually apply my knowledge. I’m excited to start doing that this spring!

    I would love to try these brussel sprouts. I’m completely in love w/brussel sprouts so would love to grow my own

  72. sue steeves says:

    I just got a plot at the local community garden and need some supplies to get it going! I have heard such wonderful things about your company and would love to try your seeds to grow some healthy food for my family this summer!

    I want to try growing Fava beans!

  73. Lucinda says:

    I’d like to win this prize because I love to try new things, and with gardening I need all the help I can get! :)

    I am intrigued by your Music Garlic ( I just love the name, and I’d like to try more winter gardening.

  74. Kristin says:

    I would love to win this package! I have a community garden plot and want to refine my seed starting skills, I tried last year with limited success. This would be the help and motivation I need.
    And I would be really excited to do a rainbow of carrot colors this year – they are so pretty, and it would be fun to pull a rainbow out of the ground!

  75. Karla Jenulevich says:

    I would love to win this prize! I am a lapsed veggie gardener. I love my flowers in pots, but I have not had a living situation that allowed for me to have a garden plot for several years. This year I do!
    I have shared a link to High Mowing Seeds on Facebook discussions with friends about Monsanto. Keep it real, High Mowing! I love that you are from Vermont, too!

    I want to grow this spinach this year, because I love it. And I can harvest it all through the season.

  76. Cynthia says:

    I have always loved your seeds. I lived just down the road when High Mowing Seeds first began. It’s a Joy to witness hard work, commitment and passion succeed in something that actually benefits others and Earth Mother! I have been unable to have a garden of my own (outside of a few containers) since 2009. I now have the space and time again. Yay! We are interested in learning about rotation and cover crops to keep our soils healthy and productive. The seeds most intriguing are, but I’m not sure which we’ll end up with. Whether I win the package or not, it is always a pleasure knowing I am planting seeds with “roots” in my home ground and that have been nurtured, saved and spread around with integrity. good luck to all… Cynthia

  77. Andrea Farrington says:

    I’m excited to start some seeds with my kids. We usually buy High Mowing seeds and start them right in the garden, but starting some inside would be fun too!
    I’ve never grown Kale and am looking forward to trying it.

  78. Vanessa L says:

    HHopefully these seeds will cure my black thumb! I’d love to try some herbs as they are what et use most often

  79. beka says:

    I would love to win this because we’re in the process of buying a cute little house in the country that comes with an acre of land for us to fill with delicious homegrown organic food. We’ve also got a baby on the way so there will be another mouth to enjoy the harvest (through me for a while but hey, everyone wins! :D )

  80. Sara says:

    1. I love your seeds and want to support organic seed production
    2. Broccoli sprouts

  81. Emily says:

    We built two 4′ x 12′ raised garden beds two years ago, but I did not realize how important organic seeds were, so I would love to have the New Gardener pack to have an organic garden. You don’t know how old food from the grocery store is, and having it fresh from our back yard is best! I have not had much luck with eggplant, and would love to try — I make my own baba ganouj and sometimes the eggplant from the grocery store is bitter.

  82. Rachel says:

    I would love to win either prize, and am thankful for the opportunity. I grew up gardening with my parents, but since I moved from home, I haven’t been able to do so any more. I would really like to sat a garden this year, but am going to have to start totally from scratch. I really like he heirloom Amish paste tomatoes! I am also learning how to can, and pasta/pizza sauce from heirloom tomatoes is definitely on my to-do list!

  83. Sarah says:

    We are expanding our garden this year and would love to try some new varieties!
    I am smitten by Iko Iko pepper variety.
    A rainbow of colour! <3

  84. wendy ordway says:

    I love High mowing seeds! Great germination rate!

  85. Rebecca Loving says:

    We’ve had a garden for several years, growing some basics like corn and tomatoes. This year we’re going to expand and try lettuces, carrots and beets. New things.

  86. Angela says:

    I would like to win one of these kits because I am a new gardener. I live in an apartment and until recently, I thought I could not grow food indoors. But I have been doing a lot of research on lighting, aquaponics and systems which incorporate their own worm composting. I am so eager to try this and have a spare room that I am going to use as my garden room. My favorite link on your website was the one about container gardening! I am also interested in planting a flower garden on my balcony for the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

  87. Amanda says:

    I’d like to win because I NEED to get my starters started!!! :0)

    My husband requested beans, beans, and beans for this year!! I thought these looked really yummy!

  88. Meg says:

    I would love to win this package so that I can garden with my four kids. We purchased seeds from your company last year, and were impressed with the quality.

    We ordered some chamomile seeds from you recently, and I am excited to try them. I drink a lot of chamomile tea and want to try to make my own tea from your german chamomile.

  89. kelly drost says:

    i have recently closed my farm-to-table lunch restaurant, resulting in my husband fully supporting our little family. our grocery budget has suffered because of it, and in order to keep feeding my family organic vegetables, i am turning a good portion of our backyard into an edible garden. this, however is a big investment, financially, for us (one that is well worth it we know!), so, to have a little help would be so so amazing!! i plan to purchase my seeds from you, regardless, because i believe companies like you are the only way we can hope to regain control over our food.
    i would be so stoked to plant your Organic Guardsmark Chioggia Beet
    Touchstone Gold Beet
    and your Indigo Rose Tomato

    woo hoo!
    thanks for doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Zach says:

    I recently got married and my wife is dying to plant a garden at our new home.

    My favorite fruit is watermelon so I would like to try any of your varieties.

  91. Nikki says:

    I would love to win one of these kits because I tried planting my carrots straight into the ground this spring and only have one carrot to show for it. I have a small yard (less than 1/5 acre), but about half of it is devoted to my obsessive gardening habit, but I would like it to be a more productive gardening habit.

    I’m excited to try your golden midget watermelons, which I ordered for the first time this spring. Next weekend is my late spring planting weekend and they are going in!

  92. Heidi says:

    I would like to start a garden because I was recently diagnosed non celiac gluten sensitive. I had been very ill for over 10 years and once I cut out the gluten I have felt leaps and bounds better. I’ve given up most processed foods and have been educating myself more on food and food manufacturing.

    I would love to try so many of your products but I think the spaghetti squash would be on the top of my list. It’s a great spaghetti alternative and while I’ve tried it in the past, I’ve never really loved it. I tend to think it was the actual product and cooking method so I’d love to grow my own and try cooking it several different ways.

  93. Sharon Leiss says:

    I haven’t had a garden for many years and almost don’t know where to start. As I am doing more research about gardening I realize that I need to go organic for the health and safety of my family. I want to start with a small herb garden of course, but I love vegetables and especially kale and almost any other kind of greens! I have been reading so much about the health benefits of Kale and that it is almost a Super Food!! So I would grow one of the varieties from your page:
    Since I am such a newbie, I would defer to your judgment as to which variety would work best-I live in Northern Virginia. Thanks!!

  94. Juno says:

    I am planning a vegetable garden for the first time ever this year. As a cancer survivor, getting the freshest, purest food has become very important to me, and organic seeds using organic methods would be a great step in keeping my health! I have grown to love cucumber for salads, juicing or even just flavoring my water, so I’d be eager to try the

  95. kelly says:

    After a long winter here in NH, it would be nice to see green sprouts pop up from warm soil. I always buy your seeds, my garden grows wonderfully and feeds us well. I have never started plants indoors so it would be a great way for me to learn. Thanks for holding contests, for making a really great product, and for caring about the earth.

  96. chris says:

    hey, i should like to win for i need so much seed that i can plant and eat all year!! im hungry and i want to try yall’s Winter luxury pumpkin!!!

  97. Dannika Valenzuela says:

    I would love to win one of these kits because we just moved to a new home, and are excited to plant our first organic garden.

    We love Black Trifele tomatoes, but I’d really love to plant the Prudens Purple beefsteak tomatoes. They look so meaty and delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about them…mmmmmmmm.

  98. Lisa Puryear says:

    Your seeds are marvelous! I had to come up with a creative way to garden last year because things changed so I took pallets, removed some of the slats and laid them in rows (just 4 pallets) then mixed my dirt and other composting into the rows. I had Okra, De Rosa tomatoes, Tomatillos, San Marzanos, basil, cilantro and some pepper plants last year. They grew and my cousins grandchildren loved going out and picking the tomatoes; I couldn’t believe how the okra took off.

    So this year I’m more urban (no yard) and plan to use gutters inside my back door of my shop so that I can grow ROMAINE or LITTLE GEMS and HERBS and maybe some ITALIAN RAPINI (I love that used to buy it in San Fran). My back door is facing the south so the sun should be good for growing and the gutters should work, at least I’m willing to try it. So would love to win this starter kit, I’d take photos and post them for all to see.

  99. Emma says:

    I would be so excited to try everything you have to offer! Being parents to 3 young children, we have a goal of raising strong, healthy children. We will be planting our first garden this year & winning would be ideal for our family! (since organic is the only way we will go). Thank you!
    Cucumber would be our first choice since we eat them daily =)

  100. Natalie says:

    I’ve been gardening a small area for a few years now but there is still so much to learn. My limited budget and short growing season of the Pacific Northwest have been a challenge. Having the right tools would help me to maximize my gardening potential!

    This year I’m adding swiss chard to my garden. I love eating it so I’m sure I’ll love eating it from my garden. This is what I ordered from you guys:

  101. Jennifer says:

    I always have issues trying to grow seeds and could use any help given. I am looking most forward to your lemon cucumber seeds this year. I hear they are delicious

  102. Village Brat says:

    If I won one of the kits I would immediately head to the village near where I live and use it to teach all those who are wanting to learn to garden how to start seeds, even here in Alaska. We have great ground, gardening was done here a few generations ago but has been ‘lost’. The interest has returned but to be honest the area is so poor, over 70% low or moderate income, it is hard for people to try things they know nothing about. (My personal budget doesn’t let me purchase this all for them and do it as a gift…..just can’t :-/ This would give them some experience and I believe help establish still a little more of a base to get gardening back into our area (we fly or ship in via barge ALL of our food outside of meats. Fresh is almost impossible due to cost and timing).

    One variety I am trying this year is . We love cabbage and when I use a red or savoy variety for a potluck dish people love it…would love to show them how to grow these!!

  103. ruthie says:

    i admit that i would pass on the win…to one of the managers at our food coop. he has been trying to start plants for years and is frustrated with his successes. i would love to pass along to him. for the seeds…all your seeds and germination rates are great…look especially forward to seeing how cha-ching zucchini does and silverado chard…like the idea of a narrower green chard stem. some are so so huge it’s hard to deal with them for bunching! but the seeds for HIM i would pass on would be anything!

  104. JMR says:

    I am starting a garden for the first time with my nephew.

  105. Karen says:

    I “discovered” you on the Swanson Vitamin site. Ordering Red Cored Chantenay Carrots and Red Russian Kale there. Now that I’ve found your website, I’ll be ordering a lot more here, like . Can’t wait to get my catalog too! :o )

  106. Steve Whiting says:

    Wish me luck! I’ve got a community garden plot and a friend that is converting a field into a garden.

  107. John Bodin says:

    We would like to try growing more hot peppers this year, a crop that has never done well for us. Maybe with your seed starting kit and your great seed we can accomplish our goal.

