Dream Garden on Pinterest Contest!

Win a $75 gift certificate to High Mowing Organic Seeds!

This contest has ended – congratulations to Adrienne! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Half the fun of having a garden is planning the garden during those long cold winter months when all is grey and dark outside. Looking at all those pictures of bright, beautiful vegetables, herbs and flowers in the seed catalogs can make any day better. Many customers tell us of their dog-eared, bookmarked, sticky-noted catalogs that receive plenty of use.

Lately many people have been using the website Pinterest to organize their garden ideas and wishes. We think this is an excellent idea as it provides a great visual representation of what you’d like to grow in your garden. The boards people create are beautiful to look at and fun to use.

We would love to see what YOUR dream garden looks like. We’re inviting you to create your dream garden by “pinning” varieties you’d like to grow onto a board, then sending us the link to your board. We’ll randomly choose one board, and the owner of the winning board will receive a $75 High Mowing Organic Seeds’ gift certificate to help make those garden dreams come true!

The rules are simple:

  • Create your own board called “Dream Garden from High Mowing Organic Seeds“. Pin vegetable, herb and flower varieties you’d like to grow this year. You can pin varieties from our High Mowing Organic Seeds website or any other site.
  • Come back to this post and leave us your Pinterest “Dream Garden” Board URL in the comments section below. Make sure to use your real e-mail so we can contact you if you win!

Enter by the end of Friday, March 7th 2014 for the chance to win the $75 Gift Certificate! The winner will be announced on Monday, March 10th.

Contest closes at midnight (EST) on March. 7th, 2014.  The fine print: High Mowing Organic Seeds is giving away one $75.00 gift certificate towards any of our products to one lucky winner! The contest runs from 2/28/14 through midnight (EST) 3/07/14. The winner will be selected using random.org. The winner will be notified via e-mail, so please ensure that your e-mail is accurate. Winners must respond within 96 hours of the e-mail announcing that they have one being sent. If the winner fails to respond within that time, High Mowing Organic Seeds will select another winner through random.org and will send out another e-mail to the next winner.


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80 Responses to Dream Garden on Pinterest Contest!

  1. Kate Irick says:

    Love your colorful catalog…want to help develop food ‘forrests’ & community gardens in Tennessee.

  2. Nancy West says:


    What a wonderful time picking seeds in the last cold days of winter as we think of the joys of summer and gardening.

  3. Nancy West says:

    What a wonderful time picking seeds in the last cold days of winter as we think of the joys of summer and gardening.

  4. Alison Bibler says:


    Creating a dream garden and seed board, as inspired by High Mowing Organic Seeds, was a wonderfully fun and exciting experience that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in gardening at any level… contest or not! I truly wish I had thought to do this sooner. It was so great to have a place where I could make a HMOS wish list and get an idea of what my garden will look like beforehand. I can not wait to see the pins on my board come into fruition in my garden!
    Thank you High Mowing Organic Seeds, for both the inspiration and fantastic seed selection!

  5. So exciting! Can’t wait to start my garden. i could spend hours looking at seed catalogs. :) http://www.pinterest.com/enchantedtree/dream-garden-from-high-mowing-seeds/

  6. Rebecca Gougeon says:

    Oh my goodness, so glad I saw this!! THE BEST SEEDS for Western Mass. http://www.pinterest.com/beckasdream3/dream-garden-from-high-mowing-organic-seeds/
    Good Luck Everyone!!!

  7. Marji N. says:

    http://www.pinterest.com/marjik/dream-garden-from-high-mowing-organic-seeds/ Loving your website and can’t wait to place an order!

  8. Anne N says:


    Loved creating this board. Some are already a reality for me. :)

  9. I have my dream garden I have been working on for 40 years this is 1/4 of it.

  10. Brenda Nye says:


    Trying to create a bee friendly habitat at my home and hopefully throughout my neighborhood!

  11. Dara Peters says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I need to plant more veggies but I try to keep the space small. However I have an acre and I would rather like to plant it all in a combo cottage garden/vegetable garden. Yeah, no more mowing.

  12. Mo Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the chance! Here is my Pinterest Board

  13. Miranda says:


    I hope you like it! Starting my first 4 acres this year!!

  14. So excited to start my seeds in our new three tiered light cart! Then, I’m going to use the light cart all summer for salad mix and start our Fall garden!


  15. Heather says:

    Can’t wait to create our dream garden :)

  16. aja says:

    I went through and pinned everything that was highlighted, plus some, in my dog-eared catalog! http://www.pinterest.com/ajabirdie/dream-garden-from-high-mowing-organic-seeds/

  17. Sharon Large says:


  18. Sharon Large says:

    My husband and I love to garden! Can’t wait to get busy tilling and planting this spring, hope I win! Woot Woot

  19. Christina says:

    Let me try this again, I thought the website box would show the link…not trying to duplicate entries!

  20. Lori says:

    Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to win! Here is my dream garden plan! I had fun going through your pages of seeds and learning about various varieties that I have never tried!


  21. Katee says:

    Looking forward to a great growing season!

  22. Ellen Polzien says:

    I think I might need a rototiller to make room for all of this, but…here you go:


  23. Deb DiScenza says:

    I have3 wanted a dream garden for ages. This would let me get a good start. Thanks!

  24. Kristina says:


    I have been day dreaming about which seeds to buy for the past month here in zone 4. I’m looking forward to sharing my seed splurge with my sister who will have a vegetable garden of her own for the first time this year!

  25. Kelly McClure says:


    Used your seeds for the first time last year and our garden was super successful!!! Thank you!!!

  26. Diane says:

    I can’t wait to get back in the dirt!

  27. Living and gardening at above 44 degrees latitude is a challenge and I’ve found High Mowing seeds proven winners year after year. Be creative in your gardening and have fun!

  28. Tawny says:


    No one loves fresh, right out of the garden, vegetables more than me. My house and yard have to be full of flowers always too. High Mowing og. seeds are what we buy, as they are the best.