High Mowing Organic Seeds Staff Variety Favorites

Just like you, we are all getting excited about the upcoming season here at High Mowing.  We have all spent the past few months making mental notes about the varieties that we love and want to try.  Just about everyone here gardens or farms in the summer.  Our staff is comprised of growers with their own farms, a handful that work for our Trials and Production Farms, several more that work on other nearby farms, and many others that have gardens at home or in our staff garden plot.

We talk about High Mowing varieties all day, everyday.  We clearly love seeds, vegetables, and growing, but so much of our discussion is technical at this time of year: variety characteristics, crop plans, germination, and inventories.  So, it’s really fun when we get a chance to start talking to each other about how much we love a particular variety.  Imaginations run wild as we consider the possibilities for our upcoming spring and the varieties we would never dare to overlook in our plans.

Here are some of the varieties that our staff chose as favorites this year.  We’d love to hear what yours are too! 

High Mowing Organic Seeds Staff Variety Favorites


Vermont Cranberry Bean

“I am excited to grow Gold Rush Yellow Wax beans.  They are crisper and juicier than a green bean, great for eating raw with a dip!” – Katie L., Wholesale Sales Manager

“I got really excited about filet beans this year. Tavera Haricot Vert produced well and tasted great.” – Andrea, Sales & Marketing Manager

Black Turtle dry bean because it is so easy to grow, prolific yield, and so tasty and easy to cook (no pre-soaking required)!” – Amber, Accounting Assistant

“I was so excited about my Jacob’s Cattle dry beans this year.  I planted at least 6 varieties of dry beans and was too busy to pick them on time so I just gave up.  Right before Thanksgiving, I went up to pick my Brussels sprouts, and out of curiosity, looked at my sad dry beans.  Everything was moldy and bloated—except Jacob’s Cattle!  I was so excited!  I brought them home and have been slowly shelling them ever since… and they are beautiful!” – Kathryn, Marketing Assistant & Trials Crew Leader

Vermont Cranberry dry bean because it is easy to grow, beautiful and the creamiest bean I have ever eaten. The texture is unmatched!” – Amber, Accounting Assistant

Windsor Fava because again it is easy to grow and such a tasty treat!” – Amber, Accounting Assistant

Brussels Sprouts

“I was a little lazy this spring and didn’t start my Brussels sprouts on time, so when I saw Paul at the farmers market, he gave me a six-pack of Nautic F1.  And they just killed it.  3’ stalks covered in 1-1.5” sprouts.  So delicious with some butter, white wine, and bacony-type product.” – Kathryn, Marketing Assistant & Trials Crew Leader


Touchstone Gold Beet

Touchstone Gold beet- it is such a beautiful color and I think it’s sweeter than all of the red beets.” – Beth, Wholesale Sales Assistant

Touchstone Gold beet: I fell in love with these beets in the Trials field!  Their bright color and sweet flavor makes any meal with these beets beautiful.” – Katie S., Sales Associate


“The Belstar F1 broccoli made me feel like a real farmer. Beautiful, perfect heads that held up well to our fall. My last planting saw 22ºF and made it through fine.” – Paul, Sales Associate


Caraflex F1 Cabbage

Caraflex F1 cabbage is so sweet, so tender, so pointy, and so neat!  Kids love it too!  It’s dense even when small.  My favorite thing to do with it is cut it in half and grill it with bacon and blue cheese.” – Tom, President & Founder

“How can you not fall in love with a variety called a “sweetheart cabbage”?!  Caraflex F1 cabbage is sweet, tender and juicy! I love the uniqueness of its pointy head (looks like it belongs on the dinner table in the movie Coneheads!) and it’s diminutive size makes it just right for fixing up a salad or a stir-fry and using it up in a meal or two.” – Gwenael, Trials Manager

Farao F1 cabbage is my pick for a tasty fresh market cabbage. I plant these tight enough to shade the soil and block out weeds, but the size never suffers and the taste won’t disappoint.” – Jacob, Sales Associate

Kaitlin F1 cabbage ‘cause I love to make kraut and kimchi.” – Katie T., Farm Production Manager


YaYa F1 Carrot

“I love Yaya F1, Napoli F1, and Scarlet Nantes carrots.  They are so sweet with no toughness and I eat at least 4 carrots per day.  I can’t believe I haven’t turned orange!” – Jennifer, Seed Rack Grand Master

Yaya F1 carrot – cause it’s called Yaya, oh, and it tastes great.”  – Katie T., Farm Production Manager

“I love, love LOVE the Yaya F1 carrots. Why? Not only do they taste amazing and have the perfect sweetness and texture for fresh eating, but I love pulling them up from the dirt and getting that extraordinary fragrance. You wouldn’t expect your garden to be perfumed by carrots, but Yayas make harvesting a delight!” – Christy, Web Order Processer

Yellowstone Carrot: This is the carrot I remember from my first season of working on a farm, and it has been a favorite ever since.  Yellowstone is very adaptable, has great flavor and a nice sunny hue.  It’s great in bunches by itself or interspersed with other colored carrots.  A must for any school garden or for those gardening with young kids—they love the colors!” – Katie S., Sales Associate


Dakota Black Popcorn – it’s just so beautiful!” – Brigitte, Marketing Associate


Picolino Cucumber

Green Finger cucumber: Delicious!  I love the size of these slender cukes.  They have a thin skin and are great for snacking, sandwiches and salads.” – Katie S., Sales Associate

Picolino F1 cucumber is my absolute favorite cuke.  Nice snacking size, with thin and tender skin.  My favorite field snack.  I’ll eat these all summer and never get sick of them!” – Kathryn, Marketing Assistant & Trials Crew Leader

Picolino F1 cucumber – Smooth skin, delicious cucumbers in a nice small size. I like picking a couple of these as we leave the house as snacks on the go.” – Meredith, General Manager

“With sweet skin and juicy flesh, Poona Kheera is my favorite cucumber to eat fresh.” – Jacob, Sales Associate

“I really loved the Socrates F1 cucumber; it was most excellent! The yield was great, and the medium size was nice too. Worth going back in time for.” – Paul, Sales Associate


Traviata F1 Eggplant

Traviata F1 Eggplant

Ping Tung Long produces tons of beautiful eggplants early in the season.  These Asian-type eggplants are my favorite—tender, not too meaty, nice texture and flavor, and great for grilling and searing.” – Kathryn, Marketing Associate & Trials Crew Leader

Traviata F1 eggplant makes me want to sing!  Each fruit is so pretty and perfect, and I love that they are half-long instead of your typical big bulbous Italian.  Another thing I love about them: their narrow shape makes them easy to peel and easy to slice evenly for slapping on the grill. I know eggplants aren’t always the most exciting vegetables to eat, but Traviata F1 made me discover all sorts of wonderful eggplant recipes last summer because they were such a pleasure to grow and pick. There are a handful of varieties that make me exclaim, ‘Everyone should be growing this!’ and Traviata F1 is definitely on that list.” – Gwenael, Trials Manager


Dwarf Jewel Nasturtium Mix: This is one I have always loved, but appreciate even more now that I am gardening with kids. The seeds are big and easy for kids to plant, the distinct leaves means that even when they are small it is easy to weed around them, and the flowers are edible and make salads look fun.” – Meredith, General Manager

Red Scarlet Zinnia

Red Scarlet zinnas are so bright and cheerful, they provide my garden with a burst of color and flare. These flowers always make me happy. When I use them as cut flowers, I usually add basil for a little scent.” – Brigitte, Marketing Associate

Resina calendula: My favorite garden flower—its sunny bright petals bring light to the whole garden.  If harvested continually, these flowers will last all season.  Known as the herb of the skin, this variety of calendula makes a lovely salve.  It is also edible and can be added to salads and teas.” – Katie S., Sales Associate

Zohar F1 and Teddy Bear sunflowers are great for smaller gardens where you don’t want to shade anything out.  Short plants, but really pretty.  And Teddy Bear has multiple stems for cutting.” – Kathryn, Marketing Assistant & Trials Crew Leader


Astro arugula because it’s easy to grow and there’s nothing that says summer like fresh baby arugula out of the garden.  Astro is mild and peppery and delicious!” – Bradley, Business Process & Project Manager

Ruby Streaks: My favorite mustard!  An excellent spicy addition to salad or braising mixes.  The leaves become spicier as they grow so harvest young for a mild spice.  The green to purple color plus the delicate-looking leaves brings nice contrast to a mix.” – Katie S., Sales Associate


Sacred basil, also known as Tulasi, this fragrant herb is known for many beneficial medicinal qualities.  I grow it for use as a tea, but just walking by these bushy prolific plants lifts my spirits!” – Katie S., Sales Associate


Roxy Lettuce

Roxy Lettuce

Lovelock lettuce is my new favorite… I really like the crunch side of the lettuce world. The extra ruffling of the leaves gives the heads a lot of loft, and they are really dense as well. Holds up great in the heat.” – Paul, Sales Associate

“I absolutely love Roxy lettuce!!! I am not a huge lettuce fan, and usually go for baby greens, but not when it comes to Roxy.  Our 2012 spring production yielded a dense, full, and absolutely picture perfect head every time that our family and customers kept coming back for.” – Megen, Sales Associate

Roxy lettuce makes my market stand look like a treasure chest.” – Jacob, Sales Associate

Sylvesta lettuce is one of my favorite, favorite lettuces.  Super tender, nice flavor, good disease resistance; I was getting lots of saleable heads with very little bottom rot.” – Paul, Sales Associate


Sivan F1 Melon

Sivan F1 Melon

“I am so EXCITED about growing the Natal F1 because it is my favorite type of melon: a canary! They are beautiful in color, so bright and the most tasty melon – crispy and sweet! The canary was one of our top favorites, well worth the time learning to distinguish ripe from unripe.” – Jess, Sales Associate

Sivan F1 Melon: So delicious and sweet, and the perfect size for personal ice-cream bowls!  Just cut the melon in half, scoop out the seeds, and add ice cream for a cool summer treat. – Katie S., Sales Associate

Sivan F1 melon is delicious to eat straight out of the field—juicy and a nice size for one or two people.  Easy to tell when it’s ready.” – Kathryn Donovan, Marketing Assistant & Trials Crew Leader


“I love Cortland F1 onions. I have a bushel of them in my basement from last summer’s garden and they are hard as can be and beautiful.” – Andrea, Sales & Marketing Manager

Cortland F1 onion is a great workhorse. It has a thinner neck, so it dries nicely, has pretty good disease resistance, nice size, and it stores well.” – Paul, Sales Associate


Iko Iko Pepper

Iko Iko Pepper

“I love growing peppers, so I am really excited to try Iko Iko peppers this year; I love the magnificent color range.” – Megen, Sales Associate

“I love Stocky Red Roaster sweet pepper because it tastes like candy.” – Kathy, Fulfillment