  108. Alex says:

    It would be great to have a kit to start seeds. I used your seeds last year, and will again this year. I would really like to try garlic this coming year —

  109. mary says:

    I would love to win this for my husband who is starting our garden this year. He has big plans and has done much research into what to grow and when. We plan to have year-round gardens eventually and grow everything we like to eat. He loves Brussels sprouts so here’s my choice of seeds: Thanks for this great opportunity!

  110. DeeJae says:

    We’re starting herbs in an indoor-on-the-counter-container this month and would love to win one of these! We want to start Italian Flat Leaf Parsley. Thanks so much!

  111. Rasa says:

    Hi this is my second year attempting a garden!!! I’m new and really not sure what I’m doing but I’m going for it and am determined to grow food for my family! I would love to have the kit to help my garden this year!
    I would love to try your salad mixes this one looks tasty!
    Love and light

  112. Cassandra says:

    My family has not been able to garden like we were used to doing and we miss it very much. You see, we currently are living in the South and originally from the North. So it is a challenge with the hard “red clay” soil and the fire ants each year. But we just moved and have now a great garden plot with real dirt, we are excited to once again have organically grown crops we can share them with others and so we would very much like to try High Mowing Seeds.
    We love All Vegetables in general.
    So I would love to get your Organic Garden Starter Collection if I am chosen.
    ( )
    We would love to try the:
    Asian greens ( ) & the heirloom Beets ( ) they look so good too, but so do all of your vegetable, herb seeds you offer.
    Thank you very much & Happy Gardening To All!

  113. Candace says:

    Our family has been doing our best to support local farmers but we have decided that we’d also like to make our own garden – the kids are very excited about this. Our favorite by far is always tomatoes (especially heirloom organics for eating) and I can tons of tomatoes every year from local farms. I’ve heard that Amish Paste is a good canning variety so I’d be excited to try it –

  114. Alicia Cripe says:

    I would LOVE to win this kit for 2 reasons! First, so that I could gift the kit and seeds to a friend and help them learn to grow some awesome veggies, and Second, because I can never get enough of gardening/homesteading books! I’m excited to try growing my own Sacred Basil, so that I can stop buying Tulsi tea at $5(!!) a box.

    Thanks High Mowing for your awesome work in saving us through saving seeds :)

  115. Jude says:

    Last summer I made four, 4×8′ raised beds in Northern
    Vermont. I plan to plant your organic veggie seeds in the beds.
    I’m interested in the Bee’s Garden collection
    to invite bees and other beneficial insects
    into my garden.
    Thanks for all you do to save seeds.

  116. Kelly says:

    I am a homeschooling mama to four under five and we do our best to live simply. We have fallen in love with your wonderful seeds and your blog, and to us, perusing your seed catalog is like making a list for Santa :) It would be amazing to win one of these kits and get to show my little ones how magical it can be to grow your own food, I can only imagine the excitement they would have getting this package in the mail. The seeds we are most excited about this year are the Winter Luxury Pumpkins ( as my girls are convinced that these are the type of pumpkins that Cinderella’s carriage came from! :) Thank you for the chance!!

  117. Tania K says:

    I’d like to get my 5 year old excited about where food comes from. I’d like any seeds that are edible like herbs, fruits and veggies. Thank you!

  118. Lora says:

    Our family is very excited to try organic gardening this year, we have a herd share and get free organic cow manure, yay! So excited to get started!
    I am most excited about the rainbow chard, it’s my new favorite…I love green smoothies!

  119. Carolyn G says:

    I want to win this because I am planning to expand my garden this year and get adventurous. I am excited that you sell dragon carrots. My friend introduced them to me last year and I want to grow them this year

  120. J.L. Emerson says:

    I would like to win one of Starter Gardener packages because of need. I am a retiree on a low fixed income & need to grow my own food. I used to garden years ago & now will be starting over from square one, so a starter kit complete with a gardening book would be so helpful. =/ My challenges will be growing food plants in a hot, dry climate.

    Since I will be gardening in order to supply my own food, I am most interested in ‘calorie crops’. The vegetable I am most interested in growing this year is Yukon Gold Potato:

  121. Miriam Midlarsky Lichtenfeld says:

    I would love this kit as I am just starting to learn how to start my own seeds. I could use any help that I could get! I would be interested in trying Eagle Parsley Root which I’d never really heard of before, I am always looking for substitutes for potatoes which I can’t eat:

  122. Renee says:

    I have been trying to get my little girls into gardening for the past year or so to teach them about food, science etc. I’m not so great at it – but am trying so hard! Hoping that the kit would make them more vested in watching the process.

    I’d love to try the yellowstone carrots.

  123. John Kelley says:

    Because it’s time to start indoors and this is the right stuff, ayuh.

  124. Rebekah Smith says:

    I am wanting to start gardening this year so winning the starter kit would be perfect!

    Helping in gardens as a kid, I always loved picking green beans. I would like to try these:!

  125. Dawn Sievers says:

    I am a moderately experienced gardener but most of my experience was during my childhood and youth, and during my second marriage. All of that experience was before organic gardening was popular so I am accustomed to using the common fertilizers, pest controls, and weed killers, rather than using organic methods. Now that I am older, and I hope wiser, I want to know where my food comes from and what went into its growth.

    Due to physical disabilities, most of my gardening is container and raised bed gardening rather than the traditional backyard garden that takes up 1/3 to 1/2 of the backyard. I have, or will have raised beds for asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, horse radish, rhubarb, garlic, and Egyptian walking onions. The onions are for fun and dried onion flakes, I hate biting into onion. White soft neck garlic, red stiff neck garlic, elephant garlic, are being grown in 40 gallon horse troughs, as are spinach and mixed salad greens. Once the garlic is harvested those containers will be planted with several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, Crackerjack Marigolds, Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe, Little Leaf and burpless cucumbers, and Beauregard Sweet Potatoes.

    There are 3 of your garden collections that I would love to win but since I do have experience with container gardening, and kitchen herbs, and no experience with winter gardening (other than the garlic) I would love to have the Winter Garden Collection.

    Asking me to limit myself to one variety I would like to grow this year is akin to asking me to choose only one jelly bean from the variety of Jelly Belly beans in a one pound bag. I managed to trim my list to the seeds listed below. I would love to try any of the seeds listed below.

    Thank you for holding these contests and for the opportunity to win.

  126. Mary Mogusu says:

    I would love to win the seed starter kit, because I am just learning about gardening, but already having trouble narrowing down which seeds to buy. This is the first year I am going to try potatoes. I love your all blues, but they seem to be sold out and Yukon golds do well in NC, so that is what I’ll choose to link.

  127. Alice pacz says:

    I can not wait for gardening season. To stand tall in the field surrounded by black soil and to turn a plot of rich black earth into a miracle called a garden is my passion. A beautiful garden to me is a pleasing site filled with lovely flowers and abundant vegetables growing together in harmony! It is creating a spot on land that has true Peace on Earth. Happy spring!

    • Alice pacz says:

      I would be delighted to grow any of your fantastic seeds especially the cauliflower or any of the unique tomatoes

      • Alice pacz says:

        My 11year old and I will be working on his Boy Scout merit badge in gardening this summer and winning this fantastic package would help us out very much!

  128. Nicole says:

    My son was diagnosed with diabetes this winter, so we are trying to find new ideas for snack. So we have decided that we should grow the food we eat, to make vegetables eating more exciting for a two years old. I would love to try to grow these cauliflowers, as my son loves loves loves flower. This is so pretty :
    This is going to be our first garden, which hopefully will become a lifelong tradition.

  129. Marla Graham says:

    This is the first time for me to enter anything!! I would love to win and grow my own veggies in my own backyard! I am out there all the time, mixing up the ground, readying it for planting. I would like to try
    some herbs for my first time try!

  130. Rob says:

    This year I’m going ‘green’ in two ways. I’m starting a vegetable garden and I’m going to start vermicomposting. I figure they should work together well, least that’s the plan ;) I would be happy winning any type of starting kit. The vegetables I looked at through the website were mostly root. I really want to try some potatoes and carrots ( & I’ve also been thinking of growing a couple cucumber vines and dill for my herbs so I could make some pickles. Love your site and all the extra education information you provide. Though wish I could comment on your youtube videos.

  131. I’ve been gardening for about 2 years but still feel I have so much to learn, especially with seed starting. I hope to win this giveaway because I think High Mowing Organic Seeds and potting mix will be superior to what can be bought at a big box store, and will help my plant babies thrive. I’m excited to grow thyme this year having never tried it before. Thank you, High Mowing!

  132. Aleda Escalona says:

    I have had terrible luck in the past with seed starts. I can grow things great out of the ground, but I can’t keep seedlings happy. I’d love the opportunity to try again with the guidance and suggestions of these products. I am super curious about Mâché this year, so that my seed! Thanks for the opportunity!

  133. Cee says:

    I would like to win because we accidentally killed our seedlings. We had peppers, eggplants and tomatoes started, and managed to kill them all in one fell swoop with a little assistance from our preschooler. I am most interested in trying the thai basil!

  134. Linell Connolly says:

    I have tried gardening a bit in the past, tho due to limited space, have only planted tomatoes and peppers. I began learning about soil building, composting, and re-arranging my other plantings to create space for a 10×8 spot, as well as re-purposing some large pails for pots for patio additions.

    I would love to take this to the next level and grow more of my own veggies, and a larger variety, by sticking with non-GMO varieties from a trusted source. I also am enjoying learning about seed-saving and heirloom varieties. Your catalog has been tantalizing.

    Being able to start seed indoors has been a wish for some time, so this would be a great ‘win’.

    Any of the heirloom veggies would be good, especially:

    Thanks for all you do to share, educate, and promote gardening.

    Yours for better health and nutrition,

  135. elizabeth theriault says:

    I am starting a community garden project this summer for folks in Rutland City who have never grown there own food! I am new to growing food myself so it is going to be a wonderful learning experience for all of us. I loved the idea of us starting some of our own seeds so that teens can truly see how a plant grows from seed to fork! I am picking the all red potato seed because i can’t wait to see the look on the teens faces when they cut open the potato and are blown away by the beautiful red of something they could not even have dreamed about before this summer! That is what it is all about!

  136. Debbie Bell says:

    I would like to win because i am just beginning….. I would like to begin with the Chrokee Purple tomato!

  137. brianna says:

    i already have the book, but would like to give it to my sister, who has a flat 1/4 acre that she’s ready to start gardening on. and i’d LOVE to have the rest of the kit (she won’t likely use the rest of the stuff, but i’m working on her)! i have three-year-old twins who love white/yellow pumpkins, and i’m eyeing this one:

  138. Marc says:

    I have purchased only High Mowing seeds ever since starting my first garden 6 years ago. I have even encouraged my friends out of state to purchase HM seeds too.

    My flats in rough shape right now as they were hand me downs to begin with. I have 3 little boys (ages 4, 2 1/2, and 8 mos.) at home who LOVE “helping” out in the garden.

    I try to preserve as much as I can out of the garden for us to consume over the long northern VT winters we endure. Although I am not sure how long our family will continue living in VT, I am sure I will always purchase my seds through HM.

    We like all vegetables, I try to stay away from ornamentals as I spend too much time taking care of my plantings toi just look at them and “get nothing” out of them. I grow veggies to not only provide organic food for my family, but also to save us financially as well, growing flowers does not support that philosophy.

