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We love to hear from our customers on what your favorite varieties are – and why! Providing us with feedback on the varieties we carry helps us improve the selection we carry, so in return, we’d like to offer one lucky commenter a $50 gift certificate to High Mowing Organic Seeds!


How to Enter to Win a $50 High Mowing Gift Certificate

To qualify, enter a comment in the Comments Section below with the following information:

  1. The name of the variety you love (or one you’d like to try) and,
  2. Why you like it so much!
  3. Include the URL (web page address) of that variety from our website.
  4. What part of the country you are from
  5. Make sure you use an accurate e-mail as that’s how we’ll be contacting you if you win!

Contest closes at midnight (EST) on Feb. 5th, 2014. We would love to share your comments with other gardeners and farmers! By commenting below, you give us permission to re-print your comments. Rather not be quoted? Send us an email to, with the subject line “My Favorite Variety” with the info requested above to be included in our contest and we’ll be glad to add you to the pool of contestants. The fine print: High Mowing Organic Seeds is giving away one $50.00 gift certificate towards any of our products to one lucky winner! To enter the contest, leave a comment describing your favorite High Mowing Organic Seeds variety, why you like it, and the URL for that variety from our website on our blog post entitled “Win a $50 Gift Certificate”. (To qualify you need to make sure your favorite variety is one that High Mowing sells!), or send us an e-mail at with subject line, “My Favorite Variety”. The contest runs from 1/30/14 through midnight (EST) 2/5/14. The winner will be selected using The winner will be notified via e-mail, so please ensure that your e-mail is accurate. Winners must respond within 96 hours of the e-mail announcing that they have one being sent. If the winner fails to respond within that time, High Mowing Organic Seeds will select another winner through and will send out another e-mail to the next winner.

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422 Responses to Win a $50 Gift Certificate to High Mowing Organic Seeds!

  1. Elaine Schwertner says:

    I found your website by chance, looking for organic seeds. As a newbie gardener in Lubbock, Texas, I pondered over what to try and selected a variety of vegetables. Entriqued with the idea of having tomatoes during the winter, we decided to plant the Moskvich Heirloom Tomato ( in our small greenhouse. My 3 year old granddaughter loves to help “tickle the flowers” of our favorite tomato plant and I’m glad to show a future gardener that you are never too old to start gardening. We can’t wait to plant more favorites together this spring.

  2. Love the Kossak F! Hybrid Kohlrabi! We get at least two plantings from this great brand each year. We love to eat it raw like an apple or sliced in sticks in a stir fry. If the fall weather is cool then the Kohlrabi is even sweeter. Grows well in our clayish soil. Always wish I had planted more. Thanks for your dedication to the organic seeds.

  3. KarenV says:

    I love growing Lacinato Kale for several reasons. First is is a beauty growing in the garden. The blue color is fun. Second, our California desert tortoises LOVE to eat it. And thirdly, all members of the household also enjoy it in many different kinds of dishes, both raw and cooked. It is a true winner for us.
    We live in Southern California.

  4. Alberto Tirrito says:

    Good day!

    I would love to try the organic broccoli raab. Growing up in an Italian household, my parents were gardeners and we had this all the time. The bitterness is invigorating and complements many meals. But the reason I would love to try growing it is because of my wife. She too loves broccoli raab and like me, grew up with parents and grandparents that gardened, made wine and all the wonderful crafts that have almost been forgotten by many today.

    However since she had been diagnosed with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) several years ago, she has been limited to an only organic diet (vegan) and there are many limitations in that genre as well (no root vegetables for example). It’s very challenging as a professional chef, wanting to create so many wonderful things for her to eat. I have yet to find organic broccoli raab on the market. As a chef I visit every farmer’s market I can when they are available and have to date never found a true organically raised broccoli raab. This is one of the vegetables she misses the most and it would most definitely round out her dining variety. There are many wonderful dishes that I could create adding one more vegetable to the already limited list we have to work from.

    I have only discovered your website this year after talking to some local farmers that I work with. They recommended your site as they source some of their seeds from you. However they’ve told me that this climate makes it challenging to grow this variety. I am willing to try it because so much joy is at stake and being successful is imperative.

    We live in NY. Thank you for your consideration.

  5. bren says:

    Ooh, I’d love to try the Organic Crimson Clover as a cover crop to add nitrogen. And it looks pretty. I garden in Zone 4 in Wisconsin.

  6. Tiffany Bowers says:

    Hi Folks! I’m a gardening educator and Grow It Eat It co-chair in Cockeysville, Md. I love to grow hot peppers, and just about anything else really:) My favorites at the moment are dehydrated cayennes, and not just for spicing things up. I crumble them in my flower beds and potted plants to keep the squirrels(and other small varmints) out. Works great, but I definately have to reapply- which means I need to grow more peppers like the RIng of Fire:) Here is the link –

  7. Kathy says:

    My favorite High Mowing Seed is the organic moskvich tomato. It’s so flavorful and beautiful with its deep red coloring. Yum.

  8. Kelly Gillen says:

    I LOVE Lettony Lettuce. I work at a nonprofit that has a hydroponic greenhouse where we grow various types of greens. Lettony is HANDS-DOWN the fastest-growing and is always delicious, crisp, and a great shape and color. It is always 7-10 days ahead of the other varieties, which when you’re talking seed-to-stomach in 30 days, is a big lead! I really can’t say enough good things about it. Here is the link –

    I’m based in Harlem in New York City. Definitely give Lettony a try!

  9. susan says:

    I bought the provider bush beans last year and they bore up until the first frost. They were delicious and had a great “snap” freshness to them. I have some aggressive deer in my neighborhood so I planted the bush bean seeds in large pots on my deck so all I had to do was go out onto the deck and pinch them off and eat them as snacks! I am in the Carolina mountains.

  10. Maggie Too says:

    I would love to try the Winter Luxury pie pumpkin because it sounds somewhat more versatile in the kitchen than some other pie pumpkins. I am in the Mid-Atlantic, zone 6b.

  11. Maggie says:

    I’d like to try the Black popcorn. I’ve planted red popcorn and it popped beautifully so the black looks interesting. I’m located in the Central Ohio area and my email is mim.6363ATyahooDOTcom Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. FM Munoz says:

    I’m a huge fan of fennel and have had luck with other varieties you’ve offered. The Organic Solaris sounds like a great addition to your catalog!

  13. Rowan says:

    What would we do without your gorgeous organic Lacinato Kale in our breakfast smoothies every morning? Not to mention our salads and stir-fries.

  14. Daniel Worley says:

    Cherokee Purple tomato. The taste, also they are prolific and grow well here in Louisville KY.

  15. Kelly Brandner says:

    My must-have tomato is Black Cherry … prolific grower in our Littleton, Colorado, backyard garden. Beautiful fruit with rich, sweet flavor in an easy-to-eat cherry-size package…Fantastic for salads or straight off the vine!

  16. Cynthia says:

    I would love to try Organic German Chamomile. I have tried to grow it several years ago. Would love to try again. I drink it a lot. I live in Missouri.

  17. Lisa says:

    Lots of people do not know about this vegetable but, Kohlrabi is my favorite, and this year I am going to plant Kossak, the giant variety.

  18. Anne B says:

    My absolute favorite seeds from High Mowing are Maxibel Haricot Vert. These are the same as the frozen beans you can find at Trader Joes, which we eat like fries! Nothing compares to growing these in our own garden. Find them here:
    The best!

  19. Last year was the first year we ordered from High Mowing, and it won’t be the last. Of all the seeds we planted, our favorite was the black cherry tomatoes
    Very good germination (I’d estimate close to 90% or higher) and quick growth.
    Their color first of all was unique and appealing, making a nice mix with other cherry tomatoes in our pints, or on their own. The skins are tough enough to handle transport, but soft enough to enjoy eating; not like other thick shinned cherry tomatoes we’ve grown in the past. And flavor- incredible; sweet, juicy, can’t eat just one. One of the best tasting cherry tomatoes I’ve grown. Their prolific growth made them our highest yielding tomato variety in our high tunnels, and fields, as well as longest lasting, surpassing other varieties as the days got shorter and cooler. While unfortunately we battled with late blight, they were the last to show signs, and that was well into the very rainy early fall we had here in Pulaski NY. They were very popular at our farmer’s markets, and our CSA with many customers asking specifically for them. Certainly will be planting them again this year!

  20. Mary says:

    I would like to try the purple beauty pepper.
    I’ve always had a difficult time growing the purple peppers. I’m not sure if its the upstate New York weather or my soil.

  21. D Donaldson says:

    I would love to find more varieties of beans for drying. We bought black beans last year and it has been great having them this winter. I never have to worry about the electric going out and the freezer defrosting with my dried beans, and it is easier than canning.

  22. SMG says:

    Last year on a whim we bought Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries from another company and planted a 2′x4′ bed with them. They were easy to grow and super yummy raw. We froze extras all through the summer and are now baking with them. They have a surprising sweet tangy flavor!

    We’re going to add 3 more beds of ground cherries this year to our Boston-area garden and are going to plant three new varieties to compare and contrast. Goldie Ground Cherry is on our “must buy” list for this spring.

  23. Lisa Cotter says:

    We’ve grown the Oregon Sugar Pod they’re easy to grow, delicious and prolific, the roots put nitrogen back into the soil, we loved picking them right off the vine & eating them in the garden along with our dogs who demanded to have some. I’d love to try because I love marinated artichoke hearts.

    Nova Scotia, Canada

  24. Katherine says:

    I’m excited for the Resistafly carrots, since I have trouble with carrot rust every year in the pacific NW! I love it already.

  25. barb says:

    I’d like to try and grow my own organic non-gmo soybeans. Then I will know I have quality!
    From Detroit

  26. Rebecca Farr says:

    I am looking forward to growing lettuce this year, especially your green oak variety: We have 9 children and go through A LOT of lettuce, so I am excited to have it at my fingertips as we expand our garden here in Columbus, Ohio.

  27. Margaret says:

    I live in Williston, VT. If I had to choose only two tomatoes to grow they would be Jaune Flamme ( and Indigo Rose ( They are unsurpassed for color, flavor and productivity.

  28. Maureen M. says:

    Would love to try growing your organic russian banana fingerling potatoes. I have a small gardening area and just saw a post on how to grow 100 potatoes in 4 square feet of space. Why not try it ?? I live in southeastern Connecticut. Thank you!

  29. We absolutely love the Kakai Pumpkins that we grew last year! Amazing and Plentiful. The best pumpkin to grow for roasted pumpkins seeds, and wow did we have a lot of seeds. Why, because they are hulless, per-shelled already! Check out a video we did on them here… We also, of course used the meat of the pumpkins too–tasty!

    These grew very well, along with many other seeds we order from High Mowing Organic Seeds in Dallas, Texas. Can’t wait till Spring gets here to plant more!

  30. Hemlock and Fairview Community Garden says:

    The community garden managers love Progress #9 Peas, because they are one of the few to do well in Spokane, WA temperature extremes from cold wet springs to hot dry summers. We also like the Gold Rush Wax Beans for the same reason. And we recommend them to all the incoming gardeners.

  31. Monika says:

    The Dragon Carrot. I grew them with the help of 3 year olds at preschool. They loved that they grew them and they were PURPLE- a cool color. I loved that the inner city kids got to do something that they never even knew about- growing food- and they ate them no dip or anything!
    I’m from Connecticut, and am looking for more “cool” vegies to get my new class to grow!

  32. Mollie Curry says:

    I like the “leaf radish” Hong Vit. Goes great in nori rolls. I kept eating the leaves for way longer than the “root” radishes are good. Not hairy. Radishy, but not overwhelmingly….
    I live in Asheville, NC.

  33. I live in Portsmouth, NH right near the seacoast and have a small urban farm. I have been growing Maxibel Haricot Vert Bush Beans for about 4-5 years now and absolutely love them. They always perform well in the garden, taste fantastic, and are easy to pick. Our customers love them at the Farmer’s Market as well. They often ask for “those slender green beans”. I love how easy it is to save the seeds from these beans. Plus the seeds are beautiful and store for a long time. I would say this variety is my all time favorite green bean and I love to share the seeds with friends and neighbors.

  34. steph says:

    My favorite (and there have been many) so far has been your Veronica romanesco cauliflower. For a few reasons. First, it truly made me so excited to walk out to my garden everyday and inspect the overnight progress. It was a little bit like Christmas morning- every morning. The last month of growing was so magical, new visible growth every single day. Yay! Second, when it was all through growing, it looked like a heart chakra. OK, OK, I know that sounds a little loopy, but it made me happy- who wouldn’t want a beautiful fractally delicious lime green/ hints of pink heart chakra growing in their garden?! C’mon! It was gorgeous. And tasty. Lastly, It made me realize that you had better REALLY want to grow a cauliflower. Because the amount of space and resources it took up was bananas. But another good thing about that is that it really makes you appreciate the volume of resources go into producing that one little head of cauliflower you just paid $4 at the grocer, and complained about. Perspective. I live in Connecticut, USA!

  35. Dalyn Luedtke says:

    I’m looking forward to the Poona Kheera! I love a good, crisp yellow cuke to layer on top of jalapeño bagels with tomatoes, red onion,and basil.

    And I’m gardening and growing in central vermont.

  36. - The name of the variety you love
    Organic Yellow Pear Tomato
    - Why you like it so much!
    I’ve grown yellow pears in the past. I dried them in the oven with a little olive oil and seasoning. They were soooo good, it was like eating candy.

    - Include the URL (web page address) of that variety from our website.

    - What part of the country you are from
    Eastern Nebraska

  37. Heather Dock says:

    One of my favorite varieties to grow in central Pennsylvania is the Green Arrow Shell Peas.

    This will be my fourth year growing them and I’ve had great success each year planting them for both a spring and fall harvest. And they taste great and freeze well.

    I’m looking forward to trying out the Sorrel this year.