“If I had to choose just one variety to take with me to a desert island it would be Stocky Red Roaster.  This amazing pepper has awesome sweetness and flavor and gorgeous fruit: long, straight, thick-walled and bright red.” – Gwenael, Trials Manager


“I love the All Red potato, purely for aesthetics.  It tastes great, but mostly I just love how beautiful the red and pink flesh is when you cut it open.” – Beth, Wholesale Sales Assistant


Kakai Hulless pumpkin because it is easy to grow, beautifully mottled/striped and the seeds taste amazing!” – Amber, Accounting Assistant

Summer Squash

Cocozelle Zuchinni

Cocozelle Zuchinni

Cocozelle zucchini – This pretty squash tastes great grilled. I grill round slices of it on a Panini maker and add it to sandwiches.” – Meredith, General Manager

“The Costata Romanesco zucchini is a favorite previously grown- I love the taste, nutty with great texture, really good for grilling. I like it as well because it is not a very prolific summer squash, so we don’t drown in it in the middle of summer. The ribs and skin on it are very pretty and though it has a unique look, it sells well at market.” – Jess, Sales Associate

Partenon F1 zucchini is early, great for greenhouse or field, prolific for a long season, worth the money as it really has great yields.” – Sara S., Sales Associate


Gilbertie paste tomato – I have always loved and always will.  Best for processing or whatever.  Dear to my heart because it’s dear to Tom’s heart.” – Katie T., Farm Production Manager

Gilbertie paste tomato:  This one is huge and with good, dry flesh, which makes it fast and easy to pick and process for sauce.” – Kathryn, Marketing Assistant & Trials Crew Leader

Jaune Flamme tomato – I remember first tasting this at our Field Day in the rain as I was walking toward the tomato taste test, and being blown away.  Above and beyond everything else in the tomato taste test!” – Jennifer, Seed Rack Grand Master

Sunkist F1Tomato

Sunkist F1Tomato

Moskvich tomato because I love the flavor and texture.  But I really love the plant habit—easy to trellis.  They ripened evenly, too.” – Brigitte, Marketing Associate

Rose de Berne: I am smitten with the sweet, balanced flavor of this heirloom tomato and its smoky rose-colored skin.” – Jacob, Sales Associate

Sunkist F1 tomato: They just glow!  I love this bright color!  They slice so nicely and the texture is just right—juicy but firm.  Also, the flavor. I wouldn’t bother with a tomato unless it was really tasty.  Truth.” – Tom, President & Founder

Sunkist F1 tomato – I know what it takes to produce this for seed and have much love for it’s deliciousness.  Great for tomato sandwiches.” – Katie T., Farm Production Manager


“My favorite variety this year was the Ali Baba watermelon.  I love its size and shape, as well as the Ali Baba’s skin patterning.  I liked that it was later than other watermelons.  It was a sweet treat on cool mornings of late summer.” – Nels, Sales Associate & Production Field Crew Leader

Winter Squash

Baby Blue Hubbard winter squash has been a wonderful staple for our family.  They have great texture and flavor, and outlast all other varieties in storage.  We ate them well into the spring!” – Megen, Sales Associate

Red Kuri

Red Kuri

Delicata is a time tested favorite of ours and this year’s plants were especially productive in spite of benign neglect. And they were delicious as always, our 18 month old even ate them!” – Andrea, Sales & Marketing Manager

Honey Nut butternut - not the best storage butternut but it is the sweetest. I heart the Honey Nut!” – Katie T., Farm Production Manager

“I love Red Kuri winter squash because the vibrant color is so welcome in my kitchen in the dark early evenings of winter.” – Kathy, Fulfillment


Kyle, our Seed Packing Production Supervisor, took a slightly different view for his favorite varieties told us about his favorite seeds:

Strawberry Blonde calendula – Calendula seed looks like little, curled up sea crustaceans. Maybe if placed in water little sea creatures will hatch. Otherwise they grow beautiful pink tinged flowers into the fall.


Kakai Pumpkin

Kakai Pumpkin

Kakai Hulless pumpkin – Green pumpkin seeds? Yeah baby! Plus they’re great for eating and of Japanese lineage. By far the most eccentric of our pumpkin seeds.

Vermont Cranberry dry bean – Beans have a huge variety of different colors and sizes, but these ones are my favorite. Gorgeous red-hued beans with darker stripes that really pop out at you, especially when staring into a 50# bag. Of course I’m biased. How could I not pick a bean named after our state?

Bright Lights Mix cosmos – Okay, truth be told, I hate this seed! Why? It’s impossible to pack! Our bulk bags of these long, slender seeds stay meshed together so well that our scoops can’t move through the seeds in order to actually scoop them out.  Instead we must pick them up in clumps by hand to weigh out. These are some real hand-packed seeds for ‘ya.

Speckled Swan gourd – We pack variety after variety of squash seed that all looks relatively the same, maybe differing in only size and shade. But this gourd sticks out like a sore thumb. Of course, it’s an entirely different species, but there’s no mistaking these small, slender seeds that resemble their namesake.

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294 Responses to High Mowing Organic Seeds Staff Variety Favorites

  1. m says:

    This was my favorite from the farmers’ market. The taste was perfect balance of sweet and tart and interesting complexity and the tomatoes I bought were very juicy.

  2. Kim Marsin says:

    I have many favorites (H-19 pickling cuke, Nevada lettuce, and Yaya carrot), but cosmic purple carrots was a variety we tried 3 years ago and it has been wowing us (and our CSA members and farm stand customers) ever since. Great flavor with the added punch of color!

  3. Heather Dock says:

    My favorite variety is the Tom Thumb Popcorn. Last year was my first year planting this variety. The birds and animals left it alone unlike my sweet corn. When the kernels were popped, they all popped unlike microwave popcorn. I was so happy with this variety that I doubled my order of popcorn this year:)

  4. Kristi says:

    The only High Mowing seed I have tried so far was the early jalapeno. But, they worked so well that we are ordering all our seeds from High Mowing this year. The only bad thing is we put in our seed order already, so if I win this gift certificate we will have to extend our garden. :)

  5. Lauren Beach says:

    Growing up I never liked tomatoes, I know crazy! But the Toronjina F1 Tomato changed it all for me! It tastes like candy and after eating one I allowed myself to delve into many other types of tomatoes and know I am hooked!! It was hard to pick just one favorite !

  6. Dave Vanier says:

    My family loves growing Dragon Langerie Bush Beans! They are easy to spot for picking, they just look cool, they have great flavor raw or cooked and they stay tender even when you let them get 8 inches long! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-dragon-langerie-bean.html

  7. Cathy R says:

    I love winter squash, but I don’t always like peeling them for cooking. Delicata (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-winter-squash-seeds.html) solves my problem, as the skin is edible… simply cut squash in half, remove seeds, cut into 1/4 inch strips, coat with olive oil, and roast at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes. I garden in a small space, and these light squash are easily trellised. A great winter squash!

  8. Berta Savage says:

    I can’t just pick one, but I’ll try.
    Your Scarlet Carrots are tops with me & my dogs. Sometime I can beat the dogs to them, but if not they will help me pull them up. I really love the Touchstone Gold Beets, (my dogs like them too but the carrots the most) Both the Carrots & Beets seem to be so much sweeter than their cousins.
    I just want to take the time to thank you for wanting to have a business to will help to keep our foods healthful! :)

  9. Yma Sautbine says:

    i love the japanese suyo long cucumbers, not only for their flavor, but also because their texture makes the most solid and snappy bread-and-butter pickles EVER! prolific, and tasty when fresh, too.

  10. Erika Tebbens says:

    I love Vulcan lettuce because it’s delicious and I’m a super nerd for Star Trek.


  11. Amy Rice says:

    The Kakai hulless pumpkin is so wonderful! They are beautiful and make interesting carved pumpkins in the fall. Plus we love to roast and season our own pepitas and this makes it so easy!

  12. Soleil Hutchinson says:

    This year, I’m really excited about your romano beans (both the Dragon Langerie and Pension beans) because romanos are so tasty and because they are bush beans. But I haven’t tried them yet, so I don’t know if that counts.

    I, however, depend on your winter squashes. I love knowing that they are grown locally. Which, I think, gives them an advantage over the winter squashes offered by other seed companies!

    love you guys!!

  13. Julie Burns says:

    We love the early wonder tall top beets. My husband says they are the sweetest beets he has ever had.
    Already have my seeds for this year wanted to make sure you didn’t run out.

  14. Marian says:

    I’m really looking forward to my first harvest of Dinosaur Kale! Its great cooked or in smoothies, and even my kids love it.


    I love High Mowing and everything they stand for. Thanks for being you! :)

  15. bethany says:

    Kakai pumpkins! These seeds are so rich and delicious, and I love the diversity they add to the food I’m able to produce in my garden.

  16. joanne ross says:

    I haven’t bought from High Mowing Organic Seeds, but they sure do look awesome. My only regret is that I placed my Spring orders already and have accumulated my own stash of heirloom seeds…… so would LUV to win a chance to add to my selections and start fresh again next year with High Mowing Organic Seeds which is closer to home….


  17. Danielle McClellan says:

    I am a big fan of the dragon carrot. I love the dark red color.


  18. LilacLes - Lilac Valley Farm says:

    I love Matt’s Wild cherry tomatoes! They’re absolutely delicious, either on their own or in salads, or right off the vine! I can’t keep the kids out of the plants, frankly. They’re sweet morsels of tomatoey goodness, the perfect size for little mouths. Also, the plants produce prolifically all season long. Nothing not to like about them. I’m planting a bunch more this year – can’t go without them!


  19. Craig Bingham, says:

    New England Pie Pumpkin, what could be better than freshly made Pumpkin Pie?

  20. Carol Martin says:

    I LOVE Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes. They are sweet and delicious and we enjoy popping them into our mouth when we are out working in the garden, having an afternoon snack or adding them to just about any salad. The grandchildren eat them like candy. They are disease and pest resistant and some years, they seem to be the only survivors at the end of the season. The output per plant is bountiful, beautiful and colorful and it is probably the most commented upon vegetable in our garden year after year. I can’t wait to plant them again in this year’s garden.

  21. Tulsi Maharjan - New Jersey says:

    My Favorite vegetables are Sugar Snap Pea and Sunkist F1 tomato. I planted last year and I had a very good harvest too. Thank you.

  22. Brian Fountain says:

    I can’t get enough Brandywine tomatoes. I grow them every year. So sweet and make a delicious sauce.

  23. Kristen says:

    I have been interested in growing my own home organic garden. Despite the opposition of my family, I will try it this year! I need to get started right away with the seeds!

  24. Lori Schneider says:

    This Summer marks my 4th year gardening a 40′ X 60′ plot in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. We have a very short growing season, and I make the most of it. High mowing seeds are used throughout. Two of my favorites are Rattlesnake Pole Bean and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce. Proliferous, reliable, hardy and delicious!