  139. Rebecca B says:

    Growing up on a farm in Vermont as a child I held a deep respect for what the earth provided for me. For my heart, my head and my belly too! As a child I wondered through fields of corn, was always covered in rich earth and spent countless hours weeding our garden and helping my family with barn chores. I feel these moments were essential in building my inner sense of respect, responsibility and compassion. Now as a teacher of young children I feel a need to ensure that children today have these same opportunities in our ever changing, digital world. Funding is a challenge in early childhood programs, and as teachers we are always working hard to pool the resources available to us. If I were win this kit, it would be used as a part in my programs curriculum in exposing children to gardening, composting and gaining the invaluable knowledge about where our food comes from.

    The vegetable seed that I would like to grow with the children is soybeans. They are something that I think the children would love, but may not be exposed to on a regular basis.

    Thank you and happy gardening!!

  140. Brian Kunkle says:

    I’ve been growing and selling some herbs the last couple years on a small scale and I’m being trained in Organic and High Tunnel Production by Green Edge Organic Gardens and plan on expanding to lettuce and other greens and veggies….I would put one of the kits to good use and not only I but others would benefit…..

  141. Gail Watkins says:

    My husband and I are in our 60′s and find ourselves unable to afford to retire due to investment reverses. We just want to become more self-sufficient and feed ourselves. No one wants to have to depend on others for the most basic of human needs, food. We have dabbled at gardening all over this country as we have been transferred to every corner during our 24 years of military service. We have always purchased veggie plants from the big-box stores, but would like to ensure we are using non-GMO seeds. We’ve never started our garden from seed, and this seemed like a wonderful opportunity!

    We would like to try to grow pumpkins for the grandchildren for Halloween this year. We have tilled a 40 x 40 plot and a 30 x 20 plot so we can use all the veggie seeds you would be willing to share. Thank you for considering us for this contest.

  142. Debi Marti says:

    I would like to win a seed starting package because I’m new at starting veggies from seeds and haven’t had the best of luck. I’m hoping one of your packages would help me be more successful. I’d really love to try growing your Yukon gold potatoes! I want only non GMO vegetables and you provide those to your customers! Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  143. James says:

    I havent been able to garden in years, and have recently started teaching My fiancee how to garden, she has loved getting her hands dirty, and with our three year old, who loves to just get dirty, I think a home garden would help us all stay out in the sun more instead of hiding inside, not to mention the delicious fresh vegies we’d be making ourselves

    I’d like be able to use this seed packages, it has a great variety and selection and organic, which is what we’re trying to stay with as much as possible

  144. Emily B. says:

    I have never really had a garden before, so I am trying this year! I have heard great things about your seed and can’t wait to give them a try. :)
    I especially can’t wait to try the Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax peppers.

  145. Erin Stewart says:

    My husband and I dream of owning a small, sustainable farm and growing 90% of our own food in the future. This year, we are beginning to work toward that dream in a variety of ways. We have been building cedar planter boxes and are getting ready to start growing some fruits, veggies, and flowers. I am hoping to start seeds in the next couple of weeks and am excited to have found your brand today, as I have been researching good quality, organic seeds and composts! The starter kit sounds like a great option and I’ve added quite a few other products to my wish list as well. =)

    Cauliflower is our favorite vegetable of late, so I would love to try this one: I have had a hard time finding another cauliflower seed with which I am satisfied, but this one looks great!!

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  146. Caroline Baines says:

    I’d like to win as I’m trying to learn to be successful starting seeds. Every bit of information helps.

    I’d like to try the all blue potato.

  147. Joel says:

    A propagation dome would be great: I’ve grown some things from seed, but haven’t yet found success starting my own transplants from seed.

    I’m interested in trying your variety of broad bean: I plant a lot of favas for their effect on soil, and would like to try some that have been bred to be better shell beans than the variety I’ve been using:

  148. John Abell says:

    I’m growing organic in a raised bed we just built, and promoting these to all my patients to get away from GMO, back to a more plant based diet. Looking forward to all the interesting varieties I have seen at High Mowing Seeds

  149. sophie sauve says:

    We are so excited to get our garden growing! Although we’d love to try planting every vegetable you offer, we are limited on space! Our four year old son chose the Red Express Cabbage as his veggie to grow this year and we can’t wait to turn it into ‘slaw. He helps me put up alot of our fruits and veggies throughout the year. He has a ‘meeting’ this Friday with his imaginary friends about planning the garden. I can’t wait to hear what they discuss!
    Very grateful for the giveaway!

  150. Cheryl S says:

    This year we’re taking a large portion of our yard and turning it into garden. If we see some success in gardening this then most of the remaining yard will turn into edible growth area instead of urban grass farm. :) But alas, my desires are larger than my knowledge and experience and pocketbook. Winning this would be a huge help and great step in the right direction.

    In the future I’d like to try the Cleome! It looks very interesting. Also the all blue potato…

  151. Evelyn Pace says:

    This gardening season is different, hubby’s company downsized 6000 people in the last 2 years he was cut Dec 31.Growing most ALL of our own friut and veggies is no longer a want but also a need.
    Would love to win Food grown right in your backyard along with the other goodies.If I had to pick ‘only’ one seed it would be the Black Futzu pumpkin

  152. judy metty says:

    I’d love to win because I am helping my 8yr old start her own garden this year and if we start some of the plants indoors she can see the progress better! I am going all heirloom and trying to teach her why we are doing this and we will both learn together how to save our own seeds for next year. I would like to try the german butterball seed potatoes,

  153. Tim says:

    My family and I are finally getting our of our decade long townhome stay where we weren’t allowed to have a garden. In less than a month we will be moving into a single family home and are extremely looking forward to growing our own food. Aside from the tomatoes, I am excited to try to grow some sweet basil.
    Thank you!

  154. Jan Mussler says:

    I live at 8600 feet in the Colorado mountains. Gardening is challenging here, to say the least, but it can be done. I think that I would like to try your Winter Garden Collection as most appropriate for my climate. I have new cold frames, southern exposure, little rain and LOTS of wind, so whatever would acclimatize here would surely be worth saving the seeds for my friends. I’ve been actively pursuing a more sustainable (didn’t know it had a name all these years!) lifestyle and think personal gardening fits right in with repurposing, reuse and recycling.

  155. Just a bought a new house and always dreamed of having a garden. Would love to start with organic seeds as they are much better than the standard variety. My wife is pregnant and would also like to make some of the baby food from the organic vegetables and fruit.

    I love to add basil to my cooking especially when making pizza.

  156. Brittany says:

    I would love to have this kit! I am a new mother and would love to grow fresh organic veggies and make the into my own fresh baby foods for my little bundle of joy! Once she is grow I will love to show her how to plant and garden withmyself and my mother. Such great joy! :-) I love the Organic Blacktail Mountain Watermelon. My uncle started growing them a few years ago and I love them!!! Yummy. I’m very excited for this summers growing season! Happy Planting everyone!

  157. Roseann says:

    We have been container gardening for a few years with minimal success. We would really like to learn how to start from seeds, and plant a good portion of our own vegetables this summer…We’ve never tried to grow lettuces, beans, or squashes…..Having control over our own produce is a big plus for us, since I am chemical sensitive, and need to make sure I know what is used on what I eat…..

  158. Healing Garden says:

    I have an organic vegetable garden in a community garden and try to start all my vegetables from seed. I am new to gardening and have never tried artichokes. I am hoping to try it as an annual

  159. Rene Davey says:

    Our family would love such a prize, because we are homeschoolers and would incorporate growing a plant from seed into our curriculum. A plant for us might be lemon balm ( because we could keep it in a container and bring it inside at night. The deer in this neighborhood are remarkable, coming right up to the front door to eat things we have planted, with no fear at all.

  160. Isaak Ballard says:

    Isaak is three years old. Just like most three year old boys, he loves Choo-Choo trains, Curious George, and Chocolate Milk…

    …but unlike most boys his age, he spends a lot of his time out in our urban homestead garden with his daddy – They call it their “Buddy Garden.”

    We are living in the city and would consider ourselves to be novice urban homesteaders. Our 3 year old must be among the youngest of urban homesteaders…and certainly THE youngest that we know! He just finished building a strawberry tower with his daddy. You won’t believe how adorable it is to see them working together. You can see him on my Pinterest:
    and here is his finished project:

    We are trying to raise Isaak differently than most American families. If you are reading this blog, then you understand how we feel. There are so many things that he could get involved in that are less than positive. Learning how to grow his own organic food before he begins kindergarten – that would certainly be a step in the right direction! What if he were to pack all of his own lunches with food that he picked from the garden that morning?

    We recently spread out all our seed packets in front of Isaak and asked him which one he liked the most. He looked at us and said in a very “matter-of-fact” sort of way…”Broccoli…Broccoli is my FAVORITE!”

    We would love to have this starter kit and would love to try some of your hybrid broccoli seeds. You can see in our picture of the strawberry tower that our back yard is embracing the term desertification… :(

    A drought tolerant variety would be a God-Send! It would sure make Isaak feel special to win this starter set!

  161. Jennifer Tz says:

    I’ve never been terribly successful at gardening. Although I love gardening and whatever does grow enough to be harvested is even more delicious from being grown in my own garden. We don’t have a lot of space to garden, but we always try to do what we can. We love Beans and Kale. I’d love to try these out:

  162. Denise Fedor says:

    I would love to start gardening with organic seeds, but I cannot afford shipping charges. (no income). would love to win this!

  163. Cindy Tony says:

    I’d love to win one of these starter kits to help me along. With all the things I ‘ve been reading about kale, I would love to try it! And this one looks really good…

  164. Amin says:

    My wife is the gardener in this family and can grow almost anything, including rice. Yes, rice. One thing she doesn’t have great luck with is Cilantro and it’d be great to try the High Mowing Seeds variety, Organic Santo Cilantro: Success with cilantro would really give me much needed points in the marital relationship garden dept. Thanks

  165. BARBARA MICHAUD says:

    I would love to win this Newbie Gardener Giveaway. I am entering this contest for me, but to help my son who is a newbie to gardening. My gardening skills are minimal. He has some disabilities that keep him from getting a job, job but last year I introduced him to growing corn and he loved it. He would love to learn more about gardening. Your free kit would be the perfect way for him to get started. This will get him outside…build his self-esteem, and grow produce that will be healthy for him. This will be a great project for us to learn together.

    This garden collection of seeds would be a great way to start LEARNING! :)

    Good luck to all! Thanks for this opportunity to learn and GROW! :)

  166. Becky Cyganiewicz says:

    I would love to win the beginner’s package because I have been gearing up for sometime to start my first truly organic garden at my new home this year. I have had a few sad attempts in the past, but am very serious about doing it properly, and have been researching and dreaming about creating my ideal garden for a long time. This will also be my first garden started with my partner, who is equally as excited about it. I have also began a new job in which one of my joyous tasks will be to help tend to a thriving community garden in a once unused, polluted area. It is my hope that my skills in the garden I share with my honey will strengthen my capacity to tend to another important garden. I hope to add an educational herb garden there to share and enjoy with local urban youth.

    Excited to be putting in my order for seeds soon and trying some of these varieties:

  167. Joanna says:


    There are so many reasons why I would be incredibly excited to win the seed starter but the biggest one would be for my toddler. Because she was premature, she is anemic and therefore, after living in an old New England house for a couple months, has started to develop leag poisoning. Organic foods, in particular, garlic, brussel spourts, broccoli, etc are supposed to be able to help her little system clean out. So! We have signed up for a community garden plot and, since we are totally new to gardening, can use all the help we can get! ;-)
    The plant I am most excited about trying is the igor hybrid brussel sprout. We love roasting them with olive oil, garlic and salt, or getting fancy and grilling the sprouts with bacon and spice. Yum! And, apparently, they might help my little peanut get better faster too.
    Thanks for reading this and good luck with spring planting!