  38. Jessica says: Jerico Romaine Lettuce!! It is truly a heat (and poor soil) tolerant variety that grew large and delicious throughout the spring, summer and fall on the Western Slope of Colorado. I really loved that if you cut the first mature heads off but left the stem stump in the field it would regenerate small heads that were good to eat too and eventually gave way to flowers and seeds. I am moving to a totally different climate this season and would love to be able to try out some varieties and see how they do in the North East :) !

  39. My favorite is Yaya Carrots

    They are super duper tasty, a perfect size, hold their tops, and are a crowd pleaser for all my customers.

    Quarter Acre Farm
    Sonoma, CA

  40. Eliza says:

    The kids LOVE dragon carrots for the taste, the look, and of course, the name. I love them because the seeds came from you, so I know they’re not only organic, but guaranteed to germinate.
    We’re in Northern Vermont and we have great luck with your seeds. Thanks to the addition of husk cherries, I’ll be buying and planting 100% HMS this year! Thank you!

  41. Marisa says:

    I love the Jericho lettuce! I originally chose it because it shared the name of my favourite ski run, but after growing it last year I love it for itself! It was easy to grow, didn’t mind the heat or the cold, allowed me to cut it down 2 or 3 times before actually harvesting the heads- and it tastes so good!

    I’m in Columbia County NY

  42. Melissa Lessard says:

    I like summer squash as it is generally easy to grow (if watered properly), typically has a high yield & is tasty & easy to add to lots of meals!

    Lakewood, CO

  43. Phyllis Mikity says:

    My favorite variety is 2250 Tavera Haricot Vert green bean. I share the abundant harvest with my neighbors, which makes me a favorite neighbor.
    Each year, High Mowing organic seeds give me hope and harvest. I am an 82 year old retired registered dietitian and working the organic soil of my established garden keeps me active. The fresh organic vegetables I pick/cook are nutritious and delicious.
    I want to try 2894, Cha-Ching F2 Hybrid zucchini, open-pollenated and developed by High Mowing Breeding.
    You always win with High Mowing Seeds.
    Phyllis Mikity
    Wilmington, DE

  44. Colie says:

    I would like to try korridor kohlrabi! i really like all the neat things you can do with kohlrabi but have never had the chance to grow it. I am hoping to get some this year to plant very soon! I live in South Carolina.

  45. Nick Aleria says:

    My favorite is the Danvers 126 carrot. Very flavorful, even a little spicy, grows great in my silty clay loam, and my little brother loves pulling them up and eating them right out of the ground!

  46. Hey there – We’re from Westport MA and enjoy the long growing season and versatility of the Organic Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale. There’s still some in the cold frame!

    Thanks very much! – SC

  47. Carol Brzezicki says:
    The organic rainbow chard is fabulous! I grew it in my expansive Southern IN gardens several years ago and have also grown it recently in raised beds in my small Barre, VT yard! The taste is delicate and can be utilized in many varied recipes-our favorite! Thank you for the wonderful selection of seeds that work well for northern gardeners.

  48. Angie says:

    I love lacinato kale’s flatter leaves, productivity, and hardiness. Even in my first-year garden, the plants produced more than I could even eat and survived cold Vermont weather for a long time.
    Thank you very much for providing us with safe, non-GMO seeds!

  49. I really like your Roma tomatoes: . They survived long into the season when others didn’t, and made for a great sauce or sliced and eaten as-is with some tasty feta :-)

  50. Started Tavor Artichoke seeds in my sunporch on Saturday. I am hopeful that I can grow artichokes in one season here in the North Carolina foothills. This expensive veg is one of my favorites, and difficult to obtain when young and fresh. If successful I plan to grow more next season for the local farmer’s market.

  51. carolyn says:

    I am searching for tomatoes that are resistant to late season diseases. Iron lady did all right for me last year.

  52. Bob Hill says:

    I really love the Tavor imperial start artichokes. This will be my second year growing them. With an early start and some good care even a gardener in a cold climate can enjoy some great tasting chokes. I got a lot of satisfaction this year at New Jersey’s Nofa conference talking to Megan Hall at the high mowing table who had grown her own bumper cop this past year, the year before we were speaking about growing artichokes and she had never grown them before. I feel like I did a good deed!

  53. Deborah says:

    Iko Iko Peppers sparked my interest last year. They grew well without any trouble and I look forward to planting more this year. I prefer to wait for the fruit to mature before harvesting. Here’s the web link:

  54. J.bradbury says:

    I am a huge fan of the Red Russian Kale
    I created my garden last spring, my kale did an outstanding job. The leafs were big and it kept producing for months. I am looking forward to planting another round this spring.
    I live in the Western part of Oregon, so we have a good growing season. Still trying to figure out how to grown in fall/winter. Practice makes perfect :)

  55. Sue Hacker says:

    Love these beautiful Organic Gold Rush bush beans. They are prolific, good flavor and freeze up well. Here they are and I will definitely order them again.

  56. Tenley Nelson says:

    Zone 2 is not the easiest growing environment. I can not plant out till June 1, some years later, and often get a killing frost the last week of August. However due to the abundant sunlight up here on the border of interior and southcentral Alaska in the summer I still get a good harvest. I especially love the scarlet nantes carrots that come through for me year after year through wet, warm, cool, or dry conditions. They taste and store wonderfully.

  57. Matthew K says:

    My new favorite tomato is the first Heirloom tom I managed to grow successsfully. And BOY! was it successful!
    That tomato is the Wapsipinicon Peach,

    The Wapsipinicon Peach is a cute little “saladette” size yellow tomato with peach-like fuzz. This juicy lil tom is bursting with a flavor that is truly wonderful, with very little acid to it and a natural saltyness, which means I get to eat them fresh off the vine – no salt sprinkling necessary!

    In addition to the quality of the flavor, I have to mention the abundant yields! My first year, I was going out every day to harvest hand-fuls of ripe tomatoes all through the Summer and Fall and well into Winter! Oh, and by the way… the birds ignore them! Just sayin.
    These tomatoes are nice to look at, too. Let’s face it – they’re pretty. When fully ripe, the pale yellow toms blush with a lacy splash of pink. And let’s not forget the peach fuzz. You want Conversation? Show off your Wapsi peach toms!
    Added to the enjoyment of growing and eating these tomatoes, is the sheer fun of telling people about them – describing the tomato, describing the flavor, showing off the HUGE vine in my garden with all the little yellow dots everywhere… and of course sharing these pretty little fuzzy yellow toms (which I can, and generously, since they grow in such abundantlce). Grow these and you’ll be grinning at your friends and family while telling them all about it! :-D

    This tomato is perfect for gardening in Socal.
    I’m in Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood) and I was enjoying Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes fresh-off-the-vine until the last week of JANUARY (long after my other toms, beefsteak & marglobe) had finished fruiting and died off) and in fact, the vine was still producing green toms, but the weather finally got chilly enough that they weren’t ripening. I pulled the vine cuz “That’s What You’re Supposed To Do, Right?” but I’m convinced thatif I had left them in place, they would’ve kept growing and been producing more toms the next year. This year I’m going to leave it to keep on growing and see what happens!
    Looking forward to Spring Planting!
    Matthew K
    in Los Angeles

  58. Jessica Hopper says:

    I am from Norther VT, and one of my favorite bean varieties of High Mowing seeds is the Rattlesnake Pole Bean. They are sweet and crunchy, and I love the unique coloring.
    This year I am going to try to grow Sacred Basil (Tulsi), and dry it for tea.

  59. Rebecca says:

    #3183 in your catalog got my attention.Des Vertus Marteau. To think in 35 days I could be picking dinner!

  60. Susan Starr says:

    I live in New England (CT) and last year was the 1st time I ordered seeds from High Mowing; in my order were the seeds for Provider Bush Beans ( and they are true to their name! I spaced my plantings two weeks apart and I had a number of weeks of fresh green beans to eat, and to share! I’m looking forward to planting Provider again this year along with some other seeds for peppers and corn. Also, I will be ordering flower seeds because last summer I had tried the purple zinnias and they were spectacular! (

  61. Kim H says:

    I love these cucumbers, tried them last year and saved some seeds for this year. I picked the last one in Oct, and left it in my kitchen. I just yesterday opened it up and dried the seeds. The crazy part was it still was almost good enough to eat. So, it also has the advantage of being a keeper cucumber. We had a very strange spring here in Missouri and had snow in May, so they were kinda late, but well worth waiting for. I look forward to spring and trying a few new things from your catalog.

  62. Teri Klick says:
    Love your organic sprouts! Your new green kale sprouts look amazingly delicious!

  63. Gaynor says:

    Last year I tried 25 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and the following are my favorites from the batch. They were definitely high maintenance, some might even have called them prima donnas, but they all had exceptional flavor. I had a stunning harvest with hues from deepest purple to apricot and these varieties were a huge hit with friends and neighbors. They made even a simple salad look classy. I preserved oodles of them, and have continued to enjoy them during the polar vortex! It’s like eating a mouthful of sunshine!

    Dr Wyche’s Yellow Beefsteak
    Persimmon – just fantastic
    Hill Billy
    Omar’s Lebanese
    Orange Russian
    Opalka paste – now my go to paste tomato

    This year I’m going to try to graft some of them onto hybrids so that I can have my heirlooms with a little less diva.

  64. Daryle Thomas says:

    I want to try Iron Lady F1 Hybrid Tomatoes for outdoor production.(I’ll be sure to buy a few cases of canning jars, as this variety is determinate.) I will also try an indoor, or greenhouse, variety with the idea of growing it during the fall and winter months. There are so many to choose from, but probably the Suzanne F1 will win out. The best Christmas gift you can give is a basket of fresh tomatoes. I live in East Wallingford, VT which is blessed with cooler temperatures and more snow than the big city of Rutland, 13 miles to the NW.

  65. Chuck K says:

    Your hot pepper .ring of fire, looks great for the shorter growing season here in southern Maine.
    Cant wait for that sweet sweet burn…

  66. Caitlin says:

    I would love to try the Purple Glazer garlic. I just planted garlic for the first time this fall and I am crossing my fingers that it grows. I really like this variety because it sound perfect for my climate (cold winters…I live in VT) and because it stores well and is a hardneck variety (we LOVE garlic scapes). Plus, who doesn’t love purple-colored vegetables?! Thanks!

  67. Nancy says:

    I am currently in Texas.
    I would like to try the Tokyo Market Turnip. I read an article that piqued my curiosity.

  68. I really love Rattlesnake pole beans. They are pretty and delicious, even when they get large. Their streaky purple color is distinctive so my CSA members can recognize it easily. (They like it too!) I like growing beans, especially pole beans because they keep on bearing for a long time and are easy to pick. If I didn’t have Rattlesnake beans in the garden I would feel like I hadn’t really planted beans. A must-have in my garden. Zone 5, Massachusetts.

  69. Maggie Hallam says:

    Last year I was impressed with Silverado Chard. I was short on space and thus planted less chard than I would have liked. But Silverado saved the season for chard. It was extremely slow to bolt. Even after my other variety was long gone, I was harvesting beautiful bunches of Silverado for my CSA. It is a compact plant with deep green glossy leaves, all season long.

  70. Cat Bogin says:

    I love to grow High Mowing Organic Italian White Sunflowers they are delicate and grow well in a variety of soil and light conditions in our Brooklyn, NY postage stamp of a yard. The seeds save well and have grown fairly true to form for the past three years. Out of the 10+ varieties of sunflowers we grow this is one of my favorites!

  71. Jane Loomis says:

    We had great success last year with many of your seeds, but particularly loved the Rose Finn fingerling potatoes! My CSA customers were commenting all summer about how tasty they were and shared how they cooked them for their meals – salads, soups, sides, etc. We are located in Whitley County, northern Indiana.

  72. Shannon Barry says:

    I want to try the Lacinato kale this year. I started juicing that kale seems to produce more juice, in my jucier anyway. I live in the SE

    I have grown sun king tomatoes with great success down here in hot, humid, north east Florida. They produced a huge crop of sweet big fruits that didn’t crack. They did not come down with the early blight that I have been fighting in my garden lately. Love them I hope you start carrying them soon.

  73. Kat says:

    Love, love, love black cherry–love it more every year.

    So beautiful in a mix with red & yellow cherries–and the flavor is amazing!

    I grow in Wisconsin.

  74. Leslie b says:
    I’d like to have the purple tomatillos. Im trying to teach my son about eating a rainbow to stay healthy. We like salsa verde and this would be fun to make salsa with.

  75. Jeanne Campbell says:

    I am sorry to say I have never tried your seeds, but plan to this spring. I was drawn to your web site last year when I was looking for different kinds of grass seed. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  76. Maria Berger says:

    Everyone is eating and growing kale these days, and for good reason. Your Dinosaur/Lacinato is not just delicious, it’s easy to grow. I grow it in Montpelier, I’ve grown it across the lake near Essex, NY, and my friend Becky is the “Kale Queen” of Nelson County, Virginia growing this great variety and several others from seeds that I have sent her. Thank you for ALL of your tremendous work. I’ve been buying your seeds since 1996!

  77. I would love to try the Listada di Gandia Eggplants this year! I love the smaller varieties…they are tender and less apt to have the aftertaste that the larger globed varieties tend to have.

  78. Sarah says:

    I really want to grow Yellow Pear tomatoes. I had them a few years ago and loved them. I loved their flavor and they add a nice visual interest to salads. I’d love to grow them at home with my little son who also loves tomatoes.

  79. Stephanie says:

    Ever since I tried fennel a few years back, I’ve wanted to grow my own – love that licorice flavor! I find the stalks a refreshing treat, and love to cook with the bulbs.

    I’d like to try the Organic Florence Fennichio here in the Omaha metro. :)

  80. Amber says:

    Our favorite this past year was the Ripbor F1 Hybrid Kale. We use kale in breakfast smoothies every morning and we had such a plentiful supply of beautiful, healthy kale plants from your seeds this past summer. We were still harvesting into November! They survived some frosts here in Vermont (USA) that took the rest of the garden out! We have had to settle with store bought kale to get us through the winter but as soon as the weather permits we will be planting more of the Ripbor F1! Thank you High Mowing!

