High Mowing Organic Seeds – A different kind of seed company….

We are pleased to present our latest video explaining just what it is that makes High Mowing Organic Seeds a different kind of seed company. We are proud of the work we do, the seeds we offer, and the causes we support. This video highlights the quality, care, and organic growing knowledge that we incorporate into our company. We hope you enjoy this peek into our world!

(Please note – We recommend watching this video in High Definition. You can change your video settings by pressing play on the video, then clicking on the gear symbol in the bottom right hand corner and choosing the 720p High Definition option.)

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One Response to High Mowing Organic Seeds – A different kind of seed company….

  1. Eric White says:

    I love your products and the passion that you all put into the very important work that your doing and the alternative that your offering to big agriculture. If my wife could stand the climate I would be relentlessly pursuing a position with High Mowing! Thank you so much for all that you do. You have a life long customer here. Keep up the good work and leading by example.
    Eric White

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