  168. Kat says:

    I just love High Mowing Seeds. As a resident of VT for three years I am so impressed with all High Mowing is about. I’m excited to garden this year because I am purchasing a HOUSE with a little South facing yard perfect for a starter garden. I’m ready to try all sorts of edibles, however, I am particularly excited to try the Black Trifele tomatoes! They are so beautiful and I can’t wait to taste them too :)

  169. Emily Allen-Smith says:

    I would like to win one of your starter kits because my husband and I just bought our first house out in the country and we are excited to teach our son about growing his own food and the importance of sustainable living. We just moved out of a tiny apartment in Cleveland with no yard so we have nothing to start with this year. It would be amazing to get this package! We LOVE hungarian peppers!

  170. Shelley says:

    I’ve just moved back to the midwest after living in Jackson Hole, WY for several years. I am looking forward to growing tomatoes SO much. It is almost impossible to get a good tomato in high elevation gardens. I’d like to grow these new sweet pea flowers, too.

  171. Caitlin says:

    I would love to win this! I’m new to gardening and am currently plotting what to plant :) I have a nice big yard this year and I’m ready to utilize it! I’m most excited to try the Organic Sugar Daddy: Sugar snap peas are one of my favorites!

  172. Sara Jamison says:

    My dad and I always planted a very small vegetable garden when I was a kid so that I could learn about growing our own food. This is the first year in almost 20 years that I have a patch of ground to make a garden with, and a son to teach things to. He is only two, but I am excited to let him dig, and show him the magic of seeds turning into plants, into vegetables.

    I just learned about High Mowing Seeds this year and am anxious to decide what we are going to plant. I would love to try these beets as our first/early crop:

  173. Amber Pulis says:

    This will be my first garden ever, and I am mostly excited and a bit nervous. My family is striving to become more self sufficient and to eliminate non organic produce and GMOs from our diet as much as we can. Being on a very limited budget means buying less seeds and supplies than we’d hoped, so of course I would love to be the fortunate winner of the giveaway. Something I would love to grow would be Sacred Basil.

  174. Marilyn Lundin says:

    Hi. We are an older couple and the children are all grown and on their own. We have over 1/2 acre in lawn which seems quite senseless – no football games, games of tag and other child games. So, we are turning part of the yard into a garden. We would love a starter kit and would love to have some tomato seeds to add to the mix. We got some chickens and so have our own
    eggs and would love to add our own vegetables. Besides the chickens make very nice fertilizer for the garden. Thanks.

  175. Cherie Downey says:

    Getting ready to plant a garden with my daughter. I’m a vegetarian, and she’s a great cook. Would love to produce enough green beans to can. Last year, my garden really produced. We like organic gardening. Have plenty of fencing to keep the critters out. Excited in West Virginia. Thanks!

    Would love to try the Bees-Garden-Organic Seed Collection.

  176. Casey says:

    I am new to making my own seedlings so I think this would be great to win. I just picked up the Chioggia Beet seeds last week which I am excited for since trying that variety for the first time last fall. They are really tasty!

  177. Andrea Viets says:

    I am in a new home this year, and working as a family child care provider. We have been making little newspaper starter pots and planning what we would like to grow this year in our new gardens. Just bought a few High Mowing seeds over the weekend: Purple Cosmic Carrots, Dragon Langieri Beans, Mixed Lettuce, Baby Pam Pie Pumpkins… One thing I couldn’t find thT we all wanted was Kale. We’d love to try the Russian Red:

    We would so love to receive this Starter’s Set as we embark on the first year of what we hope will be many here at The Birch House! Thanks for the chance.

  178. Kara says:

    This particular giveaway is exciting because it includes informative reading material! And I’d love to win a good book for reference.

    I also think the ring-o-fire peppers look exciting to try.

  179. Lizeth says:

    I am a newbie and beginner gardener who just started to get into this hobby because i would like to grow some of my own food and start on a me healthy lifestyle. Tho kit would help me out a lot in my new journey as I learned how to properly grow different varieties if vegetables, what I would grow with this kit would be tomatoes.

  180. kate says:

    i would LOVE to win this giveaway because this will be our first growing season in new england as well as our first garden in our own home. we need all the (experienced) help we can get–with four kids and two adults, many hands will make light work…we just need to get pointed in the right direction! i am curious to try many types of edibles but the organic king crimson peppers stood out as something we have got to try!

  181. Michele says:

    Now that we live in an area that is extra wonderful for growing food (the Pacific Northwest), and we’re also finally settled after years moving due to school, I’m excited to finally get to growing more than just a few herbs.

    My 6 year old homeschooled son is especially into the idea and really wants to be a part of it! We’ve just ordered a plot in the community garden and I am researching worm bins. It’s fun following our interests!

    I’d be most interested in starting with nightshades, so these Iko Iko peppers and the Crimson Sprinters are where I might start:

    I think my son would to really like these Red Pear Cherry Tomatoes: and the Doric F1 Brussels Sprouts!

    Eek, I just realized how behind the curve I am on thinking about these things! Clearly I need help!

  182. Noah Weiss says:

    Getting my 5 and 3 year old boys involved in the garden following a science project that I did with my 5 year old where we put 6 bean seeds in different potting mixes to see which one would yield the best beans. So far coffee grounds are in the lead followed closely by sugar. Wouldn’t recommend salt as their has been no activity in that part of the egg container. We just finished building 5 raised beds in the side yard with soil being delivered tomorrow from our local organic farm. This starter kit and some heirloom tomato varieties would be a great kickstart to the new garden and their imaginations! Thank you

    • Andrea Viets says:

      Coffee grounds? Cool! Who would’a thunk it?? I work with young children and we are saving coffee grounds for 1) our sensory table and then 2) to amend the soil for some blueberry plants we hope to receive. May have to set some aside to plant a bean or two!

      Andrea in Vermont, The Birch House

  183. Donna says:

    Wow – either package looks amazing. We are going to be moving shortly to Central TX from CO and can’t wait to start our own organic garden. We have seen the effects of eating organic and non-gmo and how it has helped to heal cancer in my body and we can’t wait to grow our own food! We’ve been very impressed with your organization and can’t wait to place our first order. :-) We need all the help we can get as we’ve had a tough time growing things here in CO where the growing season is extremely short. I am longing to grow everything that I can possibly grow when we move to TX and any pointers I can get along the way are going to be SO helpful. The variety that I would LOVE to try is the Evening Colors Sunflowers as my 2 young girls are also looking forward to having their own little gardens to tend. thank you!

  184. Alice Freismuth says: This is my first time planting a garden. I figured I had better try something relatively easy…and since I have RA, and they will be in containers, I was hoping the herb starter kit might be the one. Thank You for giving us this opportunity.

  185. Grace says:

    I want to try different colored carrots this year!

  186. Shannon Rogers says:

    We just bought a house exactly one month ago and can finally, after 8 long gardenless years, have a garden once again. There is plenty of yard area to grow all sorts of vegetables and stacked flower beds all around the house for flowers and herbs. The two things I’ve missed most are real tomatoes and salad cut minutes before we eat it, so I’m really looking forward to trying your Refugio lollo rossa lettuce. It sounds gorgeous and tasty!

  187. I’d like to win a New Gardner package because my children, ages 8, 10 and 11 who really enjoy gardening and starting seeds, would be thrilled to share this! I’m excited to try the Blue Coco Pole Bean. I bought a package to try for the first time this year.The description says the bean is among the highest yielding of High Mowing’s two years of bean trials. They also say the plants are well adapted and produce sweet and tender beans in hot, dry as well as cool conditions. This variety is also a French heirloom dating back to the 18th century. I prefer heirlooms over newer breeds. Here’s a link for more info if you are interested in knowing more.

  188. Anne Nitkowski says:

    I love your seeds!
    1. If I happen to win I would share the seeds and starter kit with my son and daughter-in-law who finally have a home of their own and are getting started growing and preserving their own food.

    2. I placed an order earlier from you and the thing that we are most excited about trying this year is the Iron Lady Tomato. We were hit by the late blight last year so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Iron Lady does. My seeds for them are already up. :)

    I also purchased seeds for:
    Coban Bean
    the little round zucchini

    Looking forward to these too. Even if I don’t win this giveaway, I’m still a winner with your seeds!

  189. Susanna Jackson says:

    I tried starting seeds last year and failed miserably at it. A handful of leggy seedlings made it out of the house, only to be birdpicked almost immediately. We’d love to give it another shot this year. Since we’re expecting our first baby in June, I have a daydream about a photoshoot of the young one amongst our own pumpkin patch when fall rolls around!

  190. Clementine says:

    I’d love to win your organic seed kit. Especially keen on trying to grow the beets. My grandparents were born in the Ukraine and in Hungary and beets are an integral part of an Eastern European diet. Looking forward to making a large pot of savory Borscht with my home-grown beets to continue our family traditions.

  191. Tanya Mamedalin says:

    I just realized it’s April and I need to get a start on my seedlings. Your starter kit would help me get the right start and possibly avoid some of the dumb mistakes I usually make. I’m hoping that growing our own vegetables will help my daughter overcome some of her healthy food aversion.

    This year I really want to grow some leeks and radishes:

  192. Mindela says:

    What a great giveaway!
    I want to try and grow an Asian green this year. This would be something unusual and new for my garden. I could really use the seed starting kit to get started and plant White Stemmed Pac-Choy seeds this year and see how well it does in my Wisconsin garden.

  193. Kelley says:

    The pesto we eat all winter from our basil is awesome. I LOVE to garden and my girls have learned to start, transplant, harvest and save seeds. We had carrots from our root cellar w/ Easter and zuc bread from the last of our frozen mush. I would love my daughters to have a “kit” to work with to continue the love of earth and dirt.

  194. Jay Streck says:

    Loved finding you, I garden for fun and to see my kids enjoy the garden. My 12 year old daughter loves to take any visitor to the garden and talk about everything we grow and she is the official picker. Everyday she will pick anything ready and it just makes me so happy to see her take an interest in gardening….

  195. Celia says:

    My 12 year old is very interested in having her own garden this year, and doesn’t want to share her seeds with me. She wants to do it all on her own. ;) . A seed starting kit and gardening book would be a great present.

    We want to attract more birds, bees and butterflies to our garden, so I am thing about your bee collection.

  196. Linda Reilly says:

    I would like to win the seed starting kit and organic seed collection because I had great luck with High Mowing seeds last year. Cape Cod Organic Farm sells the seeds. I’ve checked out several gardening books from the library, but have yet to come across the two mentioned in the giveaway.

    I have only seen tomatillos once or twice in the grocery store and would like to try to grow some. The seeds I will buy are:

  197. Jess K says:

    I would love to win this! My kids are and I are really into growing flowers and have tried growing herbs and a few veggies. My youngest son even asked for apples trees a few years back for his birthday. This year we would really like to give a big veggie garden a real go! Pick us! The first two things on my kids list are strawberries and lettuces. Like this one

  198. I volunteer at the Emmanuel Community Farm and this is the first year I started seeds indoors. Jon ordered them from your company. Kohlrabi. 12 seeds started in Burpee seed starting soil, in toilet paper rolls, and placed in a bowl under a little gro-light in my desk lamp. All the seeds germinated but the stems are getting really long in comparison with the leaves. I need help and could use your books and kits. I also volunteer to work with the flower beds around our church and believe people would enjoy seeing some Teddy Bear Sunflowers #7102 in the Peace Garden around the Peace Pole and I would enjoy trying to start and grow them.