  81. Hannah Noel says:

    I love Rattlesnake Pole Beans! I’ve grown them from your seed since 2008. They are the best tasting green bean I’ve ever had. PLUS they make a great dry bean. This is the dry bean I include in my winter CSA and in MY pantry every winter. They’re so easy to grow and pick. No more back-breaking bush beans for me! To top it off, Rattlesnake Pole Beans are beautiful with their purple streaks against long green beans.

  82. My favorite tomato is the Gilbertie Paste Tomato.

    I’ve been buying it now for 4 years and it’s a winner every time. I’ve never had problems with disease/insects, and it’s a heavy producer every single time. I like them fresh as well as canned.

    I am from western Pennsylvania.

  83. Gabrielle says:

    Last year I had great success growing Boothby Blonde Cucumbers here in Northwest Montana. They have a luscious, almost delicate flavor compared to other cukes. Very refreshing in the midst of summer. Plus they look amazing and added a nice and unusual color to the garden.
    This year I would love to try Organic Goldie Ground Cherry’s.
    I’m always looking for different varieties of fruit that can be successfully grown here in MT.

  84. Sara says:

    Lemon Basil is one of our favorite herbs. We often combine lemon basil and an ice cube in a foil packet with our garden beans and snow peas and cook them up on the bbq here in Idaho.

  85. Janelle says:

    I would love to try the organic sweet basil. I am a huge pesto lover especially on a good homemade pizza.
    I am from New York

  86. Jessica says:

    I would love to try the Organic Braising Mix. I love greens any way you can think to prepare it. smoothies, stir-fried or in salad. It really keeps me going during the cloudy months of winter in Michigan. I’ll be starting all kinds of greens in the next couple months and I can’t wait!

  87. Allison G says:

    So many great seeds, how can we pick just one! This year I am looking forward to include Blacktail Mountain Watermelon in my seed order:

    Its my first year trying to grow watermelon and I’ve finally decided I have to try growing it myself. I live in the seacoast area of NH and this sounds like a great option based on your info and what I read from Erica at Northwest Edible Life’s blog!

  88. Genovaite Butski says:

    We love tomatoes at our house and have never purchased from you before, so this year we are going organic and would love to try different tomato and maybe cucumber seeds. We live in Charleston, SC.

  89. We absolutely love the golden beets! They have such a mild, but really sweet flavor. We have many market customers who return each season just for our golden beets! We are from the central part of North Carolina.

  90. Lynn says:

    I’d love to try the boro f1 hybrid beet. We got beets last year in our CSA & fell in love. So this year we’d like to plant our own! We live in Central New York.

  91. Elena Doty says:

    I love the uniqueness of the Whit Satin carrots (! I am from northen Vermont, and these carrots preformed great for us. They also look great mixed with purple an red carrots. We will be growing these for many years!

  92. Nick Wilde - BriarMoon Farm says:

    My favourite new (to me) variety last year was the Maxibelle Green Fillet green beans; they had the best yield of any of the varieties we planted, the lowest fungus issues and topped that up with extremely great flavour!

  93. dawna says:

    I’d like to try the Moskvitch tomato! ( ) I want to try it because I’m a recent transplant to the pacific northwest from southern california, and I understand it’s very challenging to grow tomatoes here, but I can’t live without them, so I’m excited about varieties that tolerate cooler weather and have shorter days to maturity!

  94. Rob says:

    I found high mowing mid season last year and ordered the Dragon carrot seeds & white satin — I had never grown carrots and made my own self watering system out of 5 gallon buckets to produce them. The seeds sprouted very quickly and grew very well for the season. I produced about 20 carrots a container, they were quite tasty ;) I’m very satisfied with the quality and will be purchasing more this season. I haven’t made up my mind yet what else I’m going to try this season, perhaps some kale or greens. I do need to switch things up this year as I think I’ve burned my soil out ;(

    I live in a south suburb of Chicago.

  95. Dom De Bellis says:

    I would love to try your organic shoots, especially your organic green kale sprouts. I want to plant them in my aquaponics garden that I grow indoors. I have been reading about how nutritious sprouts are and I think they would help me strengthen my body and help me recover from my traumatic brain injury. That link for the kale sprouts is:

    I live in a suburb of Chicago, IL.

  96. Evangeline M says:

    When I received your catalog, I wasn’t necessarily expecting to order anything, since I had already placed an order with a local seed company. My sisters and some friends and I had a seed ordering party on MLK day and I bemoaned to them that I will never find my dream tomato, a indeterminate vine paste that is a FI hybrid for disease resistance. When I saw the Organic Granadero F1 Hybrid Tomato in your catalog I couldn’t believe it, there was my dream tomato! I am so excited to grow this variety and I will certainly be ordering it weather I win the contest or not.

  97. Carrie says:

    I love growing Music Garlic! This is my second year growing this variety. I also grow 2 other types–Polish White and Oregon Blue, but the Music Garlic I grow from High Mowing Seeds by far out performs the others. The plants are big and beautiful and the garlic grows to a good size and has a medium garlic flavor and it keeps well through the winter. This garlic has earned a permanent spot in my garden!

  98. John Pelletier says:

    I love quite a few of your varieties, Iko Iko pepper I would have to say is a definite favorite though! The name is fun, but also the colors are so wonderful and engaging. Flavor is good and they add variety to dishes and salads for sure!

  99. I love Dragon’s Tongue beans. They are so tender and tasty even when they get big. I’m in N. California and have grown them both in the summer and fall here successfully. I’ll try spring next.

  100. Peg Burke says:

    I love the organic French Breakfast radishes! They are one of the earliest producers in my Spring garden in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. A quick-growing crop, they’re delicious! is the website location.

  101. Teri Bishop says:

    I planted the cover crop, buckwheat, last year after I harvested my strawberries. There really weren’t any weeds where the buckwheat was growing! I will be doing the same this year. It’s great for maintaining the rows where you don’t want weeds growing. Here is the cover crop I used:

  102. Jerry D. Thomas II says:

    I would love to try out Organic Blue Coco Pole Bean
    I am planting the three sisters method this year in my front yard to promote Urban Gardening. I would treasure the interactivity between my neighbors and your company along with those beans.
    Here is the link from your website:
    I am in Colorado

  103. Legs says:

    Sprouts and microgreens – the answer to a girl’s prayer during the non-summer growing season. I have been sprouting organic seeds since I became holistic many years ago. Then microgreens became available at your site. A great alternative/addition to sprouting. You give me everything to make it so easy to have a salad with fresh greens. Thank you. Legs

  104. JP says:

    I SOOO want to grow Kohlrabi this year. I keep hearing about it, but have yet to grow it. I’m always looking for out-of-the-ordinary fruits and veggies to add to my garden. My kids will try anything that we grow!

    I am in the Seattle area.

  105. Erica says:

    I live in MA and I’ve not had successful spinach crops in years past. I am looking forward to trying the longstanding bloomsdale spinach this year. Hoping I can finally get a decent haul.

  106. Julie Viger says:

    I just love High Mowing Seeds Spaghetti Squash and the ease of growing it. Living here in the thumb area of Michigan the climate from one growing season to the next can be extreme. I’ve grown it during season of drought and and season of rain saturation. When other things couldn’t take the stress the Spaghetti Squash hung in like a champ and tasted great. This is one I would highly recommend for everyone to grow and enjoy.

    The name of the variety you love (or one you’d like to try) and,
    Why you like it so much!
    Include the URL (web page address) of that variety from our website.
    What part of the country you are from
    Make sure you use an accurate e-mail as that’s how we’ll be contacting you if you win!

  107. Danny Mathia says:

    I’d like to try to grow the Kentucky wonder pole bean because I am getting older now, and it is harder for me to pick the beans from bush type plants. So, my solution is to try a pole bean, and get my 3 grand kids involved by setting up 12 pieces of bamboo in the shape of a tee-pee, wrapping twine around it except for the opening, and planting the bean seeds around the base of it, and hopefully they will have a living tee-pee that they can play in, and we all can pick the beans when they are ready. Here is the URL:
    We are from Kansas

  108. Ruby Gangloff says:

    Tomatoes, wonderfully delicious heirloom tomatoes – over the last dozen years I’ve grown many varieties of colors, sizes and stripes. I’ve tried several ‘purples’ and will be adding your Pruden’s Purple to my garden this year My late husband said the purples have the richest flavor and I agree. I’ll also be ordering your Organic Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea mentioned by another customer, Love your website and your helpful blogs. I’ve shared the one for seed starting indoors with family and garden group – excellent. I’ve been starting many seed varieties indoors.

  109. Rosa says:

    I would love to try the heirloom organic Klondike Watermelon! I garden in Wisconsin.

  110. Kathy Sturr says:

    I need to try your organic Romaine Winter Density Lettuce this season: I am craving fresh lettuce salads and wraps so, so bad right now! Hopefully my rabbit herd won’t be back – any ideas on deterrent crops just for them? I want the Romaine to myself! Thanks a bunch.

  111. I really appreciate your organic common buckwheat as a cover crop. the URL is This improved my garden soil by helping improve the heavy clay and added fertility to the soil. I garden in east Texas.

  112. Dee Dee Isaacs says:

    I love growing the corn variety Painted Mountain Corn in my garden. I live in the NE part of Washington state and had no problem growing Painted Mountain Corn even with our cooler spring weather and shorter growing season. It was great fun when time came to harvest and husk the corn and see all the different color ranges on the cobs of corn. When ground the corn made a nice a corn flour.

  113. Tim says:

    My wife and I have recently moved to the cooler wetter part of Oregon, Astoria, from the hotter dryer side, high desert so I’m trying to learn how to grow cool season veggies. I’ve recently had Romenesco Broccoli from our local co-op and loved it. I’m going to give a try this year. Wish me luck!

  114. Kathy says:

    I have planted these cucumbers for the last few years. They grow no matter what I do to them! I have grown them outside and inside, and when nothing else will grow (which happened for the last two summers, due to the hot weather in Georgia). The taste is wonderful, and I love the size. They are just right for a two person salad. Atlanta is snowed in right now, but my little “cukes” are growing in the basement!

  115. Noel McCann says:

    We love the Danvers carrots! Our soil in Jericho Center, VT is very heavy, and Danvers always produces for us. Every part of the plant is enjoyed at every stage of growing. The early thinnings go to the horses. We harvest carrots throughout late summer and even past the frosts of October. The tops always go to the horses, who are so appreciative! The carrots keep very well through the winter and are used in many dishes at our house. Can’t wait for 2014 tilling!

  116. Lailand says:

    I’d love to try the Organic Tom Thumb Popcorn! I’m starting my own heritage meat/heirloom veggie farm and one thing I haven’t incorporated yet is popcorn! I want to try and preserve as many amazing heirloom veggies as possible and this sounds like a great one that we could have a ton of fun with!
    We live in the Napa Valley in California, so we have a wonderful climate for tons of different veggies.

  117. Rachel says:

    I would really like to try the shallots, which are conservor hybrid f1 shallot. I’ve never grown shallots before but I haven’t had much luck growing onions, so I figured maybe I should try growing one of their relatives. I really like the taste of shallots, so I’m excited to try growing them myself! I live in the western mountains of North Carolina. The URL for the shallots is

  118. Sara says:

    Would love to try Tall Utah Celery.
    Celery is great for stock/broth, and this tall variety looks beautiful.
    I am in the northeast.

  119. Raised these and another variety last year. Loved these a lot plump tasty and heavy producers. Will raise them again this year. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. We live in north central IL.

  120. When we first moved to Northern Maine, carrots were about all we could get to grow. Of the varieties we grew, Yellowstone did especially well and still does great for us.

  121. I would love to try the Rose de Berne Heirloom Tomato to see how it would do in a South Florida climate.

  122. Jen W says:

    Looking forward to trying the Zohar Sunflower seeds. I have Parrotlets (smallest Parrots) and they love Sunflower seeds. I really don’t like the store bought seeds because I never know how long it’s been sitting there, or how it came to be. Can’t wait for the growing season!.

  123. amen k. says:

    Must try that short Italian broccoli. Here in Richmond Va (zone 7) we get great yields with side shoots. With the California drought, I’m expecting food prices to go even higher, so this year we are taking out more flowers and planning on even more veggies.

  124. Kitty Werner says:

    We love Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes. We’ve been growing them for 5 years now and they consistently outgrow any other tomatoes lasting well into the fall, until the frost kills the vines. And they are literally “vines” growing so high that they become an arbor. Nothing better than to pluck them from the vines after a long hike in the woods around us. In fact, there were so many left at the end of the year, I managed to fill a small bag and let them ripen inside. We were still eating them on pizza, in salads, and in scrambled eggs for another month-plus (into December!) just trying to finish them.

    Grown in the Mad River Valley of Vermont.

  125. Kathy Kent says:

    I had great luck one year growing Brandywine tomatoes (pink variety) – the plants were huge and the fruit delicious – and since then my results have been mixed. I keep trying though, to recapture that amazing growing season. :)
    My region: Michigan’s Thumb

  126. Jan Hall says:

    I adore Painted Lady Sweet Peas. ( ) The scent is heavenly, like nothing else! Years ago I got seeds from someone in my neighborhood in Berkeley, and saved seeds for several years. But after many moves and many years I found myself with no seeds. I included some with my order from High Mowing, and I can’t wait for spring!!

  127. Jessica says:

    I really want to try your Santo Cilantro Here in Colorado we go from cool spring to hot summer almost over night. A bolt resistant strain should help keep me in cilantro longer.

  128. o'bryan worley says:

    I want to try the Organic Solaris F1 Hybrid Fennel ( Fennel is my latest food crush. Here in Louisville, Kentucky, I get it at the New Albany, IN Farmer’s Market, but would rather grow it myself.

