Visual Vegetable Disease Diagnostic Resource

We just discovered this great visual resource from the University of Maryland, their:

Home and Garden Information Center’s Landscape Problem Solver Website

The site offers photographic keys to help diagnose and solve plant problems, using Integrated Pest Management principles.

There’s a great section on diseases & insects that target vegetables – look for it on the left hand column.

To give you an idea of how their site works we’ve included their site directions:

  • “From the menu on the left, select a category or type of plant and the part of the plant that is having problems.
  • A new page will be displayed with symptoms and possible causes with photos.
  • Browse the causes for each symptom and click on go to select that cause.
  • From there simply read the information, on the problem and solution, that appears.
  • You can go to another plant part by selecting from the menu at the top of the page.”

Try it out!

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One Response to Visual Vegetable Disease Diagnostic Resource

  1. Deb says:

    The ‘Home and Garden Information Center’ is no longer accessible, thought you might want to revise the “address” or or Info Sheet. Thanks for your helpful information and great customer service!

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