  199. Heidi says:

    I would love to win one of these gardening packages because after years of just belonging to a CSA I’m excited to start a small vegetable garden of my own. I already ordered my seeds from you, and I’m very excited to plant the Organic Painted Mountain Flour Corn in the native American 3 Sisters style garden I’m planning. I look forward to grinding my own corn meal for baking. I wish you carried parsnip seeds.

  200. Meredith says:

    It is my “sophomore” year of gardening and I can’t wait to try growing more from seeds (instead of starters). My husband and I hope to create a root cellar so we can enjoy our vegetables year-round. I’ve just discovered how delicious beets are, and the gold beets will be a welcome addition to our new garden!
    It is also our first year composting… wish us luck!

  201. Jill says:

    We love kale and can’t wait to plant White Russian and Lacinato!

  202. Brian Beck says:

    I am planting my very first garden this year. My wife and I are trying to become as self sufficient as possible and like to eat and live as organically as possible. With the cost of everything going up we kind of need the garden to succeed. We Love zuccinni, eggplant and any number of vegetables. Our soil is mostly sand and haven’t had time to create our own compost so doing the best we can and a little help could not hurt.

  203. Tony says:

    It’s been far too long since I’ve had a garden. We are getting prepared for our first garden in the last 30 years, want to start it right with the best seeds.
    We’d love to start with the Detroit Dark Red Beet.

  204. Brandy says:

    My husband is in the Marine Corps and we just moved on base recently. We have a family of six to feed and on an enlisted salary, its a challenge. In light of recent developments, we feel that knowing what has gone into our food by growing it ourselves is the best way to keep our family healthy. We have a goal to buy as much as possible direct from farmers and grow the rest in our brand new raised bed garden. I am excited to try out the Lacinato kale! It would be a blessing to win this beginner gardener set.

  205. Brooke says:

    New Gardener + New gardener package = all the carrots I can eat (and I can eat a lot of carrots!) =Easy math.

    And I’d want to start with the Yayas definitely. They have a great name, a pleasing shape and a certain pleasing carroty essence.

    My fingers are crossed!

  206. Patricia Millix says:

    I have always wanted to start my own seeds…..always been intimidated…..this kit would be an awesome first step, especially with the best seeds!

  207. Jeannette says:

    I like carrots, but have never grown them.
    You have a new carrot named Jeannette-
    so that is what I would like to grow!
    And thanks for the organic seeds.

  208. Sue Anthony says:

    I would really like to win this kit because this will be the first year that I can plant a decent sized garden at our new home! I also have 5 kids that I homeschool and am hoping to set aside a section of the garden for them to take care of. Being a novice gardener I need all the help I can get!
    I am most excited to try your chard. I love chard but none of the stores carry it in my area and I can’t get it at the farmers market either. Even though we’re in a rural area we have the smallest farmers market. Usually only 3 or 4 vendors showing up.

    Thank you!!

  209. Nancy W says:

    I would love to try the Yankee Lettuce mix, I love trying new mixes of lettuce!

  210. Suze Harrison says:

    I’d like to win the second starter package because We are starting from seeds this year and it’s a great mix of plants. As novice gardeners, we can really use the knowledge gleaned from the book, too!
    So far, we have cleared the area for our garden and put in the rock borders for terracing on the hill we live on. It is a passion of mine to have a larger garden this year. I’ve never started from seed before so this is a new experience. Living in Michigan’s unpredictable weather, I would like to start lettuce indoors, so even if we have a late frost, we still have a High Mowing, home grown supply!

  211. Jenny says:

    I am trying to improve my tiny pasture for my milk cow, Elsie, this year. I am very excited to try putting some sorghum in this year!

  212. Dianne Bruce says:

    Oops! As far as link to what I would like to try…I’m not picky. Would love any salad vegetables or potatoes. I live in Deep South , or the state of Louisiana. I would be thankful and excited for anything that I could learn to grow!

  213. Nancy W says:

    I would love to win this contest! I love gardening and as much as I would like to use it myself I think I would rather share it with the readers of my blog

  214. David Robert says:

    I came across this blog post Easter morning and thought it was ironic because I had just shopped around on your website the day before. As a college student in rural MA who lives at home, I have wanted to start a garden for the past two seasons. This year I am not going to let this opportunity pass me by. Later that same day I caught my younger brother on his computer looking up pumpkin seeds, unaware of my intentions to start a garden. We talked and decided to combine our efforts to make this a reality. I came home from work with the yard staked out with a wooden border just waiting for topsoil. We would be grateful for one of the kits to help give us a kick start on the growing season. =]

    I would be excited to try growing your organic broccoli sprouts because I have become very fond of the ones I get from my co-op.

  215. Claudia says:

    Having just started on my journey of parenthood, I am eager to teach my child all I can about taking care of himself – a huge part of this is eating good food, and having the knowledge to grow it as well. This will be my first year using cold frames, and I am excited to try early spring and late fall gardening with cold-weather hardy plants like endive, spinach, and kale. This summer I am also excited to try growing a three sisters garden with corn, beans, and squash together. This is going to be a great summer.

  216. Dianne Bruce says:

    I would love to win any one of these packages because I want to grow healthy foods and prepare these for my family. There is really no choice in buying fruits and veggies where where I live. I do not want to feed myself or my children foods laden with gmo and pesticides. I would love to learn to grow and be self sufficient and save my seeds as well if possible. I ordered a seed catalog from High Mowing Seeds but only ended up receiving the outer cover in the mail! Someone will enjoy your catalog. I hope you have more as I am going to request another. Thank you for offering healthy alternatives. If we can all share what we learn, maybe we can have a more self sufficient and healthy population!

  217. Lindsey says:

    We are moving to a single family home in the next few weeks and I’m really excited to start gardening! I’d like to try the sweetie cherry tomato’s because my boys eat them up like they are candy!

  218. Lynn M says:

    My tomato crop was decimated by early/late blight last summer. I am very anxious to try “Iron Lady”, as suggested by CT Home and Garden bulletin (Coop Ext Service). The fact that the seeds are organic is another key feature for me. Thanks!

  219. Dan McManus says:


    I would love to win a New Gardener package as I just purchased a home in July and we finally have “our land” to work with. We have gardened in the past, but as renters it was somewhat limited.

    I have a 7 and a 5 year old who are excited about gardening. We are hoping to do some greens, cabbage and cucumbers in the yard, and some tomoatoes, hot peppers and herbs on the deck, which is full sun!

  220. Erin Brenner says:

    We want to make sure our kids understand where their food comes from, and experience the taste of super-fresh veggies like I did in my parents’ garden and on my grandparents’ organic farm. We have joined CSAs for the past 6 or 7 years, but would like to grow some of our own veggies, too, and we bought seeds for all sorts of cool-colored veggies (purple carrots, rattlesnake beans, rainbow chard, etc.) to try to get the kids excited. Unfortunately, the “green thumb” gene seems to have skipped my generation, and I need help to pull this off!!

    Oops, forgot the link to the product I’d like to try:

  221. Erin Brenner says:

    We want to make sure our kids understand where their food comes from, and experience the taste of super-fresh veggies like I did in my parents’ garden and on my grandparents’ organic farm. We have joined CSAs for the past 6 or 7 years, but would like to grow some of our own veggies, too, and we bought seeds for all sorts of cool-colored veggies (purple carrots, rattlesnake beans, rainbow chard, etc.) to try to get the kids excited. Unfortunately, the “green thumb” gene seems to have skipped my generation, and I need help to pull this off!!

  222. Debbie Vasel says:

    Having been recently diagnosed with cancer, I have been doing a lot of research. One of the things that keeps coming up is the importance of eating fresh grown organic produce. This kit would mean having everything I need to get started. And that’s a plus for someone like me. I would definitely like to try your Spanish Roja Garlic and many other items as well.

  223. Leann L says:

    I’d love to win this because we have decided to grow our own food this year & are big on eating organic. I am excited to plant your Copenhagen Market Cabbage so we can make some yummy sauerkraut.

  224. Andrea says:

    Winning this package would mean a big expense cut off my raised-bed garden budget and as a poorly grad student that means a lot! I want to live a sustainable life, one that includes eats more than beans and rice. Now is the time to start and winning this package would send me well along my way!

  225. Robin Holdren says:

    In May of 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early and currently in remission. This was a HUGE wake up call for me and the dangers of what we consume everyday. I began educating myself about organics and Non-GMO products. This year our garden is 100% organic – a first for my partner and I and to use your seeds! We have pledged to educate as many people as I can on Facebook, Twitter and other social media about the advantages of organic and non-GMO foods. The one vegetable I have not planted and would like to try is garlic – I also welcome any planting tips!

    Thanks for all you do to make us a safer world!


  226. anna keene says:
    we just built a cob and bottle green house off the south side of the big house and I am interested in growing lettuce year round in it. Sylvesta seems like it will serve our purpose.

  227. Jennifer Wicker says:

    This seed starter opportunity would empower the students at an elementary school in North Charleston, SC to provide a source of nutrition for their families. The students live in a food desert with little access fresh, affordable produce. The school has six raised beds and a small green house as a support system for the seeds. Teaching our students the three sisters concept would also relate the interconnectedness of all life’s systems:

  228. anna keene says:

    We just built a cob and bottle green house off the south side of the big house and i want to grow lettuce year round in it here in the desert Sylvesta seems like it would serve our purpose nicely and buttrer lettuce is my favorite but difficult to grow in our heat.

  229. Alison says:

    We are getting a new community garden started and these seeds would be a big help. Thanks for all of the help your website offers as well. I have quickly become a convert to High Mowing Seeds!

  230. anna keene says:

    We just built a cob and bottle green house off the south side of the big house and i am interested in growing lettuce year round here in the desert in it. i love butter lettuces and sylvesta seems like it might serve our purpose.

  231. Andrea Watkins says:

    I’ve discovered that my ‘picky eater’ is really a gourmet and loves to eat vegetables that she can pick herself. I’m new to starting seeds but I’m determined to make my backyard edible for my daughter. This newbie package would be great for us; we can learn together.

  232. Samantha Gettler says:

    We just bought our house in January of this year. This is our first home, our first garden and our first gardening experience! I am so excited to be growing “good for you” food. especially knowing that it doesn’t carry the GMO’s that grocery store items are littered with!!!
    I want to grow brussel spouts. I love them!!

  233. I’m looking forward to starting some tomatoes and peppers!

  234. Laura says:

    My partner and I have just moved in together, moved across the country together, AND we just bought our first house together. This will be the first time I have ever had a real garden (not just pots shoved into small backstair balconies of apartments), and we are so excited to grow our own vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Neither of us grew up in families that gardened, but we have both developed the love of gardening as adults. We’re definitely gardening newbies.

    There’s a trellis in the garden, and I can’t wait to try planting Kentucky wonder snap pole beans.

    Thank you!!!

  235. Liz Y. says:

    I recently moved into my first house and one of the selling points was the 1.5 acres of organic garden plots. I’m excited to have my very first garden on my own property, but need a little help getting started, which this kit would help with.