  129. Dustin says:

    I love Matt’s Wild Organic Cherry Tomatoes ( I love this variety of tomatoes because not only are they sweet, delicious, and prolific but also because they continued to bear those wonderful tomatoes for over 5 months in container gardens in sunny south Florida. I started the plants with High Mowing’s seed starting kit, then transplanted them into a few containers for my family. As I was traveling, volunteering on small organic farms in Texas and California, my family would send me pictures of all of Matt’s Cherry Tomatoes that they were harvesting and would gush about how wonderful they tasted.

  130. Gabe says:

    One of these days, I’ll figure out how to successfully grow corn here in suburban central Oklahoma. I think that having such a beautiful variety like Painted Mountain Flint might just be the thing forces me to work so hard to make it work.

  131. Sheryl G says:

    I am not a huge fan of string beans, but I have enjoyed growing a variety of your dried beans and plan to expand my number of plants this year. BUT, my partner is a chef and he has requested I grow some haricorts verts, so I am excited to try the Tavera Haricort Vert this year and see (and taste) all the different ways he will prepare them! Your beans seem to grow so well here (in the Champlain Valley) that I can’t wait to get these started: Love your catalog!

  132. Megan says:

    We love the Shanghai Green Pac Choy as a cool weather high tunnel crop here in Indiana. The flavor is outstanding.

    We had a wet season last year, so we’re excited to try Iron Lady in our field this year.

  133. Paul W. says:

    I have not yet tried High Mowing. I moved from the city (Boston, MA) to the country (Brunswick, ME) last year and had my first garden. Although it worked out well, some of my seeds were non-organic. I thought Fedco was the “real-deal”, but some of their seeds are non-organic. This year, I’ll be using High Mowing Cascadia Snap peas, Goodman cauliflower and Traviata F1 eggplant. I intend to plant Lancer parsnips, too, and let them winter over for spring of 2015.

  134. Dan McManus says:

    The organic champion collards did great when I was living in the mountains of Londonderry. Now that I have moved to the valley, I am anxious to see how they do.

  135. Rebecca says:

    I really want to get the yellow stuffing tomato. They are perfect for salsa!

  136. Beckie McGonagle says:

    I am looking forward to trying the Organic Dunja F1 Hybrid Zucchini because of it’s disease resistance, especially Powdery Mildew…I have had a terrible time over the past 5 years with very small zucchini crops…I am hoping this seed solves my troubles.

  137. tree says:

    We’ve always had great luck with the Baby Blue Hubbard squashes!
    We’re in Vermont.

  138. Janet says:

    I live in NY state and planted a variety of potatoes last year but your German Butterball -htpp:// German Butterball Potato.html
    was by far our favorite and the yield was excellent. I roasted them in a large pan with other vegetables, they were delicious. I pan fried them with onions, garlic and herbs they were to die for. I whipped them to top my Vegetarian Lentil Sheppard’s pie which after baking the color was lovely pale yellow and they were moist and creamy. This potato stored well, and was a delight to eat. I will have to plant a few more rows this year.

  139. Amy says:

    I would love to successfully grow the Tipoff Romanesco Cauliflower. Cauliflower does not grow well where we live in Minnesota, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. We would love to see this amazing vegetable in the flesh and learn about fractals to boot. Math garden nerds in the garden!

  140. Bev Nohr says:

    How to choose! I’m in the middle of putting together our seed order for our CSA.
    I’m picking the Golden Purslane because it grows well, taste wonderful, is terribly good for you, and is something that not everyone knows about. I love it in salads with cucumbers and onions but I think I eat most of it right out of the field!
    We’re in Minnesota where it sometimes seems that winter will never end. Reading through your catalog reminds me that summer will come again and we will get back into the garden.

  141. Janet Meyer says:

    My favorite green in the whole world! Red Russian kale survives the winter (even this winter!), and is tloerant to heat, producing throughout the summer. It is highly productive as both a baby green and as a mature plant, is loved by many people, resists insect pest and diseases longer than many other crops. I would recommend this easy to grow plant for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

  142. Jan McClure says:

    Belstar broccoli – It is the best tasting broccoli, people have even stopped at the farmers market and told me so. I don’t like broccoli so much myself, but I will eat Belstar.

  143. Karen Martin says:

    I’d like to try this bunching onion: I use a lot of this type of onion and would like to be able to go out to the garden instead of drive to the store to get it, plus knowing it’s organic adds extra appeal.

  144. Kelly says:

    Listada di Gandia eggplant! It’s absolutely gorgeous!
    Saratoga Springs, NY

  145. Heidi says:

    I love red cored chantenay carrots – Great heirloom that produces huge, but still very tender and sweet, carrots in my New Hampshire garden each year. We are still eating chantenays we stored in the fall. Looking forward to trying to trellis grow Nutter Butter butternut squash this summer.

  146. I’ve been using HIGH MOWING SEEDS for a few years now and what a difference in crop production. The plants are healthier and produce more fruit. I would have to say that the
    LONG ISLAND CHEESE squash is one of my favrot for making the best pumpkin pie I have ever had. Thanks for all your time and effort in producing such great organic seeds.

  147. Kathy says:

    Jade bush green beans are the best! My family planted Tendergreens for the past 40 years, but Jade does better and has excellent flavor grown in Northern Indiana clay. They are also beautiful when canned.

  148. sherri cosgrove says:

    Since this site is new to us and we like it so much would ask instead that you choose some of your personnal favorits must be nongmo of course and for the southwest area of michigan , also we plant some of everything containers, reg. Garden rows, etc, raised, and verticle. If we win awsum! We would try them all and let you know might even share with my sister if shes nice ! LOL

  149. Hailey says:

    Although I’ve been gardening as a child, I’ve never used cover crops. Therefore I’d love to try the organic red clover
    Living in NW Montana I do believe it would be a great success!

  150. bstevenb says:

    Tomato season often creates an overwhelming bounty at every farmers market .Indigo Rose Tomato would seem to be unique in appearance and flavorful enough to get shoppers to pause and sample.

  151. Matt C. says:

    I received seeds for Shishito Pepper’s as a gift and decided to try them last year. These are now on my list to grow every year, these plants would not stop producing, 100′s of peppers all season long here in zone 5b MO. They are so delicious sauteed with olive oil and a little sea salt.

  152. Kit Pfeiffer says:

    I love licorice and find that fennel adds such an unusual and subtle taste to fresh summer salads. It also it great roasted on the grill. And its feathery tops are beautiful as it grows in the garden. So I am eager to try the Organic Florence Fennichio variety that makes me think of Firenze, the most beautiful city in the world with such fabulous food.

    I live in Maine, where thoughts of Italy in winter are very helpful!

  153. Melissa C. says:

    I can’t get over the Jaune Flamme tomatoes….delicious fresh, but absolutely AMAZING dried — I can eat them like candy or put them on a pizza…Here in NC, we are very serious about our tomatoes and these are perfect!

  154. Tonia says:

    I love the Cherokee Purple tomato. I grow it every year. You can’t beat its taste and its reliability. One type I’d like to try would be the Yellow Zinnia. Zinnias are my favorite and I have collected so many varieties over the years. I especially love the warm colors. This one looks so vivid. It’s sure to attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

  155. Kelly E. says:

    I’d like to try the goldie ground tomatoes.

  156. May says:

    It is hard to pick a favorite, my husband and I have had great success with all of your seeds! Each year I contemplate buying some seeds from other companies to compare, but then I come to my senses and buy strictly from the company that hasn’t let me down! Keep up the good work.

  157. Becky says:

    Hello! Becky from upstate New York here. I love, love, love Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes! They are the tiniest cherry tomato that doesn’t realize its a cherry tomato. It packs in so much tomato flavor, its hard to believe its a cherry tomato. The things grow like crazy too. So glad you carry the seeds!

  158. Rikki says:

    I’ve never had good luck with carrots and my cousins wife recommended these from your company I’m looking forward to trying them this year

  159. Jen says:

    We adore the Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes. The first stop I make when I get home on a summer day is to the garden to eat these off the vine. Not many of them make it inside the house. We garden in New Hampshire.

  160. Geraldine Stevens says:

    We love the Green Finger cucumbers. I am a novice gardener in New England with three little kids, so special treatment is, sadly, not what my garden gets. But these little beauties are prolific and my kids gobble them up! I’ve also pickled them for bread and butter pickles which were delicious!

  161. Nadine Daszkiewicz says:

    nutterbutter winter squash – we had some for dinner last night and it was delicious!! smooth and creamy, sweet and flavorful. Seems to be storing well, too. The vines grew well here in Northwest Colorado. I had a few worried weeks because it seemed like there were only going to be male flowers, but the plants knew more than I did, and we harvested a bumper crop. Will be planting again!

  162. Growing melons is one of my toughest challenges in my community garden plot in Montpelier. Hale’s best sounds like it would stand up to the wacky weather and disease challenges in our allotment-style garden that I affectionately call a “bug picnic.” If any seeds will grow well in my Vermont garden, YOURS will. Plus, I just LOVE cantelope!

  163. Amy Tanner says:

    I tried Red Swan beans last year because I had free seeds. Little did I know how great these beans would taste and perform. I would love to try them again!

  164. Treasa Sowa says:

    I had great success with Green Towers, at the farmers’ market. I grew it thick for baby lettuce in a hoophouse, and was able to get many good cuttings. One of my loyal customers came back for it from beginning to end and bought me out of it. I have a small market garden/hoophouses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. All your seeds are great!


    I want to try Scarlet Ohno Revival. I bought the original Ohno and lost it about 4 years ago.

  166. Amanda says:

    I’d like to try to the Organic Glacier Tomato since here in NH the growing season is so short and the flavor of this tomato is still supposed to be good.

  167. Loree Griffin Burns says:

    We’ll be growing corn in our New England garden for the first time this year, and I’m hoping to try your Luscious seeds!

  168. Loree Griffin Burns says:

    We’ll be growing corn for the first time this year, and I’m hoping to try your Luscious seeds!

  169. Lisa K says:

    I want to try the Iko Iko Peppers! I love the colors, especially purples and it is my favorite vegetable to use in meals because my kids will eat it. I’m just not a very good gardener… YET! That probably has something to do with living in Arizona.

  170. Benay says:

    I adore the Organic French Breakfast Radishes. They have a perfect balance of flavor and an excellent presentation. They were certainly a hit this past season.

  171. Tami says:

    I would like to try the nautic brussel sprouts, because I recently discovered I liked them! After a lifetime of thinking they were gross I was turned onto them by NWEdible.
    And I’m from the Pacific Northwest/Seattle area.

    Thank you!!

  172. Iris Gardner says:

    I love, love, love the Listada di Gandia Eggplant. They are absolutely beautiful and give high yields. I have even had them re-seed freely in my zone 8 garden. San Diego, Ca area.

  173. Michelle says:

    I loved growing the Cherry Belle Radishes last year. I pulled a little over 160 of these beauties out of my back yard garden last year. The kids loved going out back and eating straight from the garden. We live in Bellingham, WA and this was my first back yard garden. We grew over 15 different vegetables and loved every minute of it.

  174. Christina Baker says:

    I would love to try the Organic Touchstone Gold Beet!
    I love golden beets from the store (they are the only beets I like because they have a more mild flavor) and are terrific roasted, juiced, and used in casseroles and salad! The one downfall is that there is only one grocery store here that sells them, and they are SUPER expensive! I’d rather grow my own and I know for certain that it’s organic! I live in the Pacific Northwest on an Island in the Puget Sound of WA state, so it’s perfect beet growing conditions here! Cool and mild all year long!

  175. Rosemary Edgar says:

    I love Provider Beans! ( They are highly reliable, producing well in all kinds of summer weather for me. And they have a long set, producing well into the fall. I’m a Michigan gal and I have been growing Provider Beans for years.

  176. Amanda V says:

    I tried the stocky red roaster red peppers last year and loved them. They were large and sweet and perfect for roasting. They did great in our Oregon summer!

  177. Doris says:

    The name of the variety you love (or one you’d like to try): Green finger cucumber, that I tried for the first time last year!
    Why you like it so much!: It was delicious and incredibly productive! I only had 4 plants, and we love cucumbers but I had to give them away, there were so many!
    Include the URL (web page address) of that variety from our website:
    What part of the country you are from: New Jersey

  178. Organic buckwheat planted as a cover crop naturally enriches the soil and smothers weeds without the application of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. The white blossoms look like a snow covered field. Their nectar feeds the bees to provide me with a dark robust honey. The buckwheat groats harvested after the blossoms have dried are ground into flour in my grain mill and made into pancakes. We plant buckwheat in a field on my property in central Minnesota. Here’s a photo of my buckwheat field:

  179. My favorite High Mowing Organic Seed variety is the Organic Nasturtium Mix ( When I first started gardening, I only wanted to grow fruits and vegetables; I didn’t want to waste valuable garden space on something as frivolous as flowers. I discovered was my garden was missing something, bees. So, I started planting flowers throughout my garden to encourage the pollinators to come. Nasturtiums has it all, they are big, beautiful flowers that are edible! It is easy to grow by direct sowing in the garden or in a container. A helpful hint, soak the seeds in water over night and plant them the next day into the soil. Nasturtiums seeds are planted every year in my garden. It’s a win, win to have this flower. Happy Gardening!!!

  180. Kathleen MT says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the Curly Roja kale. I’ve loved bitter greens for years, this was a new variety for me, very tender and quite beautiful. Delicious steamed, braised or raw.
    Looking forward to trying more from you.
    I live in Middle TN

  181. Melissa Soddy says:

    The lemon cucumber is so crisp, refreshing, and delicious!

  182. Louise Sivak says:

    Love this variety for ease of growing, great color, high production, very flavorful.

  183. I’m a second year gardner (almost 3rd year!). I’ve had some major successes and some major failures in my garden. This past fall I came across High Mowing Organic Seeds and thought I’d try the lettuce seeds.