  25. MaryAnn Quinn says:

    Brandywine tomato because it always makes a sweet tasting sauce. Good to eat fresh too.


  26. Wally Reed says:

    My favorite is the genovese basil. This basil makes the most delicious pesto I have ever tasted.

  27. Rohit Sharma says:

    We love all the 60-75 varieties of High Mowing Organic Seeds that we normally plant each year in our garden. One of our new favorites that we planted last year for the first time, and are planting in twice the quantity this year, is High Mowing’s wonderful Goldy Double Sunflower
    The plants were strong enough to support numerous blossoms, just the right height to border some of our vegetable beds without seeming overbearingly tall, and the flowers an absolute delight to behold! We can’t recommend this variety strongly enough. Happy Spring to all!

  28. Tricia Miller says:


    I love touchstone gold beets because they are beautiful, delicious and give whatever dish I put them a sweet, sunshiny flavor.

    Tricia Miller

  29. Dana Jennings Rohn says:

    By far and away I LOVE- Early Wonder Tall Top Beets
    I love them because they are sweet, I love them because the baby greens are tender and delicious for salads and I love them because at full grown, I cook up the greens and roots together and never find them bitter. I especially love them because every single plant thrives no matter how densely I plant them. 100 % great!

  30. Darlene Roy says:

    My absolute favorite is the Sugar Snap Pea http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-sugar-snap-pea.html which is currently out of stock! Guess everybody else thinks this is the best as well. It grows very well, and well over 7 feet tall. The pods are sweet, juicy and absolutely YUMMY. It’s the 1st thing I put in the ground every year, and every few weeks I do another row or two to keep them coming as long as they’ll continue growing. Love, love, love these!!

  31. We just love the Organic Black Beauty Eggplant! We planted them in containers last year and they were such a success! We ended up having to move and they even traveled well. They have a lovely color and are a great size. We made many delicious Italian recipes featuring this delectable vegetable! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-black-beauty-eggplant-seeds.html

  32. Pam Kennedy says:

    I just got my order from HMS and I am ready! Focusing on radishes with my old favorite, French Breakfast and something new, Purple Plum radish – also first time for daikon. It is so hard to pick! But radishes a so rewarding!

  33. Cary Bradley says:

    I can’t choose just one. Red Russian Kale http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-red-russian-kale.html is my favorite green in the world. It is sweet, prolific, frilly and fun to chop and saute and delicious! My equally favorite would not be summer without, is Cherokee Purple Tomato. Hands down the best tomato on earth http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-cherokee-purple-tomato.html. Thanks for the opportunity to share my favorites and to see what other folks love too. Terrific way to learn about other things to try. Great idea!

  34. Philly M says:

    The Yellow Brandywine http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-yellow-brandywine-tomato.html has everything I want in a tomato all in one place: low-acid, smooth flesh, sweet flavour and great slicing.

  35. Hayley says:

    Cherokee purple! They are my favorite tomatoes season after season!

  36. Jill taylor says:

    We love the heirloom tomatoes especially the big beautiful brandy wine!!!

  37. Nicole Thompson says:

    We love our veggies and your seeds are all we plant in our garden! In our family it’s a tie for favorites: the kids say the sugar daddy snap peas are their favorite~ especially picked right off the vine and eaten immediately! (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-sugar-daddy-snap-pea.html) My husband and I love the mesclun mix in our salad bowls all summer long… (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-high-mowing-mesclun-mix.html)
    C’mon spring time…we’re ready to get our hands dirty!!!!

  38. Terri Coleman says:

    Out of all of your great varieties my hands down favorite is the Black Hungarian pepper. Peppers are my “thing” but this pepper is so awesome when the beautiful purple peppers start turning red, with the typical corking. The whole plant is usually covered with peppers and the optical effect of blackish purple and red peppers on a symmetrical strong plant is memorable. And to top it off, the peppers taste sweet and hot , with just the right amount of heat.

  39. Darren Emerick says:

    Black Cherry tomatoes – I can’t possibly raise enough of these for our farmer’s market customers and our own consumption!

  40. Sara says:

    My favorite seeds I grew from High Mowing was the basil.. it went crazy and I ended up with so much basil, enough to share and preserve for myself for a year! Wonderful herbs..

  41. Lea says:

    I love your organic Lacinato ‘Dinosaur’ Kale (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-lacinato-dinosaur-kale.html) – it’s a beautiful color (green/purple/blue) and we were still harvesting all the way into November here in northern CT. My mom and I are definitely planning to grow it again this year!

  42. Chantel says:

    My favorite is your Red Kuri winter squash. I’ve grown it for the past two years. Its beautiful red-orange color, unusual shape, and sweet mellow flavor make it my all-time favorite squash. Plus, the treasure hunt in the fall for these red beauties is not to be missed by my kids! I just love having a local source for organic seeds here in Vermont!

  43. Morgen LaCroix says:

    We loved the Sugar Ann snap peas last year. They produced for a long time and were delicious. I grew them on the ends of most of our raised beds using the garden fence as a trellis. My toddler loved running by and snagging peas. In fact, quite often we would go inside for lunch and he would tell me he was too full of peas to eat anything else!

  44. Jada Edwards says:

    I LOVE growing my own lettuce!! The black simpson and freckles have been great in the past…looking forward to growing some new varieties this season! :)

  45. Ian Lindsay says:

    Rainbow mix Swiss Chard, because it practically bullet proof. Not only is it healthy and tasty, but it’s pest free, disease free and is usually the last plant standing after early frosts (alongside the kale). Who could ask for more in a garden vegetable?

  46. Cindy Hill says:


    Danvers 126 Carrot! The best all-around, always dependable hearty tasty carrot. I grow many carrot varieties but for storage, making big batches of carrot soup and ginger carrot dip, and for growing in my cold frames that don’t have as much depth on my rocky soil, I just love Danvers 126. It also stays quite flavorful when dried in the dehydrator for soups. A practical go-to kinda crop!

  47. ChiotsRun says:

    ‘Roxy’ lettuce. It’s beautiful, it’s tasty and it’s easy to grow. Who needs roses when you have roxy lettuce?

  48. Bonnie Ott says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite seeds from High Mowing are Organic Red Cored Chantenay Carrot – HEIRLOOM. The crisp juicy carrot makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I pick them and just wipe off the dirt because I can’t wait to eat them. I give the tops to my two pet bunnies as a treat, or to our dairy cows and they love them! The taste of these carrots is beyond comparison- the definition of a sweet crisp, juicy carrot. I can’t wait to plant some more!

  49. Bonnie Ott says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite seeds from High Mowing are Organic Red Cored Chantenay Carrot – HEIRLOOM. The crisp juicy carrot makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I pick them and just wipe off the dirt because I can’t wait to eat them. I give the tops to my two pet bunnies as a treat, or to our dairy cows and they love them! The taste of these carrots is beyond comparison- the definition of a sweet crisp, juicy carrot. I can’t wait to plant some more!

  50. I love, love your Purple Tomatillo (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-purple-tomatillo.html). It is beautiful, delicious, and a joy to grow. Folks at our markets love them, too!

  51. Even though potatoes are not in the least bit exotic, Yukon Gold potatoes are one of my favorite seeds. I love the naturally buttery flavor of Yukon Golds, and they keep well for me (In early March I am still eating potatoes I grew last summer). There is something SO satisfying about being able to eat from my own garden – even in the coldest months.

  52. Valerie says:

    Boro beets are delicious! I had the chance to taste several beets at one of your summer trials field walks, and Boro was amazingly sweet, and by far the best of all the red beets. I gave some seeds to my parents one spring, and after the harvest was in, they had to make an emergency purchase of more seeds for a fall crop!


  53. cory says:

    Sugar snap peas! I love seeing my kids in the garden before even breakfast hunting for pea pods.

  54. Alyssa says:

    I look forward to growing Touchstone Gold Beets. I love being able to go out in the evening, pluck these little jewels from the rich earth and carry a bit of sunshine into my kitchen. The roots are lovely roasted and the greens get tossed in a skillet with a bit of olive oil and garlic. Lovely!

  55. Deborah Brindamour says:

    My favorite is the Sugar Snap Pea!


    I love that it’s one of the first crops of the season – so sweet and juicy. The bright green color screams SPRING! We eat them right off the vine…so much so that the bowl is half gone by the time it gets into the house. I also love that it’s easy and a fast grower so my kids can see the results of our hard work early and stay motivated for the rest of the plantings!

  56. Adam says:

    We love the Pirat Butterhead lettuce. It has a great blend of crunch and tenderness with a flavor to match! This variety is also versatile, and I always designate a plot it in my cut-and-come-again garden as well as the area where I grow heads of lettuce. This lettuce is a pleasure to the eyes and taste buds.

  57. Nicole says:

    We love green beans, so I’m going to go with the provider beans!

  58. David McClelland says:

    This is the bean that changed my mind about eating green beans. Never my favorite green vegetable before, they have become our summer staple picked fresh every evening and stir fried with a little bit of bacon and soy sauce. The plants soldiered on last summer through drought and heat and storm while other parts of our garden languished. The bees and the deer seem to share my love of the dragon langerie. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-dragon-langerie-bean.html

  59. Christine McAllister says:

    Last year was the first time I tried your seeds and I just loved the Organic Kakai Hulless pumpkins. The pumpkin cooked up great and made wonderful pies and the seeds were totally awesome roasted with sea salt! I’ll be buying more of your seeds this year for my small organic farm and will be growing more of these great pumpkins again this year!

  60. Jodi says:

    My favorite tomato is Pruden’s Purple. It is beautiful, juicy and absolutely delicious. I cut it up into a bowl and eat it for lunch still warm from the summer sun. That’s my favorite way to eat it. I’ve grown it at 2 locations in PA and now in VA. It’s been my favorite since I first grew it more than 20 years ago.

  61. Kristen says:

    Watermelon Radish. So tasty and gorgeous too!

  62. linda burton says:

    I am so grateful to find seeds of Iron Lady tomato…we have terrible problems with late blight in western NY. I have great hopes for this tomato! And now I have your catalog…thank you!

  63. Cindy says:

    I love everything, LOL, but, I want to talk about your sunflower ‘Teddy Bear’. I love the smaller, compact size of this sunflower and the rich fullness of it’s bloom. It is a wonderful border plant for my garden!


  64. It definitely has to be ‘Tavor Imperial Star’ artichokes! Most folks don’t realize how easy it is to grow your own artichokes, even in a northern climate. I love this variety because it is hardier than ‘Green Globe.’ You’ll get delicious artichokes in one season and the plants make an attractive addition to the veggie garden or anywhere in the landscape, for that matter!


  65. Stephen Braun says:

    Love the Gold Rush Wax beans. Grew so well last year in record heat (for Northern Minnesota) and were so compact and prolific. Growing again this year!