    I would love to try Caribe Cilantro–it’s a favorite in our house, and it would be great to have it growing all summer long:

  236. Nate Atkinson says:

    My partner and I are starting our first garden ever (so we need all the help we can get)! We have already started planning and building our raised beds – we are super excited.

    We’d love to have these seeds:

  237. Angie says:

    I need to get over my intimidation of starting seeds indoors…it’s really the next logical step in growing as a gardener. This kit would help jump start that journey! Thanks for such a great springtime giveaway! And, this year I’m excited to venture into growing this dry bean:

  238. Martha Calmes says:

    Will love to grow all kinds of lettuce but this one in particular

  239. Melissa Y. Schultz says:

    Pick me! Pick me!
    We had a wonderful experience growing vegetables and herbs in raised beds in our old house. We moved two years ago and our kids miss the gardens terribly. This is our year to start new ones! We have big plans (maybe too big) to grow vegetables, herbs, and I’d love to have a cutting garden. I’d also love to do a sunflower house with the autumn beauty mix for my daughters!

  240. Terri says:

    Hello Again!! I forgot to mention that I would love to try growing Glacier Tomato! I love that it is your earliest producing tomato and that it keeps producing all season long and is great in small gardens or containers!

  241. Terri says:

    Hello! I would love to win this great beginners gardening set from you!! I am a passionate organic foodie for health and planet reasons and finally got the nerve up last year to start a small raised bed garden; which I have been dreaming about for years!! But I did not have the confidence or the know how to start my own seeds so luckily a friend who has her own organic garden offered some of her leftover seedlings to me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her home-grown organic lettuce, rainbow chard, cucumber, and tomatoes she blessed me with!! Because of her kindness I experienced a beautiful little bounty and my very first, much dreamed of, organic garden!! I really, really want to start growing my own organic garden from seeds would feel so lucky and blessed to have this wonderful starter set from you wonderful people of High Mowing Seeds right here in Vermont! Thank you!

  242. Susan Irving says:

    I would like to win one of these New Gardener packages because I’m a new gardener trying to eat organic while keeping within a small budget. I started my first tomato and pepper plants in egg cartons two days ago. I’m so excited to see them sprout.

    I’d be excited to try growing this variety of squash. I haven’t had patty pan squash since I was a little girl on my great grandparent’s small farm. I’m now 35! I would try growing it vertically.

  243. Beth Schmid says:
    This year instead of just ordering the catalog, I’m really going to order some seeds and plant them! I could eat Arugula like potato chips!

  244. Karen Duke says:

    I am a new gardener. I am trying to start raised beds using the square foot gardening method. I am excited to try new things and experiment with different types of organic seeds and materials. I would love to win one of these packages. Anything that helps me learn to garden organically or imporves my skills will be greatly appreciated.

    I am interested in trying

  245. I would love to win either of these wonderful seeds packets because we are currently in the process of pulling up our lawn to “plant food, not lawns”. In fact, the grass is gone from the new 10′ x 48′ space and we are ready to start building the garden boxes. There will be six garden boxes in total, measuring 4′ x 7′ each, with the perimeter of the space providing room for herbs and edible flowers. Once that phase of the project is complete we will be bringing in organic garden soil from a local organic farm.

    Since we already have 3 garden areas that measure roughly 5′ x 10′ each, we will essentially be doubling our planting space. This is leaving me feeling a little more than trepidations, when I think about managing all of this. But I will do it. My ultimate goal is to be able to feed our family for the entire year with enough left over for donation and/or friends, etc. Winning either of these seed starting packets would certainly go a long way to help me get a good start on it.

    Toward the ultimate goal, I learned to can last year, using both the water bath method and pressure canning. So yes, this is a serious endeavor, aimed towards and organic lifestyle, that will include collecting and saving seeds and (possibly) starting a seed bank if all goes well. Winning either of these seed starting packets would certainly go a long way to help me get a good start on it and add to my education.

    Over the last 5 years that I’ve been learning more about gardening and experimenting in my smallish patches, I’ve found that I am somewhat challenged in growing root vegetables. I really need to solve this issue and learn to manage my cold weather crops as well. To that end, I would LOVE to try growing leeks, both the summer and winter varieties, and I think your Megaton F1 Hybrid Leek seeds would give me a great start.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  246. Sue kaszas says:

    Growing vegetables in Vermont is challenging for me. My soil may need help. I may need help. Cabbage, lettuces, tomatoes, herbs, zucchini, carrots, peppers, I love them all.

  247. Marianne says:

    I failed miserably at starting vegetables from seed a few years ago. After doing some research – and expanding my garden – I’m ready to try again! I have a love/hate relationship with beets, but have tried a few recipes that are growing on me. I have found chioggia beets a bit milder in flavor, so I would like to try the Guardsmark Chioggia Beets this year:

  248. Krista Ruggles says:

    I just built my first raised beds and could use some information on how to grow organically.

    I would really like to try mammoth sunflowers. I think they would be great for not only me, but also my chickens!

  249. Erica says:

    I would like to try your Jack be little pumpkins so that my kids an have fun watching them grow and picking/decorating with them this fall. I would love to win something for a new gardener because my husband and I are trying our hardest to only put fresh and organic in our kids bodies but it is very difficult to find both locally in a city like ours. We have a nice backyard and a garden waiting to be planted in this year but are missing the knowledge and experience.

  250. Tricia Rush says:

    I am working on becoming a raw vegan and have been working towards this for a couple of years. To improve the quality of my food, I tried to start a 4 x 4 raised bed garden last year. Well. I’ve never grown anything but a few herbs and my first attempt at gardening was not too successful! Who knew you shouldn’t plant squash and cucumbers with other plants. Wow, did those leaves get huge! My salad mix and kale were successful and I got a few cukes and squash, but everything else did not survive. I could use any help at all!

    I would love to try the Organic Pruden’s Purple tomatoes! I use a lot of tomatoes in my raw food recipes and buying organic in stores is expensive!

    Hoping to do a little better this year!

  251. Barbara Tiffee says:

    The reason I would love to have this starter package is because I am fairly new at gardening, this is my second year, and my first year did not go so well! I got mosaic disease on all my vine crops and had to start all over this year. I’m studying and practicing to be able to take square foot gardening into nursing homes so that the older generation can enjoy something they used to and feel useful in their last days. A new crop I’d love to try this year is kale since it is soooooo good for you!

  252. Emily says:

    After gardening with my Dad as a child I am finally able to garden for myself this year and am overwhelmed with all the choices and options available to me. The High Mow cataloge has sat on my table all winter and my partner and I have been pouring over the pages planning and dreaming about our future garden. I can’t wait to grow my own beets which I’ve discovered are one of my favorite vegetables.

  253. K Lott says:

    As a nutrition educator, I work with children in public schools teaching them about the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. One of our projects is a school garden. As I help the kids grow their own fruits and vegetables, I am starting to long for my own! I’d love to get started with my own organic herb and vegetable garden to enhance my diet with the freshest possible produce and what’s fresher than the backyard?! I’d really like to try different carrot varieties, like the dragon carrot and the white satin

  254. Wence says:

    I am starting a garden for the first time since I was a kid (I am 42 now). It would be helpful to have a proper seed starting kit and to learn from it.

    I would like to try winter harvest Brussels Sprouts. Some southern variety since I live in central North Carolina.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  255. Stephanie I Dailey says:

    I am a retired office worker who has always dreamed of growing a garden but have never had the guts to try. I’ve been building that up and would truly love a starter kit with all the information included!
    Thank you for your consideration,

  256. jen says:

    I live in a small apartment with no patio or balcony. Gardening started when I tried to plant a few herbs and vegetables in shady unkept areas around the apartment a few years ago. Last week, the city finally called me for a community garden plot and now I am completely intimidated with 450 square feet of space.

    I would love to live off the land in Los Angeles and need to learn and hope that I can have a well rounded year round garden but there is so much to learn.

    I would love to grow collards and am completely drawn to your georgia collards.

  257. Sam Koplinka-Loehr says:

    Woot woot!

    I am a 21-year old gardiner, and for the past few years have gotten my grandparents garden all set for them (now both 84 years old and live in N. Ferrsiburg, VT) – always a joy but at times hard to get things started in time being a full time student and also working 15 hrs a week. A starter kit would help me make it happen for them! (and add a great addition to my current egg carton method for starts)

    I’m interested in spicing up their garden with Okra and/or Watermelon this year

    Rock on!

  258. Vic says:

    Sorry Posted comment, and forgot to give you the seeds and link.

    Heirloom Veg seed pack

    I would love to win almost any Heirloom seeds (Veg, Fruit, Medical, Herbs, Teas), except probably – Mustard, Kale, Oakra seeds. Since I don’t eat those. Hee Hee – Finally like spinach. It took me awhile. :)

  259. Vic says:

    When I was a kid, I raised the animals and my mom did the gardening. With the economey the way it is, I am trying to learn more about gardening, collecting Heirloom seeds, and Books on How to (Garden, Gardening techniques, Good bugs bad bugs, Composting, Viruses, Homemade pesticides, Companion planting, Greenhouses, Aquaponics, ect). I have so much to learn. I would love to hear some good recommendations – on any of these types of issues (books, or written out blogs, so I can print them out). Thank you, Vic

  260. Tiffany Gould says:

    I’m starting a garden for my mother for Mother’s Day and she hasn’t had a garden in almost 40 years. Would love to give her a new gardeners kit to help her out and introduce her to your amazing selection of organic seeds. I grow a lot of heirloom varieties myself, most of which are from you, but she loves zucchini and spinach :)

  261. Margot S. says:

    Looking forward to expanding my garden this year. I am going to be planting more varieties of tomatoes, especially the Cherokee Purples:

  262. Andrea McIntire says:

    This will be our first year growing organic and it would be a great help to win this starter kit!

  263. Megan says:

    My husband and I love your products, I am originally from Vermont and since my relocation to Oregon I just couldn’t give up my wholesome roots. I would LOVE the starter kit so that I can expand my garden/harvest as we work towards self sufficiency. My favorites from this years offering….the hybrid collections and the popcorn. I was pretty excited to try the watermelon, acorn squash and pumpkins, all new to my garden.

  264. Tom Riley says:

    I am retiring this spring. Looking forward to replacing some of my income with home grown fresh vegetables.
    We love leeks and would be excited to try the Organic Megaton F1 Hybrid.

  265. Morgan says:

    I need all the help I can get! I want to try

  266. Lisa Liotta says:

    I would love to win the Complete Seed Starter Kit as this is the first year I will be starting seeds indoors. Last year, which was the first year I had a vegetable garden at my new home in Vermont, my garden was severely affected by contaminated compost that contained persistent herbicides, and I lost almost the entire garden! This year, I’m optimistic for a bigger, better garden and will be changing over to organic seed to help insure the best possible quality. I love your website and your product, and would be thrilled to showcase beautiful produce grown from High Mowing seeds. This year, I am excited to try Organic Indigo Rose Tomatoes. The fruit looks simply beautiful, just like ripe juicy plums!:

  267. Jacob Hemmerick says:

    During the past three years, I’ve made moves from Germany to France, France to Ohio, and finally from Ohio to Vermont! I finished graduate school, and have jumped from one studio apartment to the next. Now . . . FINALLY . . . I’m home in Vermont and have a little piece of ground to turn and learn. I’m hoping to make up for lost time with an organic garden to get the neighbors talking over. The one plant that caught my eye was the Sacred Tulasi Basil! I was once served this tea by an Indian friend, and there it is in Wolcott! High Mowing is just plain great. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  268. Was so glad I got a e-mail from you, cause I learned from the article. How to do grafting of tomatoes.
    It was thrilling to learn. Would be so great to be chosen to get a New Gardener package. I have read
    reviews on some, but would use it as a teaching tool for the grandchildren and Sunday school class.
    Thanks for teaching all of us.