    I got 6 varieties and put them all in planters on my breezeway (though I started them in a greenhouse outdoors since we live in western KY). I have had 100% germination of all the different types. No failures! My favorite is the gourmet lettuce mix ( We’ve had lettuce all winter long and they are still going strong.

    I know where I’ll be ordering my seeds from now on!

  184. Amy says:

    I would love to try your lemon cucumbers most of all. I am very fond of squash, pea and tomato varieties as well. I have a fondness for sweet things.
    I reside in Oregon.

  185. Julie H says:

    I love love love the Cherokee Purple tomatoes! It’s the one veggie variety that never changes in my garden since I discovered them a few years ago. They are fabulous – big, meaty, and full of flavor. I know it’s summer when I make my delicious caprese-style tomato sandwiches with them (tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella, a few basil leaves, garlic salt and pepper on bread drizzled with olive oil). Or I just eat them like an apple right off the vine! Here is the url: and I’m located near Philadelphia, PA. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  186. Keith Pirl says:

    I was very impressed with your organic Waltham butternut squash this past year – the vines were vigorous and produced remarkable yields that continue with good shelf life for one of our favorite winter dishes : Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage from Alice Waters (Chez Panisse). I’ll definitely be planting more this year!!!!

  187. stacy says:

    We love lacinato kale – it makes the best kale chips!

  188. Nathan M says:

    My favorite variety is the Yellowstone Carrot!

    They are beautiful and so tasty! I love to see carrots grow (you can push the soil away from the tops of the carrots to see them). (And the seeds from High Mowing are silver – not sure if that’s natural or added.) Carrots are the reason I started gardening 2 years ago.

    Here’s the URL for them:

    I am from the Pacific Northwest, southwest Washington state.

  189. William Maugans says:

    Last season a neighbor shared some of his harvest of Japanese Hulless Popcorn. It was wonderful, we had forgotten how much flavor popcorn has. I recommend this variety to everyone to try a patch. This variety should be carried by every seed company, seed should be saved by every gardener and harvest shared far and wide.

  190. Lauren Giannullo says:

    Waltham Butternut Squash is my favorite! These seeds sprouted right on time last season and grew like champs all season. I had loads of fruits on each plant. They ripened up on the vine without any trouble from pests and I ended up with more than 2 dozen! I ate my last stored squash last week and it was still sweet and juicy and delicious. Love this variety! I live in central, coastal New Jersey.

  191. Christine Reid says:

    My all-time favorite cherry tomato is the Black Cherry. It’s at

    It grows well, it tastes very good no matter when you pick it (kind of green or red or dark red/black) and it keeps producing even when the larger tomatoes stop fruiting from the heat.

    We’re here in Central Texas and when it gets hot (which always happens too soon) the Black Cherry takes it in stride. Best of all, it tastes great.

  192. Melanie says:

    I would like to try the Organic Pruden’s Purple Tomato ( because I want to find a tomato that meets (or beats!) the heirloom variety I found at the local farmer’s market last year, which were the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. You don’t need a thing on them, you can just eat them straight! I am from southeastern Michigan, where it’s currently a winter wonderland. Can’t wait until spring planting season though!

  193. J-Anne says:

    The organic Greek oregano looks awesome: new offering, but a classic herb that just elevates everything from a basic tomato salad to heafty moussaka.

    In Richmond, VA, I will be planting my second full garden this spring after years of doing potted tomatoes and herbs. Can’t wait.

  194. Allison R. says:

    I would love to try the Veronica Romanesco F1 Hybrid Cauliflower! I love cauliflower but have never tried to grow any. And I certainly didn’t know there was a cauliflower that looked this beautiful! I live in Alabama.

  195. Greg L says:

    I would love to try Ping Tung eggplant, because I would love to have a simple variety that you can grill or stir fry with the skin on it. I am in Indiana where we love to grow tomatoes and peppers, this will be a nice compliment to them.

  196. Ann C. says:

    I am a green bean fanatic. These Rattlesnake pole beans are among the best I’ve ever tasted. I love them! They grow great in Minnesota! At least they will in a few months.

  197. Paula says:

    Here in central Vermont I love growing the Kakai hulless pumpkins:
    The seeds come out easily and toast up yummy!

  198. Devon says:

    I placed the majority of my seed order through High Mowing this year and while most of the order comprises “the usual suspects” I did get a few things that are new to me and definitely new to my garden. I can’t wait to grow the Organic Purple Top White Globe Turnip!
    I recently discovered turnips thanks to a recipe for a Scottish mash-and-bake dish that gives new meaning to “winter comfort food.” No one was more surprised than me that a dish of, mainly, mashed turnips and sauteed kale stirred together and baked in the oven could be so amazing. I still haven’t told the hubby what was in that dish, but suspicions will be running high once I start pulling my own turnips out of the garden.
    We have two growing seasons here in the 8b high desert area of southern California. A small planting under row cover is already in. We’ll harvest those as baby turnips before the weather turns hot, but I am already looking forward to the fall crop’s frost-bitten harvest next winter!

  199. Mary Ann Cauthen says:

    I can never have enough tomatoes & any of your great salad greens. Last winter I grew one of your salad mixes (arugula, romaine, etc.) on my back porch in a large pot. This is in Georiga. This year I would love to grow Brandywine tomatoes from seed. Thanks for this offer.

  200. Love all your products, catalog and service. Te one I especially look forward to is Organic Spring Broccoli Raab. In SW Connecticut it is great to have an early spring green.

  201. We love the cascadia sugar snap peas!
    Can’t wait to try the chiogia beets. We can what we don’t eat.
    I want to grow green beans and peas at our elementary school garden. Thought it would be fun for the kids to grab a few!
    I also work at an all natural cafe in Maynard, Ma; we grow our own herbs. In the summer we have 49+ pots of flowers and herbs outside. I’m going to try pole beans and nasturtium!
    <3 you all!

  202. Gemma says:

    I would love to try you new organic green kale sprouts. I LOVE sprouting and i have tired most varieties but never kale, this is an exciting find. I eat sprouts daily and enjoy watching them grow, even during the winter months. I’m currently living in New England in CT.

  203. I would love to try the triple crown watermelon because my daughter loves watermelon and looks forward to watermelon season every year! I am located in GA.

  204. Brian says:

    We would like to try the new Organic Allure F1 Hybrid Corn because we’re still searching for that perfect sweet corn that tastes great fresh, and freezes well…and we’ve tried most other varieties already. This one peaks our interest because we like bi-color sweet corn, and this one is the first organically available synergistic sweet corn. I’ve already placed an order for it – looking forward to see how it tastes this summer!
    We’re from MN.

  205. Charlie Ryan says:

    We’re new to gardening and we’re jumping right into year round gardening. So I’d love to see some expansive “Cold Weather Variety Packs” a mix of hearty cold temperature tolerant veggies.

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  206. hillary weeks says:

    Napoli about them from Elliot Coleman…4 season gardening…started them by the wood stove in zone 3 wheelock on a north facing hill …then moved them to the greenhouse…they grew early and were and are the sweetest cold season carrots I’ve ever had!


  207. Annie Heynen says:

    Every year we look forward to the Heirloom Broccoli ‘ De Cicco
    We love It’s tender, sweet, rich flavor

  208. Rachel says:

    My favorite bean is Dragon Tongue. I love it because it not only tastes fantastic it is also beautiful in the garden! I just discovered your company through an article in one of our local papers; I am so excited to order from you this year! I am from Olympia, Washington. I was really hoping that you would be at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show; I just checked the exhibitor listings and did not see Highmowing listed :0(

  209. TANDORA LEEKS! On January 1st i went to my straw covered patch and behold, beautiful,
    sturdy,dark green, most delicious , Tandora leeks. These will be my leeks of choice perhaps forever, I live in central Vermont so harvesting in january is an extra special treat.
    An honor to support a company such as High Mowing Seeds.
    Thank you,

  210. One variety that I keep on coming back to year and year again is the green bean Maxibel Haricot Vert. This bean always comes through with great yields and beautiful blemish free beans. When picked early enough, they are a beautiful long, slender bean. They have done well for me here in Northeastern PA for years, even in our heavier soil. Spring plantings as well as fall plantings done in early July have both done very well for me. They appreciate the cooler fall weather and really seem to thrive on it. They are just wonderful steamed, canned or raw.

  211. Josephine S says:

    Organic Manny F1 Hybrid Cucumbers! I haven’t tried these, but I work with High School kids in a community garden that we set up, and these would be the perfect seed to plant. Some of these Maine kids have never grown a seed, and using plants is the perfect platform for teaching them biology–even the name is perfect for us, showing the relevancy of genetic knowledge for healthy, fun food! After we plant, discuss, and grow, we can move on to microorganisms, food preservation, and who doesn’t love some sort of pickles? Sending each kid home with their own can, sweet, dill, or spicy; what could be better than that?

  212. anne says:

    Gold Nugget Tomato- cherry tomatoes are most reliable here in the Seattle area, and these are like candy from the garden:

  213. I live in Central New York State, south central Herkimer County. I love Skywalker F1 Cauliflower. It is so creamy and delicious, cooked in a variety of ways….it makes me smile!

  214. Warren Dixon says:

    I love the sugar daddy snap peas…fresh in the garden, in stir frys, or frozen and eaten in January …the sweet bites burt with flavor in your mouth. They are prolific, easy to grow and an early green veg that is not a “green.” I am in Vermont and love that there is a great, local organic seed company.

  215. Jaie Tang says:

    I like the Organic Red Russian Kale because it’s a super green with awesome health benefits and the taste is amazing.

    I am from the southern part of the United States. Crawfordville Florida.

  216. Michelle r says:

    I like to try a new carrot every year. Last year it was the cosmic purple. This year I think I’ll try the white satin. I like to try these because they are out of the ordinary. I am in Oregon.

  217. Kristen W says:

    I am a huge fan of your High Mowing Mesclun Mix
    I have tried many other varieties of Mesclun Mix, but yours is the best-tasting and most successful one that I have tried. One little packet of seeds kept my whole family in salad greens for the whole season last year! I’m hooked!
    I live in Connecticut.

  218. I love the Heirloom Vegetable Lovers Pack. Its a great mix of everything you could use in a basic garden. I’ve just started building my garden in my hometown of Hoosick Falls, NY and this selection gives me the mix to start with.

  219. Jess Woz says:

    Organic Yellow Pear Tomato! My daughter and sister in law love them! I grow seedlings for our garden and my sister-in-law’s! I personally think its cool that they don’t look like typical tomatoes and have another fruit’s name!

    Massachusetts, USA

  220. Steve Vallone says:

    I would love to finally grow Kale and Swiss Chard. We have been eating these yummy greens and would love to try our hand at growing them!

  221. linda says:

    I live in eastern Washington state.cold country,i like organic ,I like raising my own food.i am 69 yrs old,and have gardened a lot of yrs,i believe it is more important now than ever to raise our own good healthy food,to many people don’t garden at all,many young people don’t even know how.know wonder we have so many health problems.good healthy food,hard work fresh air,cant beat your catalog. thank you.

  222. Lucy Chapman says:

    I think it would have to be the Kakai Hulless Pumpkin, but it really is hard to choose just one! It’s so pretty! And I always like a fruit/vegetable that has multiple uses. We love pumpkin seeds here and these sound delicious!

    Organic Farming in Laura, OH

  223. Ann Marie Mones says:

    There are so many seeds I would love to try, it is hard to pick just one. But I really want to try the German organic potatoes. I hope seed potatoes qualify for this. They are organic heirloom potatoes that seem very versatile, you prepare in many ways, and store well. Just what I would like to try, having never grown potatoes before. They also look great!

    I am in New England (Connecticut)

  224. Sarat says:

    The first garden I had I planted some HMS scarlet nantes. they grew amazingly well! I have never tasted carrots so carroty and sweet, and digging up that first green top and finding a perfect bright orange root lying there in wait was just delightful beyond belief. I have planted scarlet nantes every year since!

  225. Jay Duman says:

    Love the atomic red carrot. Riverside, CA had a mild winter this year. Good crop, and the flavor was wonderful. Even the grandkids enjoyed some.

  226. I really like the onion varieties that you offer. One stand out for me is Calibra ( I really like having a great storing onions that sweetens with time. Our customers love this onion and we like working with it. As wonderful as Cortland is, we seem to have less rot in storage with the Calibra. We love the tight necks and feel this is why they store so well. Thanks for the great seed organic offerings.
    I am from the Quiet Corner of CT (Northeast Corner)

  227. Sue Hansen says: My favorite are the peas which grow amazingly well in the high country of Colorado (7000 feet). Consistently good and high producing!

  228. robyn says:

    I’m in Raleigh, NC. I would like to try undersowing with clover in my vegetable garden this year. I think it will improve the health of my soil and reduce weeds.

  229. Bud Setzer says:

    Kukuri Pumpkin is a veggie I’d like to try, but cannot find any seeds!

  230. Heather Grant says:

    I want to try the Kakai hulless pumpkins!
    Love pumpkins, love unique pumpkins, love pumpkin seeds, and love to see what semi-bush vine will be like in my small garden!
    Heather from Ontario, Canada (Canadian zone 5 a/b)

  231. Jess says:

    I would love to try the organic Purple Coneflower
    I use echinacea fairly often, and would prefer to know that I grew it myself, knowing what exactly is in it. As well as what is NOT in it.
    I live in upsate NY, zip code is 13143
    So excited to get my vegetable seeds started! Just received my order yesterday <3

  232. Link Moser says:

    I’ll be a first time customer and am eager to try several new seeds. The Red Cored Heirloom Carrots at look like they would work well here in New Hampshire. My soils tend to be heavy. Hoping for a great 2014 growing season!

  233. Deborah says:

    I absolutely love the National pickling cucumber. We do not pickle them. We eat them fresh on salads and sandwiches.

    I planted them thickly and when thinning them, I was able to transplant the ones that had been thinned for even more delicious cukes :)

    I leave in upstate New York and grow them in a raised garden on a trellis.