  66. Emily Landseidel says:

    I have been pulling up the Scarlet Nantes Carrots in the greenhouse at each growth stage with the middle school students I instruct. Once we pull them up, somehow they manage to sneak one or two out of the classroom and the carrots become the conversation for their next class period too! This process is giving a whole new meaning to baby carrots at our school.

  67. Carolyn says:

    One item we always include in our garden is Touchstone Gold Beet. We haven’t abandoned the red beets because they both are so beautiful and tasty, roasted (with rosemary) and served together. The Touchstone, however, is SO sweet and mild – and complements the red beets. If I HAD to plant only one, it would be the Touchstone Gold.

  68. claudia says:

    Too many great varieties to choose a favorite but the Montessino grape tomatoes are unbelievably good, as well as Nutterbutter butternut and the sweet, long-storage REBA acorn, and Calibra onion. These have all made for great eating and great sales!

  69. Saralynn taurascraig says:

    Holy basil! Calms and uplifts,
    Is a great tea, and I can repot them indoors for the winter. A delightfully happy plant.


  70. Susan Stoddard says:

    Last year in my NY garden I planted 2 very popular sweet corn varieties from a well known catalog.
    They failed miserably and I resorted to seeds from my local Wegmans. I saw Sugar Pearl (white) and grabbed it. I covered my prepared soil with remay and the little sprouts came up in no time. I was very impressed by the vigor of theses corn plants. By late August I was eating (as some of my Nephews pointed out) the most delicious corn we had all season!! Of course I couldn’t wait to get a catalog and placed a hefty order. I have been an organic home gardener for well over 40 years and appreciate all you’re doing~~~Spring is coming. By the way my Cortland Onions look amazing. Looking forward to my Rosa Finn potatoes:)))

  71. betty says:

    delicata and baby hubbard I like everything squash

  72. Jennifer Tz says:

    Sivan F1 Melon – delicious! :)

  73. Derek Fleming says:

    I love the touchstone gold beets, the only beets my wife will eat!

  74. It definitely has to be ‘Tavor Imperial Star’ artichokes! Most folks don’t realize how easy it is to grow your own artichokes, even in a northern climate. I love this variety because it is hardier than ‘Green Globe.’ You’ll get delicious artichokes in one season and the plants make an attractive addition to the veggie garden or anywhere in the landscape, for that matter!

  75. has to be golden globe turnip (www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-golden-globe.html). Easy to grow, and fantastic flavor. Mammoth melting snow pea was a close second.

  76. Marina McShane says:

    Marina McShane says:
    March 1, 2013 at 9:48 pm


    My favorite variety, especially since it’s that time of year when I’m scrounging in the winter (unheated) cloche, is Giant Winter Spinach. I’ve tried a number of winter spinaches over the years but none has shown the vigor of Giant Winter. Not only does it grow well but the leaves are very large so the amount of food it produces is substantial, and it’s easy to wash, very tasty too. I sow it thickly in the fall here in Oregon, eat the thinnings, and then around February or so, side-dress the remaining plants with a little blood meal or a liquid nitrogen booster and it really takes off for a strong flush. It usually carries me over until the new spinach is ready. Highly recommended!

  77. Jordan Scheibel says:

    My favorite HMOS variety so far has been Sakura cherry tomatoes. In the extreme drought we had last season in Iowa, with almost no rain after the end of April and only a little irrigation after that (nothing after July), they continued to ripen and produce all the way up until the end even as my other tomatoes simply stalled and stop ripening. There were still tons on the vine when we finally had a killing frost. I was really impressed by the yield I got off less than 30 plants. I got many positive comments about their taste at farmers market and enjoyed quite a few myself in the field or from leftovers. I’m growing them again this year and I’m hoping to try some of them in my new greenhouse!

  78. I love snap peas! They are sweet, easy to eat, and my kids love to pick and eat them too. They are the first thing to come out of the garden in the spring and last for a while. Love em!

  79. Mary Green says:

    Last year I grew Provider Bush Beans. I planted them late in the summer and they grew like mad! My 4-year old would offer beans to anyone who visited the house. You can find them at

  80. Agricola Maximus says:

    In the past two years the Mrs. and I have come to love roasted root vegetables and also been adding Turnips and Parsnips into many dishes. This past fall we pickled also the Golden Globe Turnip … http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-golden-globe.html and for Thanksgiving we made a Turip Apple Crumble dessert. We are looking forward to this years new Des Vertus MarTeau vareity to add some texture and depth to salads (and turnip greens) later this year.
    Don’t fear the turnip.

  81. Kiki kranX says:

    The Organic Giant Purple Zinnias are my absolute favorite garden flower. They attract butterflies and I have even seen hummingbirds hovering in them. They have a beautiful color, are great for cut flowers, and they last and last and are easy to get started. These flowers are a stellar addition to any landscape.

  82. Cindy Green says:

    Baby blue hubbard!!!! Excellent flavor and I still have some in my cold room.

  83. nancykind says:

    my favorite by far? the “all blue potato”!! what a unique item and soooo delicious! everyone wanted to know where i got them from and i tell them “high mowing organic! they’re great!” i grow my potatoes in ‘potato bags’ on my deck, it couldn’t be any easier. this will be my 3rd year and you can bet i ordered the blue again! i bought some more bags, too. happy growing everyone! :-)

  84. Kristen says:

    It’s gotta be lacinato kale – great all winter long. We like it crispy and sauteed – so satisfying!

  85. Grace says:

    Vermont Cranberry!

  86. Denise says:

    I ordered Costata Romanesco Zucchini seeds from High Mowing last year and was delighted by this wonderful heirloom vegetable. The plants were large and produced abundant amounts of the best looking and best tasting zucchini I have ever grown. This zucchini also freezes well and makes yummy bread. Thank you High Mowing for offering these great seeds.

  87. Mike Murphy says:

    My favorites are the calypso beans and the sacred basil seeds.

  88. Carrie says:

    I am a newbie – but I am VERY excited to give the Yellow Pear Cherry Tomatoes a try!!

  89. Teresa Newman says:

    I am so looking forward to fresh cucumbers again. The “National Pickling” cucumber is my favorite. It bushed up quickly which was such a good thing in last years drought and intense heat. The flavor stayed fresh, the cucs stayed crisp and I got an abundance of pickles plus my table was always brimming with bowls of sliced ones, salads etc. I did not encounter problems with this favorite. Love um!

  90. Delicata!!!! They were amazing last summer and I got a bumper crop. Sweet. delicious and just the right size. They also kept very well and I just finished up the last one last week.

  91. When I started my position at the Harrisburg Middle School in November, one of the first things I planted was sugar snap peas in our greenhouse. My students have had fun training them on our trellising and now we’re excited to start snacking on them during class! This variety has been great about outgrowing the pesky aphids that have been hanging out in our greenhouse this winter.

  92. Dan Lark says:

    My favorite is the provider bush snap bean. They taste good and are very productive. The best reason is that my kids and the neighborhood kids like to help in the garden when the beans are ready. Alot of the beans end up being eaten still in the garden. Some days I am lucky to get any to the house! I hope it encourages my kids to love growing their own vegetables.

  93. Taylar says:

    These http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-ring-o-fire-pepper.html Ring ‘o Fire Peppers have to be one of my favorite peppers to grow! They grew so well, we kept a plant alive, inside, in our tiny Hardwick, VT apartment, until about January! We got great yields from these and they are hot! Grew so well last summer that we’re looking forward to planting them again this year!

  94. There is no other paste tomato to even consider than the Gilbertie Paste Tomato! They are huge and beautiful and process so easily. When planning our garden each year, I don’t even look at any other type of paste tomato! Thanks so much for making it a regular in your catalog.

  95. Cathy Piger says:

    I tried growing water melon for the first time last summer. Grew High Mowing’s Sugar Baby, and it was sweet, very productive, and didn’t take up as much room as I thought it would. My kids and husband have requested we grow it again this year..

  96. Lynne Farnum says:

    I love the Red Kuri Squash — I got a great yield, they’re a convenient size and easy to handle, and they look absolutely beautiful filling a big white basket in a cool spot in my house. Of course they’re sweet and delicious roasted or made into a soup. And they were the best keepers; of the four winter squash varieties I grew, only the Red Kuris have kept perfectly (4 months and counting)!

  97. Corey says:

    Calais Flint Corn, a native american gift!

  98. Marianne says:

    Just planted Indigo Rose tomatoes for the first time last season.


    They are so unusual – dark indigo skin and pink flesh. Tasty, salad-sized, and packed with antioxidants. They will get a repeat performance this summer in my garden!

  99. Karen Steele says:

    I love yellow-meated watermelons! They are so much sweeter and richer tasting than the reds to me. My family goes thru 2-3 of these a week during season. Try the moon & stars. You won’t be disappointed!

  100. Amber says:

    Vermont Cranberry Bean http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Vermont-Cranberry-Bean.html because it is dependable and has so many uses. It tastes great. I love it!

  101. Hannah Breckbill says:

    My mind was blown last season every time I bit into an Oranos pepper. I had never experienced such a sweet orange pepper! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Oranos-F1-Orange-Pepper.html

  102. Bonnie Heald says:

    Every spring I like to try new varieties of pole beans, but Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean is one heirloom that I plant year after year. It is such a prolific variety, easy to grow even in our cool, wet New England summers. The beans taste great lightly sauteed with olive oil or eaten fresh off the vine, my kids just love snacking on them!

  103. sarah says:

    Green Star Lettuce: http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Green-Star-Lettuce.html

    I had serious lettuce problems last season. Poor germination, tip-burn, brown ribs, premature bolting, you name it. Green Star was the only variety that was consistently awesome. My restaurant customers and farmers’ market customers all loved it. It’s big, beautiful, and lofty. This year I’m moving away from head lettuce and focusing on salad mix, but I’ll still be growing some Green Star to keep people happy.

  104. Amy says:

    Pound for Pound Cucumber Calypso wins -The Perfect Pickle every time!

  105. Susan M says:

    My favorite is the Dinosaur Kale. (Who doesn’t love dinosaurs and kale?)

  106. Laura M says:

    In the Pacific Northwest getting a watermelon to mature is a challenge. Blacktail http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Blacktai-Mountain-Watermelon.html is reliable, tasty and helps keep me from wishing I lived in a better melon growing climate. And while Juane Flamme is not our best seller it should be. I think it is our best tasting tomato and it really cranks them out. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Jaune-Flamme-Tomato.html

  107. Josh L says:

    Has to be the Danvers 126 Carrot. Right out of the ground and into the Juicer!

  108. ed pepera says:

    Rosa Bianca eggplant– prolific, hardy and resilient plant; fruit is exquisite and refined. Mild flavor, wonderful texture; visually impressive as well.


    forgot hyperlink

  109. ed pepera says:

    Rosa Bianca eggplant– prolific, hardy and resilient plant; fruit is exquisite and refined. Mild flavor, wonderful texture; visually impressive as well.