  269. Marlena Quaintance says:

    I would love to try Amish Paste tomatos. My family and IT are going to try to make a red sauce this year by sratch. Amish paste is supposed to be the best.

  270. Gregg Mau says:

    I am an early childhood educator and soon* (when the snow finally melts around here) will be teaching my class about the foods they eat, that foods are first grown before they show up in the grocery store, and that gardening is a fun and rewarding activity to do at home. I would like to start a garden in our classroom to show the children plant structures, watering, good soil, space, etc. and then send the plants home when outdoor conditions are favorable.

  271. Kim R says:

    I’m not new to gardening but I’m TERRIBLE at starting seeds for transplanting…I need to do this better. The variety I want to try is Tavor Imperial Star Artichokes, I don’t know how to include the link…Happy Easter!

  272. karen says:

    I have been gardening for a long time ,but not so much organically .With all the GMO stuff going on ,its a comfort to me to have found High Mowing Seeds .I used all your seeds last year with great results .Its also good to know you can call anytime and get good solid adive from the people who work here .I look forward to being a long time customer and have referred many of my fellow garderners

  273. Michael Wood says:

    Love your seeds and varieties! I’m making it my goal this year to switch everything over to organic this year! Also, working on getting more organized and starting, planting and the like by schedule instead of letting it get ahead of me. My 8 year old is just loving getting involved in the garden. He helps plan, weed, cover and harvest. This kit, should I win it, could be his personal starter kit. He’d just love that!

  274. Matthew piper says:

    My wife and have dreamed of caring for a small piece of land in vt and creating a sustainable homestead to provide for us and all that visit as well as being an educational opportunity. Through kindness and lots of hard work we are finally starting to fulfill the dream. This spring we will be moving onto the land and will be planting the first gardens. It would be an honor and a great help to plant roots with high mowing seeds.
    I don’t know how to attach a link but the organic crimson clover i’m sure will be an essential cover crop for us.
    thanks for the thought!

  275. Jackie Austin says:

    Each year I do several containers on the porch ( where we get the most sun in our woods) to grow edibles.My toddlers just love seeing everything grow before we bring it to the table. We usually buy plants from local growers, however we would love to have more unique or heirloom varieties we are interested in trying. This year my daughter requested carrots ( and cherry tomatoes ( in addition to our lettuces, herbs and larger tomatoes.

    We have never started from seed so it is a bit intimidating. A kit like this could really help us out.

  276. Jennifer Frock Sukhaira says:

    This IS my first year gardening, and I not only wanted it to be an organic experience, but literally ALL high mowing seeds. I found you all online randomly, and it sort of sparked my want of a lush, fertile, healthy garden. Because you are in Vermont, and can grow all this great stuff, I figured I ought to be able to get something growing down here in Maryland;) And so it began…now I have about 400 seedlings ready to be moved outside as soon as it gets warm!
    So far my best and fastest seedlings are the Del Cicco Broccoli, so I would absolutely recommend this variety. I wanted to grow kohlrabi, but I somehow had my hands full with so many other veggies. Next year for sure! I hear it’s great fresh.
    I would LOVE a kit, because honestly I can use any assistance I can get! Tips and hints from the experts can only help, and well I want some bragging rights as well.
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  277. Jean Pocha says:

    High Mowing rocks! I am reading the book about local food saving in your town and that is so encouraging to me. We live in a very rural, short season area of Montana and it is one of my ambitions to help anyone who is interested in gardening here to do so. We have new neighbors who have never gardened in a climate like this, and if I won a starter set, I would give it to them so they could get a great start with your great seeds. Using organic seeds is the best thing for home gardeners to do! Around here, De Cicco Broccoli is a real winner
    Thanks for all you do!!!!!

  278. Laurie says:

    I’ve gotten a late start with my garden this year, so I could really use this kit! I’ve become so enamored of Brussel Sprouts this past year, I would love to try growing my own:

  279. kim robinson says:

    I grew up eating out of my parents summer garden. Now that I have a toddler of my own, I’d love to get a garden going so she can harvest her own peas and green beans just like I used to.
    A variety I’d like to try is this red cabbage:
    I make my own sauerkraut and would love to grow my own cabbage for it! Purple cabbage makes the most beautiful kraut.

  280. Renee G says:

    I’d love to win this because I’d love to figure out what I’m doing in the garden. Most of my experience has come from trial and error. I’d love some information and to start this season on the right track. One of the varieties that I would love to try is I have had pretty good luck with beans, so these would be fun.

  281. sandra lutz says:

    We live on land my grandfather bought and then my father received it. This land used to be a farm I would like to restore it. And the best way to restore it is organically without the chemicals. So I’d like some seeds a d information to get started. Asperagus lavender and thyme are items I would like

  282. Victoria Wilkinson says:

    After a not very successful season last year, my husband I are ready to plant more seeds at our community garden plot. I was told that radishes are super easy to grow, but my radishes barely came out of the ground! I would like to try again and grow HMS Cherry Belle Radishes. Also, kale, kale, and more kale, we can’t get enough kale especially Lacinato, which I sometimes call Lucinda kale!!

  283. Luciano Velarde says:

    Was looking to get a kit for the Grandkids to try and set up their own garden. Am starting my seeds now and want to try as many of the micro green plants and heirloom tomatoes!!

  284. Rohan says:

    Just moved into a rental with one tiny garden. I’m getting the soil prepared for growing tomatoes in spring and would love to grow some basil with them.

  285. martha klassanos says:

    After too many years, my husband and I are learning to grow our own food. We’re disgusted that grocery store food is unhealthy and has too much embedded energy from being shipped from far places. My ancestors were farmers in Wolcott, VT, I feel that buying organic
    seeds from this town is a good omen.

  286. patricia says:

    I had planned to start gardening this spring but had to have major back surgery in February. So for now it has to be in pots because I cannot bend. I would love to try the organic yellow scallopini F1 seeds. I love squash but have never tried these. Gardening, even if it’s in pots, lifts my spirit!

  287. Elaine C says:

    I want to be able to provide healthy food for my family and gardening is the best way! I really suck at starting seeds and need some guidance. We eat a lot of kale and the Dinosaur Kale,, looks like fun.

  288. Kara says:

    I’ve already started my seeds but I’d love to try the Rosalind Broccoli.

  289. Janet says:

    I would love to try the bulb fennel –

    This is my first full year with a garden as last year the raised beds weren’t ready until June so I really need help in the seed starting side of things! :-)


  290. Vivian says:

    I want to get my kids to eat veggies… Excited about cucumbers because they are my favorite anytime snack I loved eating out of my dad’s garden every year.

  291. Aaron Powell says:

    I am a father of 7 and I live in a suburban area. I am trying to turn my .15 acres of land into an edible landscape including my front yard. This prize would greatly help me on my journey to that destination. I would like to try the French Radishes shown here :

  292. Michelle says:

    We have a brand new home this year and are very excited to plan a new garden. We want to try growing things outside our normal comfort zone, like greens, kale or fennel. We started some High Mowing Glacier Tomato seeds 3 weeks ago and they look great!

  293. Dani S. says:

    Our family would love to start a garden, and I have no idea how to begin so this kit would be useful. I would love for this to be a learning experience for my children so they can apply sustainable living to their lives. Growing our own, organic food is important to our family.

    We love cucumbers!

  294. Rebecca says:

    This will be my second year gardening. We hope to find a house this summer, just as things warm up, with lots of lovely space for getting things in the ground. This starter kit would be perfect! Much easier to move than our raised bed.

    The variety I can’t wait to try is Black Seeded Simpson. It sounds like such a happy, versatile lettuce.

  295. Phillip Griffin says:

    I have been dreaming of all the delicious looking vegetables in your paper catalog for several years. Working as a Paramedic, I would frequently carry the catalog to work for my down time, but unfortuanely I have just not had the time to garden.

    Winning a new gardener kit would provide some much needed incentive to get outdoors and garden.

    I am particularily interested in Organic Costata Romanesco (minature zucchini with blossoms).

  296. NW Homesteader says:

    I would love to win to have a great start to healthy productivity at home! I would love to try the kids garden collection or the three sisters collection!

  297. Stephanie says:

    The Organic pickling cucumber because I love to can homemade pickles and it is impossible to find organic canning pickles around here!

  298. Stephanie says:

    I’d like to win because I am going to put a garden in my front yard this year and it would be a great help to have this starter kit.

  299. Cynthia Richards says:

    For the first time I tried growing plants from seeds. I had some success but many failures…I’d like to know the proper way to seed start.
    I cant attach the link but I would like to try Nellie Chives this year.

  300. Yvonna Wilke says:

    I am very interested in your seeds, never used them before. I would really like to try the mini basil as I have never seen it before and love cooking with fresh herbs. Hope to win thanks.

  301. Heather says:

    I’ve always dreamed of growing my own food but this is my first year attempting it. I’m not really sure what I’m doing so I’d love to win this to have some help! I’m really excited to grow the Calendula because I’ve heard it keeps away pests, is edible, and I can use it as a great addition to my homemade hair rinse :)

  302. Kendall says:

    Because my children love it and I want to garden with them!

  303. CC says:

    I love your seeds! I would love to win one of your seed starting setups because I want to figure out how to start seeds indoors this year. One of the varieties I really want to try is your lovely bee attracting collection.

    I really want to create a mutually beneficial habitat for our little friends and our lovely fruit and vegetable garden. Thank you for the opportunity!

  304. CC says:

    I love your seeds! I would love to win one of your seed starting setups because I want to figure out how to start seeds indoors this year. One of the varieties I really want to try is your lovely bee attracting collection. I really want to create a mutually beneficial habitat for our little friends and our lovely fruit and vegetable garden. :) Thank you for the opportunity!

  305. Nicole says:

    I am interested in a starter kit because I’ve had difficulties getting seedlings started. I would really like a successful garden so I can feed my family and, hopefully, share with my friends & neighbors. One of the things I haven’t tried to grow before and I’m interested in trying is Parsley Root:

  306. Kathi Martin says:

    If I won these seeds, I would share them with some beginning gardeners I know.

    What I was most excited to see was your excellent selection of cover crops. Due to it being really dry here in SW Missouri last year and pretty much the same predicted for this year, we are going to not put in much garden, but plant cover crops to enrich our soil.

  307. Tracy Green says:

    I would LOVE to win a new gardener package because I just got into a new garden community co -op and am excited to get started! I am “sharing” a plot with my neighbor, and we are focusing on salad ingredients, and
    this red kale sounds delicious!

  308. Adam says:

    I’m a field manager at Eagle Heights Community Garden in Madison, WI and I’m always looking for seed starting supplies so that I can provide transplants to our gardeners. I would like to try the Igor Brussel Sprout this year.