  234. I LOVE the Lemon Cucumber! Since first trying it 6 years ago, I’ve made sure to incorporate it into my garden every subsequent year. The melons are so crisp and delicious that they very rarely, if ever, actually make it into the house – they’re pretty much exclusively eaten as they’re picked! Lemon Cucumber is probably the one variety that I’ve introduced to every other gardener I’ve met, and every one of them has fallen as much in love with growing this plant as I have.

  235. So where do I start, I grow a garden for my family: my husband, 2 sons, a daughter in law, and my two grandsons (ages 5 and 6). We grew a variety of your seeds last summer but when I saw the opportunity to grow artichoke I jump at the chance to try them out. They were really slow starting out under the grow lights and then in the green house and when you consider the zone almost 4 I live in here in Maine I thought not possible. Let me tell you I got an abundance of artichokes and they were wonderful. I plan on growing more this summer. My grandson would say the golden beets are their favorite though, “Meme they’re just like candy”. Nothing pleases me more then to see them out in the garden getting the veggies they want for supper.

  236. Trina Thiry says:

    The Costata Romanesco zucchini is the best I have grown. I live in Spartanburg SC, and prior to that in Chattanooga TN and it grows great in both locations.
    Last year I grew It was the first time I have grown pumpkins and the meat was very tender and tasty. Only warning I would give is don’t plant right next to the zucchini. We ended up picking several because they looked very much like zucchini :-) .

  237. Shirley Wikstrom says:

    I love your organic resina calendula and was going to order it again but I see that you are out, I like to use the petals for herbal, healing ointments. I am looking foward to growing your organic Roy’s Calais Flint corn. I live in the pacific NW and want to try a corn that will dry on the stock because our springs have been non-exicent for the past several years (rain, rain and more rain until the middle of June.) the corn needs to ripen quickly so that it will have time to dry. I could not find the web page that the corn is on but it is on page 20 of your cataloge. Hope this info alows me into your contest.

  238. Jean Cech says:

    I’ve been growing your red express cabbages under mini-hoop frames since last fall. They have amazingly survived some 15 below temps here in northwest Kansas, and I’m looking forward to harvesting some in the Spring!
    Thanks for the great seeds!

  239. Alexis says:

    I would love to try growing the Iko Iko peppers!
    My kids love regular red bell peppers and I think these would be a fun snack.
    I garden in Central Texas

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  240. ms says:
    I’d like to try the listada di gandia eggplant. It looks beautiful and eggplant is the start to a wonderful meal. If I weren’t serious about it I’d have picked a name a lot less likely to send my spellcheck into a frenzy. :) Writing from Chicago. :)

  241. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the Organic Lemon Cucumber its so tasty and crisp! One of my friends brought me some last year. I haven’t tried to grow it yet so this will be my first year here in Vancouver, WA.

  242. KLH says:

    I would love to try the Organic Guardsmark Chioggia Beet ( ) because it would look beautiful in my roasted veggie dinners here in Tacoma WA

  243. I am interested in trying the Touchstone Gold beets. I picked this variety because of its beautiful color, and because of it’s shorter growing period of 55 days. I just moved to Colorado and expect a shorter growing season than I had previously in Idaho. I love beets and my 4 year old grandson, who is my garden helper, loves beets too!

  244. Carolyne Thrasher says:

    I want to try the new butternut because I have had problems getting a decent harvest and it is the only squash everyone in the family will eat. Storage is easy too.

  245. Brian says:

    Jack be little pumpkin
    I love the way they grow and look

    Limerick, Pennsylvania

  246. Peter Harle says:

    Tipoff F1 Romanesco cauliflower

    I have been wanting to grow this for years, and I finally have a garden of my own!

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  247. Janna says:

    I loved growing sacred basil last year; it was so fragrant. It makes a wonderful tea, and I dried some of it to add to my winter tea concoctions. I live in Albuquerque, NM.

  248. Wendi wetzel says:

    I like the Red Scarlet Zinnias because they draw butterflies and make all my gardens smile! Thanks for the catalog!

  249. Lisa Robtoy says:

    I would love to try the Cherokee Purple Tomato. Tomatoes are so much fun for me to grow, can, and eat. There is nothing that tastes better right out of the garden. I try new tomatoes every year and know that I will try this new one to me.
    I live in Enosburg Falls VT. I love High Mowing Seeds!!!

  250. Josh Zimmerman says:

    Though I have never grown them, I am definitely planning growing Organic H-19 Little Leaf Cucumbers in my new Seattle garden this year. Small crunchy lacto-fermented pickles are in my opinion, the epitome of Summer. My mouth is watering just thinking of them.

  251. JessK says:

    I know my kids and I would first put Tom Thumb popcorn on our list if we won!
    Although we will probably order them any way! Also want to try the sweet peas everyone is talking about being so good.
    Thanks for being so dedicated. Can’t wait to for my catalog and to order!

  252. Ryan Spence says:

    We love the Gourmet Lettuce Mix! And we love Poona Kheera cucs even more!

    The Gourmet Lettuce Mix has a great mix of tastiness. The Poona Kheeras were a huge hit both in our CSA and at market and both the yield and flavour were excellent.

    Gourmet Lettuce Mix:
    Poona Kheera cucs:

    We farm close to North Bay, Ontario in Canada. We love High Mowing!

  253. Jason B says:

    I’m in Alabama and I love the Green Arrow Shell Peas. Plant them around the first of the year and they are the first to start producing in the garden, and usually spring is there at harvest too.

  254. Nikitta Seagren says:

    I was born, raised and still reside in Vermont! Gardening became a new hobby of mine about 3.5 years ago. Spinach – (any type) has become my new garden favorite. Last year we tried a few new varieties of spinach. Tasty and for the most part, easy to grow! We eat it all the time. In salads, as a snack, on pizza, as a side.

    Looking forward to another growing season!

  255. Alli says:

    My favorite is the Esterina Cherry Tomato []. I have replaced Sungold with Esterina because the yellow fruits are more vibrant and resistant to cracking – plus it matures early enough that I actually get some decent ripe fruit in rainy Seattle. Looking forward to checking out these other recommendations!

  256. Michelle says:

    I would love to try the Rosalind purple broccoli!

    I am in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I love growing vegetables that are different colors!

  257. Brian says:

    Clemson Spineless 80 Okra

    I’m from Milwaukee, Wi. I had good success with the burgundy okra last year. I’d like to try this.

  258. Lora W says:

    Cabernet Onion, although that might be cruel, I have not had success with growing sturdy onions. Probably much more ME than IT.

  259. Jackie Isler says:

    Hi – I am from central New York – snow country! I would like to try Vitamin Green – all of the greens in your catalog are so tempting! I want to try them all, but that was good for cold growing conditions….. which I have!

  260. Temojai Inhofe says:

    I love love love kohlrabi! It’s sweet and sometimes spicy flavor, it’s large round shape, how surprised other people are when I cut one up and give them a slice!

    I hail from Portland, OR.

  261. Terra Vail says:

    I haven’t grown it, but I really want to try growing rainbow chard I’ve grown other greens in the past, and I love being able to go out and pick the fixings for a salad right out of my garden. I live in Central Illinois.

  262. Chris C. says:

    Can I comment on something I WISH you carried? I really fell in love with Padron peppers from the farmer’s market when I lived in California. But they are very difficult seeds to track down. Wish y’all would carry them. In terms of things you do carry, I’m really curious about the Goldie Ground Cherries. They sound fascinating, and I’m trying to decide if I can justify giving over some space in my garden for them :-) I’m in coastal Maine.

  263. Kelly says:

    I’d love the try the Kossak Kohlrabi Everyone in the family LOVES Kohlrabi and we can never seem to grow enough. We’re in central Oklahoma.

  264. Annette says:
    I’d love to try growing our own popcorn. It’s a favorite snack of my six kids and I think they’d love seeing their own from seed to popper.

  265. Andy says:

    Even though brussel sprouts are tough to grow here in Madison Co, NC, with our long summers, often hot springs, and short winters, I will keep trying every year. They are delicious!

  266. Michael Forman says:

    I would like to try the Bangles Mix Mini Bell Pepper seeds.

    We had a lot of success with the Iko Iko Peppers last year on our Farm in terms of growth and in attracting people to us with the beautiful color changes and I think the Bangles Mix Mini Pepper will add even more color and intrigue to our Farm for the 2014 season.

    I am from the Bronx.

    The link to the Bangles Mix Mini Pepper from your website is:

    And my email address is :

  267. Allison says:

    Tokyo bekana is the fastest growing, most prolific, easiest to grow and longest-lasting fall/early winter green I’ve ever grown here in Western North Carolina. So tender, no pest damage, and just kept resprouting from the base and producing delicious new shoots for weeks only to perish when the temperatures finally dropped into the single digits in late December. Can’t wait to start a spring crop of it!

  268. Stacey says:

    My family loves the pruden’s purple tomato and sweet basil! There is nothing better than organic, fresh tomato sandwich with basil on homemade bread! I cant wait for summer here in New England!!!

  269. Kirsten says:

    I’d love to try We just moved from the Westcoast of Canada to Colorado and I’ve never tried to grow okra before so I figure I will here in the south. I’m a fan of deep fried okra and I think the plant itself is so beautiful. Many of the southern veggies (and melon) are a total mystery to my temperate forest garden know-how. I’m up for the challenge of learning about drought tolerant, desert gardening and okra is my chosen contender.

  270. Marcella says:

    My family is still rather new to gardening, having only lived in the apartments we’ve done the best we can with the limited space that we’ve had. However, we just recently purchased a new home in Darrington, WA and are SO excited to have the chance to have a REAL garden. We’ve purchased quite a few seeds already, but one the we don’t have yet that we’d like to try is the Dragon Carrot. My kids are big carrot fans, and I think they would love to have something other than the traditional carrots with their meals. And who doesn’t love a purple carrot? =)

  271. I’ve heard really great things about the Red Kuri Winter Squash. I love the winter squashes so would love trying this one to complement others. Yum! :)

  272. Francie Voelker says:

    We love the Oregon Sugar Pod snowpeas . They are easy to grow and so delicious! The kids love picking them!

  273. Rebecca Z says:

    Our family’s favorite variety of carrot from HMO is Cosmic Purple. They seem to do exceptionally well in our soil here in North Wisconsin and nothing tastes as good. If we could get a yellow, white and purple variety pack – we would buy it! We love mixing it up, but don’t need four packs worth of seeds.

  274. Janet Mann says:

    2013 was the first time ever that I had a chance to grow Kale.In trying this product from time to time in the past I always remembered that it was bitter tasting.Hearing about how healthy it is I decide to give it another chance and grow some of my own.I purchased Red Russian Kale from High Mowing seed and with an abundance was able to enjoy Kale through to the middle of December.It was great.I found all kinds of recipes and learned when you remove the stem
    it isn’t so bitter.I have been enjoying cooking with it in soups.I made my first batch of Kale chips for friends of mine and they loved them.A much healthier alternative.I have been enjoying a Kale-Pear smoothy in my Vitamix almost every other night.I am so glad I decided to give it a try.I would like to try other Kale varieties as well.

  275. Rohit Sharma says:

    We tried the Red Kuri Winter Squash in our garden last year and absolutely loved it. Great yield, minimal care, and the fruit is delicious. Makes the best winter squash soup too! Looking forward to planting it again this year. – Vermont

  276. Daniel kuhfuss says:

    I am crazy about parsnips. I am stoked that you are now carrying the. –

    Love the taste and how they look growing in the garden.

    I live in Wisconsin.
    P.S. I love your catalog!

  277. Rohit Sharma says:

    We tried the Red Kuri Winter Squash in our garden last year and absolutely loved it. Great yield, minimal care, and the fruit is delicious. Makes the best winter squash soup too! Looking forward to planting it again this year. – Vermont

  278. Gail VAnce says:
    Really want to try these as I have lost my entire crop of tomatoes (and potatoes) 2 years running from late blight. Really missing my home grown tomatoes.

  279. Sharon says:

    Probably my favorite cherry or salad tomato is the Yellow Pear:
    It produces lots and lots and lots of tomatoes that are a tasty addition to salads and for making Yellow Pear Tomato Jam. It’s a very reliable variety and keeps us in salad tomatoes right thru the first frost.

  280. Excited to try the late season Organic Blue Potatoe, here in Sequim, Wa. Sadly, I don’t know how to add the URL. Sorry. They are totally healthy to eat.

  281. Susan Thompson says:

    I love all of the tomato varieties. I love home grown tomato and although I was not successful last summer I am looking forward to a more successful growing season this year with a large variety of homegrown tomato.

    Live in the high desert of Aurora, Colorado.

  282. Amanda says:

    I’d like to try the Famosa F1 Hybrid. I’ve never grown cabbage before and I’m wanting a variety that is good for immediate use and has good flavor. I’m moving to an area with a shorter growing season so I like that cooler weather causes it to sweeten.
    Currently I’m in Oregon, but will soon be in Idaho.

  283. Joel Hallet says:

    Best Variety for us: Organic Moon and Stars Watermelon
    Why? We have trouble growing melons in our climate. This short season variety is great!
    Where from? Washington State

  284. Nate says:

    I love the flavor and fullness of the Cherokee Purple tomato.

    I’m from Central Illinois.

  285. BarbaraC says:

    I’d really love to grow celeriac. I’m in northwest Washington, so I’d have to cloche it I am sure (110 days is kind of impossible here!) but I do love it so. So yummy roasted and in soup.

  286. Iris says:

    I’d like to try your Organic Jasmine-Scented Nicotiana here in the zone 7b. I like that it has an intense aromas, is easy to grow and that the plants will reseed themselves.

  287. Jessy Jones says:

    I live in Washington state and have never tried to grow onions but these look like something I must try! Organic Cabernet F1 Hybrid Onion( they look delicious and finish early so maybe they will work for the pacific NW.