  110. Courtney Miller says:
  111. Weili says:

    Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

    Easy to grow, even in short Vermont summers. This is cold hardy for a watermelon. This was our first attempt at growing watermelons and we had a great harvest. They are delicious!


  112. Leah says:

    My favorite of last season were the Windsor Fava Beans. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Windsor-Fava-Bean.html
    In Central Oregon, we are the high desert, with very random, volatile weather. I planted early in the spring while it was mild and lovely, then it turned into winter again until late June. They first put on a beautiful show with their blossoms, then had heavy loads of beans. We ate some pods roasted when they were small, but saved most for seed. Late in the summer, after harvesting, they put out some new pods and young shoots came up from the roots, giving us a nice green manure crop. This winter, we soaked some seeds and peeled them and they cooked up in about 10 minutes, way faster than we expected! All the peeling was worth it – they are delicious!

  113. Melissa Hitzemann says:

    Our favorite from this past year was the Cherokee Purple tomato! Such nice depth of flavor and we got so many tomatoes from just one plant (I had 6 other varieties too because I can never decide).


  114. Kristin Freeman says:

    I was gifted some of your seeds two seasons ago and have had excellent production from the Picolino F1 cucumbers and will plant this season the Scarlet Nantes and Yellowstone carrots, and the Touchstone gold beets. I really would love to grow the Brussels Sprouts yet have always had a huge challenge with aphids with growing that veggie so I do stay away from growing one of my most favorite veggies.

  115. alissa sobo says:

    I can’t wait for my Lacinato Kale Seeds to grow! It’s my favorite vegetable of all. I know kale seeds might not be the most exciting… but for my family, kale is a staple. It’s all planted, and each day I go eagerly outside to see if they have popped above the surface yet.


  116. Tania Shook says:

    Scarlet Nantes carrots http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-scarlet-nantes-carrot.html. So delicious! I’ve grown a variety of carrots, both OP and hybrid, in my home garden. To me, these have the best flavor! Specially when I grow them in a deep self-watering container instead of my raised beds. I also like the size and shape.

  117. We love Lola and Sunkist tomatoes. Beautiful, delicious, and long producing in our greenhouses- Mid June through october on 2012!

  118. Julie Crum says:

    I don’t have a favorite yet but I’m looking forward to trying out a bunch of new things this year!

  119. Ryan Kraman says:

    New England Pie Pumpkin is my favorite!
    The end of the growing season can be a bit sad, but having those pumpkins to admire until they become Thanksgiving pies is pretty special.

  120. Judi says:

    my kids love cauliflower and i nearly gave up trying to grow it. they were always a disappointment, a lot of space and time for cruddy little heads, until i tried high mowing ‘goodman cauilflower’. the heads were huge and sooooo delicious, especially in corn chowder!

  121. Nick says:

    We had great luck with the Tavor Imperial Star Artichokes (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Tavor-Artichoke.html) last year. They all had big full heads, and they tasted great.

  122. matthew says:

    kentucky pole beans. first seed from you in my first garden that produced food… what an amazing taste! i have several started right now and will be transplanting soon!

  123. Lori Guenter says:

    My favorite? Bull’s Blood beets! I’ve always been a fan of beets but last year I tried the Bull’s Blood variety for the first time and I am SOLD. Sweet and tasty. Even the ones I missed in the garden until I pulled out the pepper plants were sweet and not woody at all. I will be hard pressed to choose another variety anytime soon.

  124. Robin says:

    We love OrangeGlo Watermelon! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-watermelon-seeds.html
    It has given us a wonderful crop of sweet, crisp, juicy 20 pound melons in Northern Minnesota for the last 2 years. Impressive as well as luscious.

  125. Tanya says:

    I love your RATTLESNAKE POLE BEANS because they grow well here in our hot and humid zone 8 section of the country and look so pretty on the vine. They produce heavily and provide great tasty eating – fresh, and for canning and freezing.

  126. DanaMo says:

    My favorite is definitely the toma verde tomatillo. I didn’t have much hope for them to start with and then had to leave my garden in the care of another for a month. Came back and the tomatillo plant was huge and proliferous! I guess the trick was to have two of these plants in the garden. We still have three pounds in the freezer and have had salsa verde all winter.


  127. Donald Eastlund says:

    I am a new customer, and am looking forward to planting and eating the black turtle bean. can’t wait for spring, and am getting ready to start the garden indoors for a head start.

  128. Charlene Scott says:

    Winter Density lettuce is the first lettuce I’ve eaten raw and not spit out. I like greens with a good vinegar dressing, but can almost never stand the bitterness raw. This lettuce is so succulent and has no bitterness. Plus, it crunches so nicely and is the perfect salad size.


  129. Bryan Dyck says:

    This past winter we planted spinach in caterpillar tunnels. We were blown away by the size and vigor of Pigeon! Emergence and size of the cotyledons far surpassed any other variety we trialed. Nothing beats the sweet taste of winter spinach.

  130. Carol says:

    Brandywine tomatoes are soooo wonderful! They are so full of life…I can imagine sitting at the picnic table right now with a plate of sliced tomatoes….life is good!

  131. Marci says:

    As a market farmer we are always looking at productivity as well as a nice looking market veg. We have been growing Ronde de Nice zucchini for several years and have found that HMS produces a quality seed (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-ronde-de-nice-squash-seeds.html). This heirloom variety cannot be produced for shipment, it is too tender skinned. But for direct marketing, its perfect and our customers love it for grilling and stuffing.

  132. Andre says:

    Genovese Basil

    One of my favorites. It looks good and has great aroma and taste. I add it to everything. And it attracts bees to pollinate my delicious tomato plants!

  133. Ferne says:

    It is so hard to pick, but I do have some of your golden beets growning right now and I am really enjoying eating the beautiful greens. Can’t wait to harvest the beets themselves.

  134. MC says:


    atomic red carrot for their brilliant color and carroty taste

  135. JC says:

    Marketmore 76 cucumber due to exceptional flavor yield and animal. resistance.


  136. Courtney Williams says:

    I LOVE San Marzano paste tomatoes! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-san-marzano-tomato.html I can a ton of tomatoes in every form, salsa, sauces, and plain grushed or roasted for future creations. San Marzanos are super prolific, and have great flavor, texture, and a low enough moisture content (and easy seed removal) to keep sauces and salsas from being overly watery.

  137. Cascade Peas! Great for market growers sick of growing sugar snaps and dealing with an overgrown trellis nightmare, these peas stay shorter and set in a more concentrated window, when customer demand is at it’s peak. A great variety our rep. Paul turned us on to.

  138. pat says:

    I really enjoy tom thumb popcorn.

    It is for cool seasons and it’s so short of only 2 to 3 feet!
    great for small gardens and container gardening.

  139. ZC says:

    I would say blacktail Mountain watermelon it grows even when it’s cold out


    Once I had some extra seedlings of blacktail and put them in the refrigerator for 7 hours at 34 degrees Fahrenheit. They survived and still grew to nice plants.

    For comparison sugar baby was dead within an hour and crimson sweet looked like overcooked spinach at 4 hours.

  140. Sue says:


    I’ve grown Maxible Haricot Vert for years. These bush beans are easy to grow, give a plentiful harvest and make dilly beans that my friends snap up!

  141. Sue says:

    I’ve grown Maxible Haricot Vert for years. These bush beans are easy to grow, give a plentiful harvest and make dilly beans that my friends snap up!

  142. Kit Kelley says:

    The WalthamBbutternuts are our favorvite. We store them under our bed and they make the bestt chips when cut very thin and dried in our dehydrator. Sweet!

  143. Although I love all my plants equally, the Corno di Toro Italian sweet pepper stole my heart last summer. This short statured plant produced heavily with long frying peppers and staking was not needed. They were beautiful when fully ripened to deep red, but we also tasty when still green. I am looking forward to starting these seeds again in the greenhouse in just a few weeks!
    Here’s the link to Organic Corno di Toro (i love saying the name too!): http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-corno-di-toro-pepper.html

  144. Rebecca says:

    Rainbow Swiss Chard is now on of my garden Superstars because it did so well the entire year, even into winter! They not only were scruptious and fully of green goodness, but the contrasts of pink and yellow stalks with the dark leaves added so much to the garden. I LOVE it when an edible is also decorative!

  145. Warren Dixon says:

    I love the Sugar Snap peas. A burst of sweet flavor when eaten fresh in the summer and almost as good all winter out of the freezer.

  146. Anne B says:

    After trying the frozen green beans from Trader Joe’s I wanted the grow my own of that variety. The Maxibel Haricot Vert is amazing! Easy to grow, produces tons of beans and they are EXCELLENT straight off the vine (or bush rather). Most don’t even make it in the house as I eat while I pick. Yum!!

  147. Tanya says:

    Yellowstone Carrots, for the flavor….but there are so many, it’s hard to choose. It’s impossible to choose, actually!

  148. Norcal Mike says:

    I like the Peacevine cherry tomato because it has been very prolific for me and keeps pretty well on the vine as I try to figure out what to do with all those tomatoes. Fortunately the kids clear everything under three feet. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-peacevine-tomato.html

  149. Susanna Dzejachok says:

    The Caraflex Cabbage is the best plant ever! It grows during the heat of the summer, and is cute and tasty!!

  150. Heather says:

    Last year was my first year trying to grow celeriac. I LOVED your Mars Celeriac!! I started the seeds indoors due to our short growing season and they grew wonderfully. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-mars-f1-hybrid-celeriac.html
    We also LOVED the Casper pumpkin – another first for us last year. I made some of the best pumpkin butter I’ve ever had from those. I did not care for these particular plants as well as I should have and they were very forgiving. I still got several good healthy pumpkins. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Casper-Pumpkin.html

  151. Brittany D. Steffey says:

    Clemson Spineless Okra! Even here in the South, people have mixed feelings about okra (I guess it’s the slime), but these seeds produced prolifically, were easy to harvest, and seemed to completely ignore the cucumber beetles devouring their leaves. Not to mention, they’re tender and absolutely delicious!

  152. Erin says:

    The Touchstone Gold Beet were a definite garden favorite last year. I did several rounds of them and all were successful. The kids liked them because of the color and they are less “earthy” tasting than the average beet variety. I was able to pickle them and in the mason jars they looked like bursts of sunshine. The greens were super tasty too. They will be the predominant beet in the garden again this coming season. Bravo!!

  153. Incredible! There will be no more eating of “pumpkin seeds” as I knew them. These hulless seeds are large, buttery and so tasty! Not to mention how pretty the pumpkin looks in the field. Can’t wait for Halloween to carve on too!

  154. Tim Price says:

    Danvers Carrots – they taste great and grow very well in my garden. I’ve had a great harvest the last couple of years, I can’t wait until late summer/early fall this year!

  155. Katie English says:

    The dragon Carrot is one of my favourite varieties. Living up in the far north of Dawson City Yukon, the dragon carrot far surpasses any other carrot. It is hardy, dependable in its production,quality and size. The kids love the colour and eat them by the bundle.