  309. Kimberly Thompson says:

    I would LOVE to win a New Gardener package because I’ve been interested in starting my own garden for a long time now, but haven’t known exactly how to start. I want the satisfaction of eating my own home-grown veggies, fruits and herbs, and to share them with my friends and neighbors. Additionally, I’ve been researching canning/fermenting/general preservation methods and would love to try them with produce that I myself have grown.

    It’s hard to choose just one variety that I’d be excited to try out of all of the ones carried on this site, but if I had to, I would pick the Organic Lacinato Dinosaur Kale because I’m obsessed with kale – the texture, the flavor, how hearty I feel eating it. Yum!

    • Anne Nitkowski says:

      The Dino Kale is the first thing I ever bought from High Mowing and I’ve been hooked on this company ever since. I hope you get to grow your own one day….it’s the best.

  310. mike malone says:

    I got three little ones that need to learn how to grow their own food and experience the wonderful taste and satisfaction that comes with growing their own fresh garden veggies. I think all children should know what real (home grown) produce taste like instead of the store bought produce. I feel a duty to teach the next generation to grow, grow, grow!

  311. Kara says:

    I would love to win this because I am hoping to start my first garden this year! This is what I would love to try off of your website. It would be everything I need to start my first garden.

  312. Trudy Langhoff says:

    Either would be fantastic start to getting my kids into gardening! We have a small yard and are not able to yarden yet but hope to someday! For now we have a couple raised beds and it would be helpful. I have also started to CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle so this would be a huge jump start to a better healthier lifestyle for all of us!
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    We <3 high mowing!

  313. I’m always looking for ways to grow more food organically, fresh ideas for how to prepare tasty dishes and creative ways to preserve and store the harvest! I’d really like to try growing parsley root. I’ve come across a number of recipes using it, but I’ve never tasted it or grown it before.

  314. Mary Claire Carroll says:

    I have always had a vegetable garden and love having fresh tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers….and salad greens. Last year I picked up some your seed packets for the first time and was thrilled with how well they grew and produced. I am trying to add more greens to my diet so I would love any version of your kale or chard.

  315. Machelle H says:

    I have not tried seed starting yet – only direct sowing. I am getting serious about growing more of our food.
    There are lots of vegetables I would like to grow, but I really love roasted beets!

  316. Kristin Freeman says:

    The snow has melted, green shoots are coming up from the raspberries and blackberries, strawberries are waking up, blueberry bushes are ready to send out new shoots….I am ready to begin the planting of the vegetable patch and annual flowers. I would love to add your “Santo cilantro” and “Eagle Parsley Root” this year. What a great giveaway you are offering!

  317. Brenna Campagna says:

    My family is SO excited to start our own garden this year. Recently, I found out the importance of using quality, organic seeds in the garden. This is how I found your company and we are so excited to place an order. I’m ready to grow garlic, as my family enjoys it so much.

  318. Darrell Clevenger says:

    I would give this setup to my local Community Garden to help them with an extra bit of vegetable seeds and get them going for the expansion of that to help out local food banks.

  319. Lenne" says:

    I’d like to enter on behalf of my sister, Debbie, who is a homeschool mom to 4 precious kids. They’ve recently moved near me and we have plans to garden together this year. The kids are really excited, especially Ellie Cate, the youngest, who says she wants to plant carrots. I’ve been gardening for years and am really looking forward to sharing with them the benefits of it: not just homegrown food that you know is safe to eat, but also a respect for the environment and the really important life lessons that come from sowing, reaping, and tending.

  320. Holly Ward says:

    Can’t wait for the potatoes! Yours are the best I have ever tasted! I also am a Master Gardener that is working with children that are Junior Master Gardener’s and would love to introduce them to the Organic’s that you have too! Thank you for wonderful choices.

  321. Deana says:

    I am working with a group of home schooling Mom’s to help them and the children learn about growing food and living healthy. I would enjoy sharing High Mowing’s organic seeds with them! I think the container garden collection would be perfect for these families who have limited growing space –

  322. Nicole Ludwig says:

    I would love to win one of your starter gardener packages!! We moved to Vermont 2 yrs ago and I have not been able to get a garden started since we moved. It will be my first year gardening in zone 4. We always had huge gardens in Kentucky and did lots of canning. I want to get back to that and being more self sufficient for our food needs. And it is important to my family to be as organic as we can.

    There are 2 veggies you sell organic seeds for that I am very excited to get and grow. One is the Ripbor hybrid Kale
    My 5 yo daughter LOVES Kale and frequently asks me to make her some Kale chips with her lunch or dinner. Any green leafy she’s begging me to buy makes me happy so I DEFINITELY want some Kale in my garden. The second one is the Long Island Cheese Pumpkins. I am a bit of a pumpkin snob and these are the ONLY pumpkins I will use to make my pumpkin pies – which I am pretty famous for. If I can’t find those pumpkins we don’t have pumpkin pie that season. When I searched for the seeds I was so excited to not only find an organic choice but the fact that you are right here in Vermont too made me extremely happy.

    Thanks so much for all that you do!

  323. After weeks of visiting more than 5 stores looking for good beans, I am excited to try the Tavera Harcoit Vert beans. I love the delicate looking verts and find past yields have not been ideal. I plan to try and extend the growing season and this variety looks like just the thing. Nothing like the sweetness of a great string bean!

    Bobbi Hennessey

  324. Sara says:

    Every year my plans to make a garden have been foiled for various and bizarre reasons. This year I am finally living in a place where my landlord actually just ripped out some shrubs so that I could grow some veggies! And I finally have an awesome boyfriend to build me raised beds. I’m thinking towards the future, having children, and not wanting to succumb to buying pre-packaged foods for the sake of convenience, and to live a life as free from plastic as possible. By the time I actually have kids, I want a bit more gardening and the perfect cracker recipe under my belt so that I those things will come most naturally to me. Learning to garden now is in the hopes to be a better mom of the future.

    And I would love to try your most voluptuous and easy-to-grow basil!

  325. Sandi says:

    This is exciting, I would love to explore creating a garden space in my front yard. You have such a beautiful seed catalog and it’s very hard to choose just one, I’d like to grow herbs for medicine like Oscimum sanctum:
    Looking forward to digging in the dirt.

  326. Kimberly Mertz says:

    I began my organic gardening adventure two years ago with High Mowing seeds and I’ve been very pleased with the results of my efforts. Every year I try my hand at something new, and this year I would very much like to try growing corn. I’m also attempting to grow citrus trees in pots and add grapes and apples in the next few years.

    I’m interested in trying your My Fair Lady sweet corn!

  327. Joyce says:

    Planting seeds and watching them grow is still a wonder to me at age 51 and brings back memories of when I was a kid and tended to a garden with my Father. (my job was watering and weeding) lol
    I want to have a garden again and am eating healthier and want to grow organic veggies and
    High Mowing Seeds knows how to do this the right way.

    I love all veggies and fruits but would love to try your Straightneck Summer Squash.

  328. Victoria Greenia says:

    My daughter and her boyfriend are young, hopeful homesteaders with more dreams than money (as are so many young people around here). Maybe I can’t buy them a yurt or the organic wool and enormous loom they want to weave their own clothes, but perhaps I could win them a kit to start their own organic garden! They tell me they want to do companion gardening, of course, but the most interesting thing is they want to grow beets to see if they can make their own natural sugar by boiling them down. April 5th is actually her 18th birthday. If I win this for her, I will buy a small greenhouse as well. What a healthy start to her adult life! It’s not a yurt, but…

  329. Leah Ifft says:

    Previously, my husband has handled the garden. I’d like to contribute more this year, but I’m a bit intimidated. I love growing herbs and would like to try the Sweet Thai Basil.

  330. Nilah Cote says:

    This will be our third year planting High Mowing Seeds. We love it that they are organic and many are grown locally. We’ve attended your spring workshops and always come away with great ideas. We are very excited to learn that you now have something like parsnips this year. Parsnip is one of our favorite vegetables. Will this Eagle parsley root taste be similar to a parsnip?

  331. Gail says:

    I would love to win either of the prizes. I’m sure you’ve put together a package that is good for us beginners. I ordered some of the tomatoes from you in the past. The heirloom Cherokees were among my favorites. I would like to try some of the carrots including

  332. Jenifer says:

    I have tried a few times to start seeds, but just can’t quite seem to get it right. But, I’m determined that I can do this!

    As for what seeds I’m excited to try, the red kale is a variety we’ve never tried ( We love kale, and this one looks beautiful.

  333. Rita Santamore says:

    Starting a big garden this year is the easy goal. Maintaining it from weeds and wild animals is the challenge.Garlic and potatoes- so nutrition packed, are my new additions I would like to try. Gardening, canning, nutrition and non GMOs are what I am shooting for the most for survival and independent living.

  334. Jean Barberi says:

    Wow! what a great giveaway! We just made raised beds last year and I am looking forward to growing yummy organic veggies this year. I am hoping to get enough to store some in the freezer. Winning the Garden Starter Organic Seed Collection would be just the start my garden needs, so I can have food grown right, in my backyard. I would love to try the Blue Coco Beans so I plant a bean Tipi tent with my granddaughter for her to play in and learn about growing and harvesting too.

  335. Deborah says:

    Gardening is such a challenge (but so rewarding) and there’s so much to learn! I want to do it right, and this kit would be a big step in the right direction.

  336. Prachi Wickremasingha says:

    Out of the kit I am eager to try the calendula. I have been reading a lot on edible landscaping and I am eager to turn my former flowering annual gardens into perrenial gardens. Otherwise I am eager to your purple carrot seeds… we were in wegmans and my daughter picked them up (they love carrots from the garden and of course since it was purple you can see the attraction). Normally I don’t let them randomly buy things they pick up in the store but these were seeds so I let her buy them. I love that she thought to pick up seeds.

  337. Anne Nitkowski says:

    I love your seeds!
    1. If I happen to win I would share the seeds and starter kit with my son and daughter-in-law who finally have a home of their own and are getting started growing and preserving their own food.

    2. I placed an order earlier from you and the thing that we are most excited about trying this year is the Iron Lady Tomato. We were hit by the late blight last year so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Iron Lady does. My seeds for them are already up. :)

    I also purchased seeds for:
    Coban Bean
    the little round zucchini

    Looking forward to these too. Even if I don’t win this giveaway, I’m still a winner with your seeds!

  338. MaryAnn Flood says:

    Need to learn the right way to start seeds…Good healthy seeds…like High Mowing has to offer. I would love to see Walking onion seeds/sets or garlic.
    Would love the kit, “Food Grown Right in Your Backyard”

  339. Keelan Brown says:

    I would like to win your starter package for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I have been having trouble with my starts this year. I think the potting mix that we make is the cause. I have wanted to try the Fort Vee but have not gotten around to it yet.

    The variety I am interested in trying this year is the Music Garlic.
    ( ) Though I have to wait until October. Many people mentioned this variety for its flavor and their success in growing it at the Tennessee Horticulture Conference this year. I am excited to try it for myself.

  340. Nicole says:

    I love all of your seed varieties and appreciate your efforts to grow organically. I have never grown artichokes, and I should because we eat so much!!

  341. Jim says:

    I would love to be able to produce our own salad straight from our own garden. I know there are various types of salad lettuce and a good salad is always healthy for the body

  342. Angela says:

    Id like to try your mustard kale mix thanks! Angela

  343. Hilary says:

    I haven’t had a garden in years. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but determined to try this year. One of my favorite things is Cabbage. We love it at our house.