  288. Kathi says:

    We absolutely love the kossak kohlrabi because a few plants can keep us in green veg all winter! We seriously harvest basketball sized kohlrabi and they are never, ever woody. Delicious! We’re from the Pacific NW.

  289. Sara says:

    I love the cylindra beets for pickling. They grow well here in the Puget Sound area.

  290. Angie says:

    I am a loyal fan and yearly planter of your Rainbow Chard here in VT. It is always the star of the garden!

  291. Serina leedy says:

    My current favorite is the Sylvester’s wild arugula, it grows like a weed around here (Portland Oregon) and we use it in almost everything. I’d love to try the Vermont cranberry beans I have a great beans and kale recipe, and I’d like to be able to grow the beans myself!

  292. Thea Mozingo says:

    This was our first year on our farm in Hiram, Ohio. I planted Mammoth Sunflowers because I have always loved these giants, but did not have the room or sun for them at our house. These grew to be big, gorgeous beauties. It was a rough year with the cold spring and wet summer, but these lovelies grew to full height and stayed late in the year. Even the wilted tomatoes in my garden couldn’t make me sad when I saw these.

  293. Jennifer says:

    I love the Cherokee Purple tomato ( for its flavor. I’ve heard great things about Sungold cherry tomatoes, as well, but haven’t put much effort into finding them to actually try them myself. I’m growing in South Carolina.

  294. Nancy Wolff says:

    I’ve grown all sorts of vegetables but have never had much luck with eggplants. I would love to try your organic little finger eggplants. Maybe I’d have some luck.
    I live in central Vermont!

  295. Diana says:

    I’m a fan of Royal Burgundy bush beans. One reason is that they are much easier to find and pick than green beans – a real time-saver! Another reason: great flavor. Another: kids love them – they’re “magic” because they turn green when they’re cooked! And lastly, my parents always grew them (in Minnesota), so they are a nostalgic garden plant for me. I’ll never be without my Royal Burgundy beans! I grow them successfully in northern Illinois, zone 5b.

  296. Janette says:

    I’m in Wilmington, DE and had great success with the Dunja Summer Squash seeds. The plants, unlike any other summer squash I’ve grown, grew upright and had a long production season without the fear of fruit or stalk rot. Great for smaller garden space. The squash were delicious.

  297. Kathleen says:

    I love growing sugar snap and snow peas in the PNW because they’re some of the first annuals we can harvest. I adore my watching my boys pick them and eat them right away. It always brings me great joy. I would love to try this variety:

  298. Darlene says:

    I love lacinato kale! Both for cooking (kale chips and other) and for the different look of the plant. Conversation starter. Grow it every year – one of my staples!
    From the Seattle area.

  299. Samantha says:

    Oh, and I live in Bend, Oregon!

  300. Elisabeth Carr-Jones says:

    Ping Tung Long ( is the perfect Asian eggplant. The plants are bushy, early and highly productive well into October in our area (metro-Boston). The eggplants themselves have beautiful color, mild flavor and even texture, whether they’re picked large or small. The thin (no peeling necessary) skins are a big bonus for quick summer cooking. And they’re stunning in a basket with black and white eggplant varieties!

  301. Samantha says:

    I would love to try the Red Ace Beets ( (on Erica’s reccomendation from NW Edible Life!) becuase the beets I planted last summer never even poked their heads up! I need more beets in my life!

  302. Sandy Scofield says:

    As soon as I see these on a rack, I plan on buying
    to try here in Kentuckiana. I had some dehydrated salted Okra and these look like they will be the perfect ones for me to grow and attempt to create a treat with.

  303. Lindsey Abair says:

    Waltham broccoli!! Because I looove broccoli and the chick at nw edibles recommended it for my area. Last years broccoli crop didn’t turn out so well.
    I’m located in western Washington.

  304. Will Rak says:

    This year I’m going to try growing the King of the North pepper ( in Seattle, WA. I’ve had trouble with sweet peppers maturing in the PNW (even indoors under a big lamp!), and they’re my favorite munching veggie, so I’m hoping this beaut will do the trick!
    (P.S. — Recommended by the nice lady (whatever her name is) over at NW Edible Life.)
    (P.P.S. — For Game of Thrones fans, I will take great pleasure in exclaiming “KING OF THE NORTH!” as I walk by it in my garden, and/or making a waterproof picture of Rob Stark as the variety marker.)

  305. Erin says:

    I’d love to try the diamond eggplant. I try to grow at least one new thing each year, and eggplant is on my list for this year!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    From Western Montana

  306. Becky says:

    I’d love to try your Organic Roma VF Tomato. Between the fact that romas are my personal favorite and that these are organic AND open pollinated (something that’s meaning more and more to me the more I look into it) I’d love to see if these could thrive for me!

    I’m in Edmonton, AB, Canada, so I have a tough time finding seeds that are hardy enough for our climate and will mature quickly enough. I’m working on lengthening the growing season by starting my own seeds for the first time this year.

  307. Sam Elliott says:

    There are so many verities I love and want to try! Oh how to name just one!
    If I have to pick i’d love to try Dinosaur Kale ( I’ve always been passionate about growing plants and veggies in the backyard, but I am relatively new to kale. A friend introduced me to it a few months and and I love it boiled into soups or dried and ground into a power to sprinkle onto everything. It’s such a healthy vegetable and looks beautiful. I’m from Northeastern Oklahoma, and i’m shaking with excitement at how near growing season is approaching :)

  308. Your Lacinato Kale (Palm Kale) is our most favorite garden treat. Great raw or cooked. Hardy and super nutrient rich. – Northcentral Tennessee

  309. M. Bass says:

    Organic dwarf jewel mix nasturtiums are my favorite for garden color and delicious eating!

  310. Mike Smith says:

    My Favourite Variety that High Mowing sells is the Eggplant Variety “Ping Tung Long”

    This eggplant provides steady average to high yields in Southern Ontario whether we get a hot dry, or cool wet summer. No bitter flavour, makes this variety a must.

  311. Radha snyder says:

    I love Chiogga beets. My kids eat them, because they’re pink and white striped, so they look like candy canes

  312. Tammy R. says:

    1. I’d love to try the new Bing Cherry tomato
    2. Because it sounds delicious and I love them in salads and my daughter eats them like candy!
    4. I live in Michigan – Zone 5 (where right now it is hard to look outside and believe spring is really coming!!!)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  313. Amy Sommers says:

    Love your salad mixes ( – the colors and tastes are wonderful! We hope to try the Giant Midori Soybean ( – a new variety for us and it sounds perfect for our five year old who thinks of edamame as vegetable candy!

  314. I love, love, love these delicata squash. I never even heard of them before I tried a recipe that called for them. Fortunately I have access to a good market that actually had one. Once I ate it, I was hooked. Can’t wait to grow again for great squash eating…so sweet…and pretty, too!

  315. Trenne Fields says:

    I’m trying a whole garlic patch, hoping for a bumper crop! I also want to try the new curly roja kale. Somehow, I forgot to order kale seeds last year! I looked and looked all around me, but couldn’t find organic kale seeds so had none in my garden last year. I’ve lived in southern Minnesota for going on 2 years–this will be my second garden season. Can’t wait to be done with the bitter cold!

  316. Laura Espinoza says:

    I just moved to Chicago from California and along with experiencing my first winter I am also experimenting with indoor growing and container planting. I browsed the container section of your website and found many varieties that look interesting. However, I am most excited about growing the Picolino cucumbers because for me summer just isn’t the same without home grown cukes!

  317. Melissa says:

    II’d love to try Amish Paste. It looks like it’s versatile enough to use fresh or can, and since we’re planning on doing even more canning this year, that’d be awesome! Located in South-Central PA

  318. Kris says:

    We had nice success with the Belstar Broccoli last year here in Wisconsin!

  319. Misty says:

    I love High Mowing seeds. My favorite are always the tomatoes! High Mowing is one of the few seed companies that offer the incomparable Juane Flame tomato seeds, which in my opinion is the most delicious variety of all tomatoes. The Juane Flamme is a beautiful, sunset orange, and is richly sweet and perfectly acidic. It makes a wonderful, bright orange tomato soup, and adds a bold color to anything it is served with. The potato-type leaves are beautiful in the garden, and the plant produces a TON of delicious fruits. If I could only grow one thing, it would be the Juane Flamme tomato from High Mowing!

  320. I love to grow Rouge vif d’Etampes Pumpkins. They are the perfect size for my small household, grow well in the SF Bay Area, and produce a large quantity from a single plant. They are super tasty too!

  321. Michelle Sterling says:

    I just placed my 2014 garden order today and I’m super pumped to see the Cherokee Purple Tomatoes! I love love love them, no particular reason. We’re in NEPA, not too far from VT, so I’m hoping they do really well here. I’ve never personally grown them before. My email is

  322. Janis Hill says:

    Oh I want to grow this beautiful heirloom kale: Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale
    I can almost taste it now!

    I live in New England – Massachusetts – and know this would grow beautifully in my plot at the community garden. Hopefully I will have enough to share!

  323. Joanne says:

    I’d have to say that the Goldrush yellow bean is my favorite. I live in western Mass on the VT line and our season is fairly short. This bean is a prolific producer. The beans stay at a perfect size (no overgrown pods seemingly overnight) and they continue until frost if picked as they come in. I planted half as many plants last year as the previous one because I had so many beans! This is a winner in my book.

  324. In addition to our usual order, we are going to try “Iron lady” tomatos this year. [] We’ve read that they are much more resistant to late blight which is a huge problem in our area – looking forward to seeing how those will work out for us! I was really glad that Mother Earth News mentioned you as a source for the seeds, because we already order from you.

  325. Maile says:

    I’m looking forward to trying the Organic Gilbertie Paste Tomato ( I just love the look of the long fruits. We did Amish paste last year, and they were delicious. Planning to can lots of sauces this year, so we’re adding more paste varieties to our big front yard garden here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  326. Andrea says:

    We would like to try the and offer them at our farm stand this year . Also we like to make eggplant tinctures and would love to see how this variety would perform in a tincture. Eggplants are a challenge to grow here in the mountains of upstate NY , so the shorter day varieties that handle stress well are very desirable.

  327. My husband and I love salads but he will only eat lettuce/greens we grow. The reds are our favorites. We’ve got to try the “Red Planet Lettuce Mix” ; what a great way to sample seven varieties at once.
    We live in the mountains of WNC.

  328. kathleen viviano says: — would love to try tadorna leek — here in se pa, I think this sort of leek should do very well and will work in my smallish garden. Plus, I am betting it tastes really great too.

  329. Mary Green says:

    I’ve grown the Provider Bush Bean at our home garden in Chicago for the past 4 years and it’s a consistent variety. I can tuck it in a corner of the garden that opens up and have beans in just over a month!

  330. Barb says:

    Had amazing luck with the Waltham Butternut Squash! After a very wet start to our spring growing season in Western Ct. I was afraid that most of my seeds had rotted, but not so with the High Mowing Seeds. This winter squash flourished and had many, all uniform in size and oh, so delicious! We just used the last one and it was as fresh as the first (kept them in a basket in the breezeway). Already looking through the catalog for this year’s “garden to be”.

  331. Dawn Whiting says:

    I would love to try the new variety of Kale – on pg 37 of the catalog – 2642 curly roja kale. I love kale for its taste, versatility and nutrients. It is one of the most nutrient rich veggies there is. I am wondering if this variety, because it is so hardy, will winter over like many others do. I have picked kale in the middle of winter with snow around it and it is still delicious.

    I live in NH

  332. Heather says:

    I grew Moskvich tomatoes last year and they were a success in our unpredictable Michigan weather:

  333. Megan says:

    We live in the St. Louis, MO area. I am having a hard time limiting our favorites to just one. We love the cylindra beets because they are small, flavorful and can be packed into a smaller space because of their size. We also love rattlesnake pole beans. We also tried the spaghetti squash last year and hope to plant a lot more of it this year!

  334. Emily says:

    Here in Boston we had fabulous luck with a variety of tomatoes-they were monster plants! Generally we like to try a variety of seeds that look interesting…it is always a surprise! This year, we are especially interested in trying the gold nugget tomato and the bottle gourds. I want to try to hollow the gourds out to make bird feeders. Thanks for your amazing seeds!!

  335. Kristie says:

    I’m a huge fan of the DMR salad mix. While I have had trouble growing chard in the past (our soil here is quite alkaline), the DMR mix comes up like a champion and is ever so delicious. It’s colorful as well! I either eat the mix as a salad, or when the leaves start to get past the baby stage, I make wraps with basil and hummus.

    Here’s the url:
    I’m growing in the high desert of New Mexico.

  336. Lauren says:

    I’ve had trouble in the past getting cukes to really take off.. but not the last three or four years growing your hybrid picolino.. they are the perfect size and good flavor for eating right out of the garden or fridge pickles.. no big seeds either. Interested in trying little leaf too……. (NH)

  337. Chad Johnson says:

    I love the Poona Kheera Cucumber because of its flavor and crispness. I use them in place of crackers when I eat tuna or chicken salad. Yummy!

    I live in Sylvania, OH.

  338. Grace says:

    I love moon & stars watermelon, and they were actually prolific, even in Vermont!

  339. Genevieve Simon says:

    Last year, we planted a bunch of vegetable and varieties from your enterprise. The one we loved the most was the Bronco Bushbean! It was VERY productive, we had some much beans we went door to door in our neighbourhood to give some to anyone that wanted some. They were tasty and crispy! We loved it, and the whole neighbourhood also! We were able to grow beans and friendships at the same time! Thank you High Mowing Seeds!

    The whole family

  340. Jessa Madosky says:

    I would love to try the improved white clover in the paths between my garden beds this year. I would love to have a secondary “crop” between our beds – and the chickens and my horse would love some clover! I’m outside of Asheville, NC

  341. Joyce D says:

    Would love to try the Dinosaur Kale this year. I tried the Red Kale last year and it was great.