  156. Chelsea Davis says:

    I absolutly LOVE the Jaune Flamme tomato – I’ve used this tomato for spicy tomato soup and let me tell you…it is AMAZING!! I cannot wait!


  157. Becky says:

    Do I have to have just one favorite? I love the kakai pumpkin. It’s beautiful in the garden, makes an unusual jack-o-lantern, and has delicious seeds.

  158. Rebecca Yahm says:

    I have to agree about the Costata Romanesco zucchini: http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-costata-romanesco-summer-squash.html. The flavor is great and the flavor and texture stay good even when you overlook them and they get big.

  159. Chuck Karcher says:

    Love the Delicata squash, fast growing and surprisingly long holding in storage, super sweet and tasty!


  160. Mollie Curry says:

    I don’t generally like radishes very much, but I love hong vit radish greens! They go great in nori rolls without even having to chop them up! They are mild and crunchy and seemed to stay edible for a pretty long season.

  161. Connie Lemley says:

    Siberian Kale.
    It was a great spring kale for us last year.


  162. Jessica McClellan says:

    One of my favorite High Mowing varieties (there are too many to name just one) is costata romanesco http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-costata-romanesco-summer-squash.html
    We love eating squash blossoms and this variety has large flowers that are perfect for stuffing!

  163. Debbie says:

    It was a hard decision, the ruby chard is very prolific and I froze bags and bags for use throughout the long northern Wisconsin winter. However, my all time favorite, and this too did fabulously, was and remains the lacinato kale. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-lacinato-dinosaur-kale.html
    I was picking it for fresh use until mid December and froze a lot of that and, sadly, I am down to my last bag! I love it cooked however one of my favorite things to do with cavalo nero is to chiffonade the leaves and massage minced garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and pecorino romano into the leaves. An amazing salad.

  164. Gail says:

    I love the Organic Midnight Lightning Zucchini. Last year I grew and froze all I had (which was alot!) until the squash bugs and vine borers forced me to pull all the plants. With my freezer full of blanched zucchini, I had no idea I would run out in December! I’ll plant more this year, but with a full time job and a teen, it’s hard to keep up with squinching the eggs and soaping baby bugs.

  165. Grace says:

    Moon and stars watermelon -so odd looking but beautiful, we’ve had incredible success with them!

  166. Bess says:

    I love Napoli carrots — so sweet and perfect for salads! And the Gourmet Lettuce Mix and the High Mowing Mesclin Mix are my go-to mixes for salad greens.

  167. lindsay says:

    We love the Rose de Berne tomatoes. They were a hit at market. A lot of people who grew up in the South said it reminded them of tomatoes when they were kids.

  168. My long time favorite is Green Arrow Peas. As with most home grown veggies, there is nothing in the supermarket that can come close to their flavor and tenderness.

  169. Rob P says:

    Cortland onions grown from seed produce good size, good tasting onions that keep in the root cellar better than any others I’ve tried. Had onions into mid summer from storage.

  170. Angela Ogle says:

    I love everything about the Black Futzu pumpkin! Its flavor is comforting throughout the winter months: warm and nutty and perfectly paired with brown rice. It is also a great keeper without a great deal of fuss. (We just finished the very last of ours this past weekend.) But truthfully I love this squash the most because it is so beautiful – beautiful to grow, harvest, and eat. The leaves on this vine are relatively small and variegated, creating a point of interest in the garden bed. The squash provide a striking and unexpected contrast with their wrinkled and gnarled skin that is the deepest and richest of greens (which later fades to a foggy orange off the vine). And then, once cut open, it is hard not to be impressed with their perfectly ruffled edges and the warm orange interior. I love everything about the Black Futzu pumpkin and can’t imagine having to go a season without it.

  171. Lisa DeCesare says:

    I am really excited about the Rose Finn Apple Fingerling Potato. I grew them last year and am still eating them even though it is March. They are super tasty and very good keepers, very slow to sprout.

  172. Red Russian Kale gets my vote; it’s the sweetest, prettiest, and most tender of the kales. I plant it every Fall in an unheated greenhouse and have found it to maintain more vigorourous growth throughout Winter than my second-favorite, Lacinato. It also handles the wild temperature flucuations that we see in the mid-Atlantic without prematurely bolting in the Spring (my Lacinato started to bolt mid-February but the Red Russian is still going strong!)

  173. Alan says:

    Tavor Artichokes! I grew Imperial star artichokes the other year with great success but I am looking forward to the new and improved Tavor – more buds per plant!

  174. Becky says:

    My favorite has to be the Rattlesnake Pole Beans, hands down. The yield is huge, they taste great, and are just so easy to grow. There’s never a shortage of beans in our house with this variety… oh and they look really cool!


  175. Flip says:

    Scarlet Nantes Carrot! We’ve grown these carrots for many years. It’s only in the past couple that we began trialing the hybrids like Napoli and Yaya, as folks have been raving so about them. We’ve been drinking the sweetest carrot juice, from Scarlet Nantes in cold storage all winter long. Happy to report that the OP variety held its own in flavor (fresh and stored), shape and yield.

  176. Sara says:

    Mesclun mix- I plant it a couple of weeks apart and get a couple of cuttings from each planting- keeps me in salad all summer! It grows fast and has a little spicy kick, and lots of variety. Yum!

  177. jess says:

    I’ve tried a few different veggies of yours in the central PA area, and all have been successful! We’ve grown your siberian kale, provider bush bean, cherry belle radishes, and scarlet nantes carrots, but I have to say our favorite would be your peacevine cherry tomatoes. Not only were they just delicious, but they were the first and only plant we started inside, and are what got my little girls into gardening. I never need to ask for help when it comes to my veggie garden!

  178. Kathy Mauchamer says:

    I grow this salad mix every year it always gives me a high yield-http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-high-mowing-mesclun-mix.html

  179. My whole family loves your hybrid zuchinni “a.k.a. kusa summer sqaush”! We can’t get enough of it and it hasn’t let us down, just keep growing and growing all season long! Coming from a Lebanesse family my mother would make stuffed kusa so this squash really brings me back to my childhood. For years I would search local farm stands with little succsess for these light green beautities longing to put my mother’s old famly recipe to good use. Untill I spotted your hybrid zuchinni seeds and I’ve been buying and growing them every year since! Thank you for producing these seeds. I havn’t seen them anywhere else. You guys are amazing!


  180. Sue Peterson says:

    My favorite is the Santo Cilantro. I love using the leaves in salsa, guacamole, hummus and in anything else I believe it will pair with nicely. Not only is it great fresh from the garden, but when it goes to seed, I can use it whole or ground to flavor recipes as well. It’s very versatile! My garden isn’t complete without my Santo Cilantro – from High Mowing Seeds of course!

  181. S.K. says:

    Corno di Toro (bull’s horn) have become a favorite of ours. If I had to choose just one sweet pepper variety, it would be Corno di Toro. Not hot with just the right amount of sweetness and just as gorgeous as they are tasty. Large sturdy plants with good yields that haven’t been bothered by pests or disease. Great fresh in salads, fried, roasted, grilled. Right before the first frost we harvest any remaining peppers, cut into chunks or dice and freeze for use in cooking during the winter.


  182. Gigi Wahba says:


    I love the flavor and good storage quality of the Rossa di Milano red onion and, best of all, it’s fun to show off it’s “broad shoulders.”

  183. Sherri says:

    I like the Rutgers tomato. Perfect size and shape!

  184. Cindy Tony says:

    I have to go with the Gilbertie Paste tomato. Long and Meaghan’s…perfect for salsa! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-gilbertie-paste-tomato.html

  185. Maggie Hallam says:

    Jaune Flamme tomatoes were a success even in a challenging tomato summer. I had them in a high tunnel. They were juicy, a nice size, good for slicing, and awesome taste. Definitely a must from now on. (Fairbanks, Alaska)


  186. Jane Hamilton says:

    Cherokee Purple Tomato – the flavor cannot be beat and I love the color as well.

  187. Melody Charlton says:

    The bright lights cosmos are so cheerful with their bright, eye-catching colors and so easy for beginners and they reseed—they’re the best

  188. Katelyn says:

    Delicata winter squash! Mine were very productive last year and they stored well, I still have some in storage to eat going into the Spring! Plus they are easy to cook since you don’t have to peel them and they have a nice sweet flavor.

  189. Cortland F1 Onion – It performs very well in our Pacific Northwest area. Good size, cures well, and stores well. I had one the other day and was still dry and solid.

  190. Sandy Godard says:

    The blue Hubbard Winter Squash is both delicious and an excellent companion to cucumbers.

  191. Joanne J Johnson says:

    My favourite is the Green Arrow pea. Your company is the first to offer it as an organic seed. I grow shelling peas just for me. I shell them and freeze and eat all winter. Last spring it was cold, so they were slow to germinate, but once up, they grew well and late into the summer, September even. I know, folks down south grow them in the spring. Anyway, I had them under two layers of Agribon until I could pick them, as we had some frosts. There is nothing like a sweet little feed of peas February or March.

  192. William Brown says:

    Red scarlet zinnias are hard to beat! They glow like no other color, though all zinnias are great.

  193. Rebecca says:

    The Dwarf Jewel Nasturtium Mix! All that color. And such happy, hard-working little flowers. They brighten everything – and taste good, too! Can’t wait to sow some more this year.

  194. Marsha says:

    Tat soi has replaced spinach in our garden. It overwinters beautifully in the hoop house and the deep green color is a sight for sore eyes during winter’s root vegetable season. It’s delicate enough to use in salads yet strong enough to handle a quick saute for stir-fries.


  195. Lisa Sabo says:

    I love the Organic San Marzano tomatoes! They don’t crack, resist black spots and keep producing! They make the best sauce and are great sliced on a salad or with some organic mozzarella, organic basil and a bit of oil and vinegar. I use them for sauce, soup, salsa and salad.
    They can be found on: “” http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-san-marzano-tomato.html“”

  196. Organic San Marzano is by far the best all purpose tomato ever. I grow over 60 plants per season, put away over 45 quarts of tomato sauce and 30 pints of salsa per season. They are the perfect size and have a really nice inner flesh.

  197. Adam Samuel says:

    Rosa Bianca is a wonderful variety of eggplant that is fun to grow and are even more fun to eat. We soak them in milk and spices, coat them with olive oil and grill them up until tender. They melt in your mouth!

  198. Costata Romanesco is my favorite zucchini; it is prolific (not always an advantage) and is tasty and so attractive with its markings.

  199. Diane Shattuck says:

    My favorite is the Royal Burgundy Bush Bean. They grew very well and look beautiful on the table. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-royal-burgundy-bean.html

  200. Melissa Soddy says:

    I enjoyed growing (and eating!) the Costata Romanesco zucchini – http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-costata-romanesco-summer-squash.html

    It has a lovely striped appearance and is so tender and delicious, I often ate it raw. This squash also grew well, which I appreciated as a first time farmer.

  201. I love the Touchstone Gold Beets. I love the color and the variety of mixing the gold with the red when roasting them together.

  202. Kavita says:

    Iko Iko pepper is an absolute eye-candy for gardeners! The stunting confetti had my husband’s attention too and he is not even into gardening. Last year, I grew this pepper for the first time and I am planning to grow it this year, for sure. I am a beginner gardener and I found this particular variety of pepper a rewarding experience for me. It has a great flavor that I loved from baking to cooking. It is a money well spent!!

  203. carrie lucas says:

    my favorite is early contender bush bean. my family loves fried with garlic and muchrooms. delicious!

  204. susan alexander says:

    Shirofumi Edamame Soybean

    I used to grow edamame years ago but had such low yields I finally gave up as I needed the garden space for a growing family. Now that the kids have fledged we have room to spare in the garden so I am back to growing these treats. They taste exactly the same as the ones I first grew almost 20 years ago and are delish even raw straight off the plant. These are well worth the wait and seem to be ready to eat just as I begin to tire of green and yellow beans.

  205. Wendy Stein says:

    Jeannette Carrots! Why? These carrots are new but I know I will love them as they carry the same name as my Mom — Jeannette! My Mom passed away in 2000 and I feel closest to her when I’m planting seeds in the soil. How appropriate to find a carrot with her name – exactly how she spelled it. Thanks for stirring the memories!

  206. (one of) My favorite High Mowing varieties is Chesnok Red Garlic: ( http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-chesnok-red-garlic.html )
    The taste is delightfully spicy yet pleasantly smooth; they’re easy to peel; store well; and most importantly, thrive in my semi-arid high desert garden, where the winters are brutally cold and the summers are short, with large temperature swings from day to night.

  207. Judy Murphy says:

    I have come to depend on the Provider Bush Snap Bean (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-bean-seeds.html) for our farm stand as well as my own cooking, freezing and canning. This will be my 5th season with the Provider. I learned that our customers were looking for a long slender bush bean and when I tried the Provider I couldn’t grow them fast enough. The next season I ordered enough seed to plant 3 consecutive plantings and they were buying them as fast as we could pick them. At home I cook them all summer for their great sweetness and beautiful green color. I freeze enough for the off season and pickle enough to enjoy with sandwiches and to bring to potlucks. Thanks.

  208. Emily says:

    The Cosmonaut Volkov tomato tastes great and doesn’t let minor challenges like disease, insects, or deer chomping it in half slow it down.

  209. Janna Berger says:

    Kossak kohlrabi is a huge hit here at the retreat center we grow for. School groups love what we call “white sticks” (because we’ve learned that kids generally find that name more appetizing that kohlrabi) packed in their lunches throughout the fall.

  210. Annabel says:

    Waltham Butternut Squash
    I just love this butternut squash! In soups, roasted w/apples… And, we are still eating the ones we grew last season, so what’s not to love. It’s the veggie that keeps on giving throughout that long, cold winter stretch. Can’t wait to start my new seeds soon.


  211. Daniel Kuhfuss says:

    Last year we grew the Bilko Cabbage for the first time. We loved it. It was easy to start transplants and they did well. It grew well in our hot Wisconsin summer. It was also great tasting, even our 4 year loved it. We are going to grow it again this year.

    P.S. we love your catalog!

  212. Cindi Ross says:

    You sure did make this difficult. I don’t know which ONE to choose. The Delicata (www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-delicata-winter-squash.html)is our family favorite (and has become a favorite of everyone I have had try it). The skins are soft and tasty and the flesh sweet. Then there Touchstne Gold Beets (www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-touchstone-gold-beet.html)that are so bright and beautiful not to mention sweet and creamy. There are so many others, but better stop now.

  213. Katie Orost says:

    The peas, green beans and cucumbers are the biggest hits with my family. With 4 children it’s great to be able to grow our own veggies that they can help plant & harvest then devour fresh from the garden!

  214. Morgan Langlois says:

    I love the sunkist f1 tomatoes http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-sunkist-f1-hybrid-tomato.html. The color is vibrant and the tomatoes are delicious. My children and I always look forward to eating these tomatoes right out of the garden or cut up at the dinner table! :)

  215. Bobbie says:

    I love getting good seeds and a friend turned me on to some if your seeds, grew some cantaloupes that were delish!! I also love to share organic seeds in birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards!!

  216. Kelly says:

    Blacktail Mountain Watermelon! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Blacktai-Mountain-Watermelon.html

    I love this variety because it produces tasty watermelons even during our cool, short summers.

  217. King Crimson pepper is one of my favorite High Mowing varieties (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-king-crimson-pepper.html)

    It’s early, it’s abundant, it has a beautiful crimson color, and it’s OP! We’ve grown a lot of Bell Peppers over the years (OP and F1) and this is my favorite. Thanks for introducing this variety.

  218. Anu says:

    My favorite is the Poona Kheera cucumber. This is a delicious variety from back home in India and it reminds me of home. It grows well here in Texas and we love it with lemon juice and salt.


  219. Kate says:

    It it hard to choose but my favorite variety is the Nasturtium Mix (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Nasturtium-Mix.html). I love edible landscaping plants, it’s like you get a bonus for growing your own food — beauty on the outside and on the inside.

  220. Brendan says:

    My favorite variety of tomato so far is Jaune Flamme. Last year was onne of my first years gardening on my own, and I planted a variety of tomatoes. I didn’t have much success with a number of the other varieties, but the Jaune Flamme and two other yellow/orange varieties from another company produced profusely, and blanketed my entire tomato plot from July til September in some of the most vibrant summery colors of the season. They were some of the tastiest tomatoes I ever grew. From the plants I had, I was able to can a beautiful orange tomato sauce which everyone has enjoyed!

  221. Melissa Sanderson says:

    I LOVE juane flamme tomatoes. They are the perfect essence of tomato flavor and great in salads, sauces, or just snacking!

  222. Jessica says:

    My daughter and sister in law love yellow pear tomatoes! So I am going to grow them for them!

  223. Betsy Lang says:

    I love growing Sugar Ann snap peas. I live in a townhouse, so I do all my gardening in containers, and I’m always so impressed with the yield I get, not to mention how tasty they are. The only downside? I can’t trust my dog around them – she loves them so much she’s been known to pull the shoots right out of the pot!

  224. Ron Ziegler says:

    Wow, that’s a tough one. The Yankee Hardy Lettuce Salad mix http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-yankee-lettuce-mix.html is great because I can grow it year round with a little help from plastic in the winter.

    The Provider Bush Bean http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-provider-bush-snap-bean.html is also a favorite because it is easy to maintain and is very prolific.

    I could go on and mention Black Turtle Bean, the Surrey greens, Hot Mustard greens mixes, there are a some spinach seeds I really like. The bottom line is everything I have bought from High Mowing has been great.

  225. Marvin Baker says:

    Our favorite variety of any product has to be the Scotia tomato. It never fails regardless of weather conditions. (Extremely wet or extremely dry) The flavor is always there and the globes always look good. It is considered a small slicer but is quite the prolific producer and competes well for yield against any tomato we’ve used in seven years of being organic.

  226. tad says:

    Lacinato Dino Kale

    I put this in my blender or juicer everyday. I had 2-ft stalks in a well-composted bed and it just would not stop producing young tender leaves.

    Variety, the spice of life yeah? (-:


  227. I practice acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and have just started growing my own herbs, since it is very difficult to insure that the herbs I buy are organic. Your garlic chives on page http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-garlic-chives.html are awesome because the plant can be used in delicious recipes and the seeds have medicinal properties. In Chinese medicine, the seeds supplement the yang energies of the body and are used to treat conditions such as impotence and urinary frequency which often come with age; they also warm the stomach and treat stomach upsets due to chronic cold retention in the stomach. They are a true health food!

  228. Rashel says:

    I found High Mowing when I was looking for bulk amounts of the Dragon bean. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-dragon-langerie-bean.html I love everything about this bean! Beans have always been my favourite veggie to eat straight out the garden and nothing beats the taste of the Dragon. When other beans are petering out (you only get 2 pickings from them anyway), the Dragon keeps going and going, all season long. The larger the pods get the tastier it is. They are beautiful and unique and get even more interesting as the season goes along. This is what drew me to High Mowing but the all-organic selection and the selection of Watermelons (my second favourite!) is what keeps me coming back.

  229. Katherine says:

    I haves many favorites but last year was the first year we grew kale. The Dinosaur Kale was a favorite and grew great! Slipped into many things without the kids knowing and they ate it.

  230. Teri Klick says:

    I am OBSESSED with your sprouts! Easy growing and DEEEEEEEEElicious!

  231. Amanda Gilman-Bogie says:

    I simply LOVE your Organic Delicata Winter Squash. My husband and I are very new home gardeners and used your seeds for the first time last year (and have already purchased High Mowing Seeds for this coming growing season too). I had never even had delicata squash until the summer of 2011 when my aunt brought me some from her garden and it was an instant favorite in our house. I like to roast it with olive oil and salt & pepper and can eat as a side or as part of the main course with pasta. I’m 12-weeks pregnant now and craving delicata like no tomorrow (and sadly cannot find any anywhere since it’s currently out of season). I cannot wait to get our seeds in the ground and start growing this year’s crop!


  232. Success PM Straightneck Squash is a winner. These robust plants often outlast the other varieties we grow, putting up with a lot of pest and disease pressure. The plants are fantastically productive, and the young squash are quite delicious.


    Also, on the topic of varieties, one that I would love for High Mowing to offer is Monstrueux De Viroflay Spinach. I have not been able to find organic seed for this variety, and I haven’t always been able to find it in bulk quantities, but it is our favorite overwintering spinach:

  233. Jennifer says:

    I love the Jaune Flamme tomato! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/Organic-Seeds-Jaune-Flamme-Tomato.html I tasted it last year from another grower, and couldn’t believe how delicious it was! I’ve already ordered my own seeds for this year, and plan to grow lots!

  234. Dana Kroh says:

    This will actually be my 1st year ordering from High Mowing, and my very 1st time having a garden so I have NO experience with any variety of anything, but am very excited to try several of yours based off of recommendations from friends. The variety I’m looking most forward to planting is the Yellow Brandywine Beef Steak Tomato. http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-yellow-brandywine-tomato.html Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  235. Stephanie says:

    I love the Dinosaur Kale – http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-lacinato-dinosaur-kale.html it keeps producing for the entire season and is very resilient. Kale has so many health benefits that we can’t get enough of it around our house.

  236. Sarah Reed says:

    I love Kohlrabi! I’m growing beautiful & tasty 2lb Kohlrabi in the Arizona Desert! This is a vegetable from my childhood that’s hard to find. I missed that beautiful buttery nutty flavor. That you High Mowing for taking me back!

  237. Carolyn West says:

    My favorite is the Organic Touchstone Gold Beet. We grew them last year – my one year old eats them cubed and baked and my four year old calls them “Princess Beets” and devours them!

  238. Becky says:

    We love the Waltham Butternut Squash.

  239. Aloha!
    It’s hard to pick, but I love the salad mixes~ all of them! Germination rates are spectacular. We have a long growing season here in Hawaii, so we keep them going all year round, even winter- with our heavy rains. We grow in our growhouse and keep trimming and eating salads every week for months.
    As the seed rack buyer, I ordered and have already stocked the first batch for the year. They are selling fast!
    Being a gardener myself, it is a pleasure to be selling these excellent seeds that I use in my own garden, and have grown for years. So glad my boss was able to be persuaded to bring in High Mowing Seeds!
    Mahalo nui loa.

  240. Kara says:

    My favorite are the guardsmark chioggia beets. Tasty to eat raw and tasty to eat cooked.

  241. Catherine Brown says:


    Very difficult to choose just one, but H19 Little Leaf Cucumber always makes THE BEST pickles every time! and they are delicious eaten fresh too, and vining leaves are beautiful!

  242. Susan Mitchell says:

    My favorite High Mowing Seed variety is green finger cucumber. I have grown several different slicing cukes in a production setting and have always been happy with the yields and size of green finger. More so than other varieties of cukes, green finger has a thin skin, a nice dark green color and is great to snack on right from the field. Some cucumbers almost have a bitter taste but green finger is nice and sweet. This is my “go-to” slicing cucumber!

  243. Cyndi says:

    The sweet taste of peas in July, fresh from the pods, or lightly steamed with butter!

  244. Rebecca says:

    “Honey Nut butternut – Gotta love that butternut squash!

  245. Tammy says:

    Our favorite year after year, is the HMS dwarf jewel nasturtium! Always does great here in VT!

  246. Ian Hart says:

    I’ve been growing Scarlet Nantes carrots for a few years now in BC and I really love the crisp sweet flavor of these carrots. So much better than what you can find in a store, they keep well in the root cellar all winter, even when they get big (and they can grow really big) they still have a good flavor.


  247. Bill Nunes says:

    Belstar F1 broccoli is reliable for me early and late. It produces nice big head and very often a nice crop of side shoots.

  248. Jeremy Marin says:

    Atris peppers.They were large, very tasty, didn’t succumb to disease despite being overcrowded and kept producing. I was harvesting right up until frost hit.


  249. Lisa says:

    My favorite has to Korridor Kohlrabi. Not many people use this great veggie. I love it raw, just like an apple. Its great raw, in soups, fried, or in a roast. Try it you will never stop growing it This one is sweet and tender.

  250. Red Russian Kale

    I love red russian kale because it is so sweet in the winter after it gets frosted on and also so very nutritious. I can eat it almost every day if my plants can keep up. I love just sauteing it in some lard and adding a little bit of salt. So so good!!

  251. Hugh Martin says:

    Cosmic Purple Carrot

    This carrot is the first that I have actually been able to successfully grow in my garden. I have a clay/loam soil that I amended heavily with compost and vermiculite that resulted in a stunning harvest of the most beautiful carrot I have ever seen! If you haven’t tried this variety, by all means allot a bit of space for it. You won’t be sorry.


  252. Kate Oh says:

    Peppers are my favorite thing to grow – a world of difference in flavor and texture from the ones you buy at the store. And at fifty cents each at the market, they ain’t too cheap either. So, Iko Iko peppers are my favorite High Mowing Organic product. The rainbow of color in my garden is a delight, and the hardiness of the plants means I don’t worry about underwatering. And what taste! Sweet and zesty! If I didn’t like the Cocozelle Zucchini so much too, my whole plot would be peppers!

  253. This will be our first year to order from High Mowing but I’m excited to know that the food we will be growing and feeding our children will be safe for them.

  254. Casey says:

    I love the Purple Plum Radishes. We grew them constantly last year and couldn’t stop raving about them. They are perfect in salads, as toppings to asian and latin dishes, pickled or just eaten plain. We ended up gifting packets of the seeds to some family members out of state so they could try them as well.

  255. The Boothby Blonde Cucumbers are our all time favorite !
    They are an Heirloom seed from Maine and are outstanding year after year.
    You don’t even have to peel these guys, as the skin is soft and tender.
    They hold a marinade well and quick !
    Perfect sized little snacks.
    Our market customers can’t wait for us to show up with the Boothbys. Me neither !
    Thanks HMS !

  256. Sarah O'Connor says:

    I also need to mention the Mesclun Salad Mix. I didn’t have much hope for it, as I planted it in a somewhat shady back corner of the garden, but it blew me away. Not only did this salad mix thrive, but it provided my family with more salad than we could eat. We ended up sharing the bounty with our chickens! :)

  257. Chris Collins says:

    Midori Giant Soybeans were a hands-down favorite in last year’s garden. We both love edamame, and this variety produced several harvests worth of truly tasty beans.

  258. Sarah O'Connor says:

    I’m a basil junkie. I always grow three or four different kinds, but my favorite has to be High Mowing’s Purple Dark Opal Basil. It is a beautifully unexpected spot of color in my herb garden, and makes the most amazing pesto!

  259. Kat says:

    Red Russian Kale is one of the tastiest and most reliable veggies I grow. In the middle of winter, it’s tender enough to eat raw when all my other greens have given up for the year.

  260. Sandy says:

    When the growing season is winding down and the holidays pop up, your seed packages are a great item to tuck into cards. Whether seeds of flowers or vegetables, they add a treat that makes the card well received.

    • Janis (zone 5 VT) says:

      Oh, this could help me keep my seed collection from getting out of control, like it is now… what a great idea.

  261. Janis (zone 5 VT) says:

    I am a bean freak. Provider is my favorite green bean.
    A high yield of nice straight beans that are easy to pick and process, and the flavor and texture are very good. Even when they get larger than I think they should be, they are often perfectly edible.

    After they were eaten down by a woodchuck or something 2 or 3 times, I learned to lay down pieces of wire fencing (I think the holes are 2×4″) with the edges bent down in such a way that the fencing is an inch or two off the ground in most places. (I plant in wide rows) The beans grow right up through the wire. Most of the plants came back that year and produced just fine.

  262. Janis (zone 5 VT) says:

    I have grown Dwarf Vates Kale for years, and I love it. Late greens, early greens, I boil up a bunch, put in fridge or freezer, and toss it in almost anything I eat, and sautee it with my eggs and bacon. This plant is a survivor, I have had them bounce back from severe infestations. One traveled in a pot with me when I moved halfway across the country. One fall I potted one up to winter over in a south window, with only a small supplemental light, and it powered on. I planted it out again in the spring! http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-vates-kale.html

  263. cindy svec says:

    Last year was my first year for growing Green Zebra Tomatoes. They were incredibly tasty and unusual – have an almost citrusy flavor. I had several seedlings over after the big bed plant, so I stuck those tomatoes in borders around the garden to “grow if they cared”. What a terrific idea that turned out to be! The Green Zebras produced all through the summer, but they really shined in the Fall. They kept pumping out tomatoes until December when we finally had a hard frost. I picked all the tomatoes the night before that frost and put them on the counter to ripen – we ate our last Green Zebra at the end of January – so sad. I’ve already started more seedlings for this spring’s garden!

  264. Marsha Lehs says:

    This is the year of the purple or blue vegetables and fruits… I like to try something a little different in my garden each year and this is my choice for a potato variety. High antioxidants and a unique color. Sure to get noticed by your fellow diners! I love the idea of mixing different colored potatoes for salads…patriot colors are always in style!
    Thank you for this offer.

  265. mavis says:

    my favorite is lacinato or dinoaur kale.


    It is one of the few greens that my entire family likes, so it’s a pleasure to grow and to cook. It thrives in my often cold garden and is delicious sauteed or in smoothies.

    • Janis (zone 5 VT) says:

      Yeah, to my taste, Kale is one of the few greens that don’t taste bitter when cooked. And you can slip into chili, lasagne, whatever ;)
      Eat More Kale!

  266. cindy svec says:

    Cosmic Purple Carrots are my all time favorite carrot for our Georgia raised bed garden. They are incredibly tasty, beautiful, and add an artistic touch to salads! They have a great carroty flavor with a touch of something different that really makes for a perfect bowl of glazed carrots. Love them!

  267. Andrea Clemens says:

    Oooh, the Sweet William Electron Mix flowers are my favorite variety offered by High Mowing Seeds! The plants are amazing producers, blooming the first year in the early summer with another flush of blooms in the fall. The flowers have incredible sweet candy-like scents, sure to please everyone’s senses! Love, love, love :)


  268. Erin says:

    I was VERY please, last year, with the provider beans. I was impressed, as well with the dwarf grey sugar peas.
    I am looking forward to planting a good deal more from High Mowing this year. VERY excited. (We just got hit with a monstrous storm and spring seems nowhere in sight). Thanks for reviving my interest in spring. I’d nearly forgotten!!!

  269. Eliza says:

    It’s almost impossible to pick, so I’ll pick a kid favorite. Dragon carrots! They love the name, the look, the flavor, and they’re super easy to grow.

  270. Tiffany R says:

    Last year, the only variety that wasn’t a nightshade to survive a serious locust infestation was the Improved Rainbow Chard (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-improved-rainbow-mix-chard.html). I grew that stuff everywhere! It flourished in containers, as well as the main garden, with the brightest colors that I have seen on Chard since the early ’90s when I began gardening. One seed even made it into the compost pile, and I am still harvesting fresh greens, in zone 5b, in February, with only a basic cold frame. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is!

  271. Grillers! Thin skinned and no fuss at dinner time!

  272. Frank Grazynski says:

    Lebanese Summer Squash or kusa (http://www.highmowingseeds.com/organic-seeds-segev-f1-hybrid-zuchinni.html) is my favorite squash. More “meaty” than zukes (IMO) this is a delicious and prolific squash.

  273. Jeff Langevin says:

    My favorite variety has to be the Gilbertie Paste Tomato. I consider this a “sleeper variety”. It seems like few people I talk to have grown it or even heard of it. It came highly recommended by the teacher of a NOFA seed saving workshop several years ago and have grown it ever since. I now recommend it to anyone I know who grows tomatoes and I start a bunch of them under lights each spring and give them away to introduce people to it. Here in MA I find that it produces better for me even in poor years and the taste is excellent.

  274. Joan Weed says:

    Gilbertie Tomatos. It was the first seed I ever ordered from High Mowing–back when you had a two-page newsprint catalogue. it is super. Big, sweet, few seeds but lots of meat. It takes patience though-late season producer.

  275. Mike Kubisek says:

    Has to be the Kakai hulless pumpkins! Sure do cut down the work to get a great pumpkin seed that tastes super!