  342. Julie says:

    I love High Mowing Burgundy Beans. During the harvest the jump right out at me! When you cook them they turn green so the kids are not confused by them. The taste is unbelievable and they are so easy to grow (minus the rabbits who love them, too!). I live in Richmond, VT and we seem to be in a cold pocket. I have never had trouble growing these great beans and can’t wait for spring!

  343. Bonnie Lixey says:

    I never liked Beets I tried them one time from the can. Yuck. I neighbour gave me some fresh Beets from their garden. I boiled the beets let them cool and ate them,they were so sweet I was shocked Iove beets now. I grew them last yr for the first time,I was mostly a tomato,and pepper and lettuce grower but now I love Red or Yellow Beets I even tried leaf beet greens for salad so I think I would love to fill my garden with lots of Beets this yr. I love the red ones best. I think I would try any though I have seen some red and white ones that look cool too. Iam going to check your web site to see what you have to offer. Thanks,I hope I win the contest. Sounds wonderful to have extra seeds for the garden.

  344. Heather Mattax says:

    I would love to try the Organic Bangles Mix mini bell peppers. Living in the high desert of New Mexico means that full sized fruits tend to burn before they mature , so the mini peppers should be a wonderful way around the problem!

  345. I live in Waterbury, Vermont and the Moskovitch Tomato does really well in my garden. While other varieties are susceptible to blight this one seems to be resilient.


  346. Kathleen says:

    One of my favorites is the purple tomatillo ( Running a farm to school program in Nantucket, MA, this is one of the easiest vegetables to convince the kids to try. It’s not only delicious, but fun to peel and eat. The color is fun characteristic that the students can’t wait to enjoy.

  347. Alyssa T says:

    We got ( ) Midori Giant seeds last year and it was our first try for soybeans in our home garden. They grew beautifully and we filled our freezer with delicious, buttery edamame! The kids love them.
    Dousman, WI

  348. Kristen says:

    We love your dinosaur kale because it is yummy and easy to grow – it makes great kale chips, which makes kids smile. The chickens like it too!
    Burlington, VT

  349. Debra says:

    Going to try out your Dinosaur Kale ( Long Island, New York!!

  350. Betty Campbell says:

    love to try goldie ground tomatoes

  351. Alan Hilla says:

    I am from NJ and would like to try the Organic All-Red Potatoe (…maybe next year. I am already committed to the Organic German Butterball Potatoe for this year.

  352. Matt says:

    I love your freckles lettuce. It takes the spring heat here in Austin, TX for a late winter/early summer crop without any bitterness.

  353. Penny says:

    I would love to grow your organic watermelon radishes:
    We’ve had these a few times from our local Southern Vermont CSA and they are delicious and beautiful!

  354. Carrie Whittemore says:

    We loved the yellow pears we grew from your seeds last season – fun shaped and delicious right off the vine!
    We live in NH – practically neighbors!

  355. Taylor says:

    My wife is making green smoothies now. I’d love to grown some Lacinato Kale here in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.

  356. Amber says:

    How cool,

    I’m in AR where we can grow about anything, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, and squash particularly love our climate.

    This year I’m trying the Painted Mountain Flour and the Calais Flint corn to mill and use as chicken feed.
    I’m hoping it’s going to be a big hit at market as so many people are looking to mill their own!
    I’m going totally heirloom this year and so excited!

    Last year I tried the Midori Giant soybeans for my personal edamame… Baby rabbits got to it
    before I did, not this year! The ones I netted were delish!


  357. Alison says:

    I would love to try the Organic Goldie Ground Cherry here in Wisconsin!

    We’ve never grown ground cherries but are delighted when we’ve found these at the market or CSA box!

  358. Cole says:

    I planted Sugar Ann and Mammoth Melting Peas in a mildly shady backyard spot here in Minneapolis, MN and they produced like mad, the most beautiful, sweet peas with delicious, edible pods. I’ve shared the secret of these fantastic organic breeds with my mother and aunt, who have enormous gardens in South Dakota, Iowa, and Montana.

  359. Ashley says:

    Hard to pick just one! I love the purple tomatillos. They are so pretty growing, that deep purple. Making them into salsa is gorgeous!

  360. Terri Coleman says:

    I love growing hot peppers and I love growing “Fish” every year. It’s as beautiful as Black Hungarian, and the delicious peppers are attractively striped even when they ripen to red. They are open pollinated and I grow them organically every year. They are easy to grow and ripen in my zone 5 garden.
    I also wish you would carry more of the Numex peppers.

  361. Caroline says:

    My favorite tomatoes are chocolate cherry – the flavor is beyond anything else I’ve ever grown!

  362. Carmen Ann says:

    I’d like to try the Burgundy Okra.
    I’ve had good luck with okra in the past. The Burgundy should make a different looking gumbo, for sure. On the side a green salad with slices of this new onion
    With goat cheese feta on top from the goat creamery nearby.
    I’m not from but live, currently freezing, in upstate New York State.
    I created a purple basil feta cheese salad one year that won a contest so I do like to work with purple or burgundy veggies and herbs.

  363. Gail says:

    We have done well with the Organic Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. We really like the flavor.

  364. Sarah H says:

    I’m looking forward to trying Blacktail Mountain Watermelons this year
    This will be my first year growing melons and I like that these will work well for short, cool seasons. I live in Northern Vermont.

  365. Anne C. says:

    I love High Mowings tomato variety selection. In particular, Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato is my very favorite. A large meaty, red tomato with few seeds, and the flavor is so sweet and luscious! And it produces early. Catalogue says it is prone to cracking, but I did find that to be the case at all. I’m in Connecticut and have great success with this tomato. I have found many sources for Cosmonaut Volkov, so Thank you High Mowing for offering this wonderful tomato.

  366. Amy F says:

    We own a small farm transitioning to organic in southern Wisconsin. It’s hard to pick a favorite (love your seed selection), but our customers last season raved about Green Towers Romaine (and were amazed at how huge they grow):

  367. Dar Addington says:

    I grew the King Crimson sweet peppers and loved them,(heard KC live one time:) but what catches my eye in your catalog this year are the Oranos sweet peppers. I am going to try them. Nice color and size. Love the way your beans are displayed in straw hats. I started snapping shots of my tomatoes on old Fiesta last year. It’s great having a garden journal with pictures on the same plates for comparison (and remembering fondly yum).

  368. Amy H says:

    I’m looking forward to trying . If it seriously cuts down on the carrot root fly and still tastes good and produces well that will be awesome. I live nearish Seattle, WA.

  369. Loree Zeif says:

    I would love to try the new “cabernet onions”

    They are pretty! And they are early. I live in southern VT and struggle to have a long enough growing season for an onion that stores.

  370. Rheanna Lawson says:

    Well, if I won $50 I would try all kinds of new things including a full herb garden :) however what I am most excited about is corn! we use a lot of corn. We eat it, can it, share it with the animals. I am sooo glad to find a company as concerned about quality as you are! I grow my own food to give my family the best I can, it’s nice to have a company concerned about that as well! Good luck to all! What a great giveaway!

  371. Katie Miller says:

    I’m a teeny tiny market farmer in Western Oregon. I love the Cascadia snap peas and they are a best seller for me. My customers constantly tell me that my snap peas taste better than other local farmers…and I think that it must be the variety. In fact my intention is to seed a batch of them today, but first I have to get off of this computer.

  372. Carissa says:

    We love the Iko Iko pepper! We farm in Northern Michigan, and it can be hard to ripen peppers up here! It’s great to have the color variety even in the “green” stage, and we got plenty of delicious red peppers too.

  373. Courtney Grant says:

    We love the Cherokee purple tomatoes here in Windsor, CO. They’ve done really well in tomato grow bags on our patio! Can’t wait for this years harvest!!

  374. franco coscione says:

    one of my all time favorite plants is the flat long yellow with purple streaks bush bean ‘ dragon langerie ‘ , link : . theres several reasons i like this string bean , one is as a vegan on a high raw diet im always looking to incorporate as many raw foods as possible . and out of the many string bean varieties ive tried this is the best tasting raw , it seems to have a high water content which makes its taste as opposed to a low water content making it too dry like some . im constantly eating raw dragon beans off the vine while working in garden . the plants also very productive here in zone 5 / south east michigan , and being yellow theyre easier to spot amongst crowded plants . and the seeds have always had a high germination rate . my two favorite beans ever , kentucky wonder pole bean and dragon langerie . both are a must in my garden .

  375. Rick Colman says:

    Looking to add some Asian greens to the garden this year. Going to give the MIZUNA a try. Thanks guys….you rock!

  376. Dawn says:

    To choose just one variety is very difficult! But, I was very impressed with the Blue Coco Pole Beans ( last year. They were prolific and kept producing late into the Fall. Living in the Northeast we have a shorter growing season and so it was nice to continue to be harvesting beans into the Fall. The purple color is beautiful and makes finding the beans on the vine super easy, especially for my six year old! I enjoyed them so much that this season I’m planting two packets of Blue Coco Pole Beans instead of one! Thank you High Mowing for providing such wonderful seeds and varieties!
    Kingston, NY

  377. Jaime Brown says:

    Last year was my first attempt at growing a garden and I chose your Container Garden set of seeds to start my endeavor. Unfortunately the rainy summer kept my veggies from flourishing, but I was able to grow some small Marketmore 76 cucumbers ( on a trellis. My children loved to see them grow and change, and being from the NEK of Vermont, I love the fact that your a local organic business. Looking forward to growing more this year.

  378. Cindy says:

    I cannot wait to get each year’s High Mowing catalog and always plan to dig up more of our yard to grow your seeds…eventually we will no longer have a backyard (yay for me!). Your dinosaur kale ( is amazing!! It never fails and is so hardy, I let it go to seed and it attracts the most beautiful finches in early summer here in Charlotte, NC. Other favorites are your mesclun mix and the mountain princess tomatoes. I can’t wait to plant the Dakota black popcorn this year. Thank you for all you do!

  379. Our favorite is the organic touchstone golden beet. When roasted they make a sweet touch on salads.
    Yay for Spring!
    Barre, VT

  380. Nicole says:

    I love the heirloom Vermont Cranberry beans (!!! They have great flavor, beautiful color, and store very well. I dry them for use throughout the winter here in NH. My favorite dish to use them in is homemade lamb chili (from lambs raised in my backyard – as local as it gets!).

  381. George Brooks says: Owl’s Eye I have never tried or seen this one before, always looking for new eye catching varieties like this one. Some Pumpkins I mold into Pumpkinheads. North Tewksbury, MA

  382. Betsy says:

    If I had to choose only one thing to grow in my garden this year, I’d plant High Mowing Sugar Ann peas ( – they always do well, no matter what wacky Vermont weather Mother Nature throws my way. The only thing I need to worry about is picking them before my beagle gets ‘em – I think she loves them even more than I do…

  383. Betsy says:

    If I had to choose only one thing to grow in my garden this year, I’d plant High Mowing Sugar Ann peas – they always do well, no matter what Mother Nature throws my way. The only thing I need to worry about is picking them before my beagle gets ‘em – I think she loves them even more than I do…

  384. Jess O'Connor says:

    Organic Laxton’s Progress #9 is the greatest bean ever! Pest resistant, not picky as far as soil ( mine is not great..yet). My five year old likes to break open the pods and eat them right in the garden! Find them here..

  385. Maria says:

    I LOVE Black Hungarian Peppers ( – it’s the perfect balance between sweet + spicy, and a gorgeous plant to boot! They have a permanent place in my Minnesota garden!

  386. Robert Abraham says:

    I like the organic seeds that produce the most in demand plants like tomato & apple.

  387. Cristina says:

    Would love to try your Goldie Ground Cherry and also any of the cucurbita that are suitable for containers :)

  388. Virginia says:

    Your Luscious Sweet Corn is the best corn I’ve ever grown!!! So good and prolific even in Northern Vermont where I garden.

  389. Katrina says:

    I love growing Listada Di Gandia Eggplant. Beautiful to display at market and very tasty, too. My customers love the smaller size, tender sweetness and thin skin. Great in a CSA box! I always get great yields. My farm is in southern Wisconsin.

  390. Christian McDonald says:

    There is nothing like the anticipation of that first greenery in spring, and your lacinato kale (OG) is our very first choice for that first tender bite ( However, this wasn’t always so, in fact it took a miracle for me to even agree to growing kale in the first place. I’d had so many tough, ‘cabbage-y’ kale experiences that I swore I’d never grow it. Three years ago, when I was home on maternity leave with my first child, I had a serious case of cabin fever and just threw any seed I could find under the grow lights. At the first hint of workable soil in our raised beds (which is saying something for our west-central New Hampshire locale), I transplanted the seedlings outside and covered them with row cover. After just basic prep (strip the stems and tear in to bite-sized pieces) I sautéed the leaves with some sundries tomatoes and served over rice. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Finally, a truly tender and robust (but not sulfur-y) kale. It was the best green I’d ever had. Now, it’s my go to for first of spring and end of fall plantings. I’ve even purchased the same variety of kale at farmer’s markets and it doesn’t come close to the tender flavorful plant I can grow at home with your seed.

  391. T. says:

    My kids loved the organic tom thumb popcorn last year! I’d like to try the organic french breakfast radishes.

  392. Jack Teng says:

    I’d love to try the new Hinona Kabu turnip! It looks beautiful. The leaves also look like they could a nice purply addition to a stir-fry or even a ferment.

  393. I’ve grown Oregon Sugar Pod snowpeas and love them for many reasons: they’re easy to grow, esp. in Montana’s cool spring weather, the plant is beautiful and wonderful to watch grow, the peas are delicious and prolific, the roots put nitrogen back into the soil, and my granddaughter loves picking them and eating them. You’ve got the variety I like on your website here: I’ll be buying those as well as the Sugar Ann snaps and Green Arrow shelling peas. Can never have too many peas!

  394. Monica says:

    I’d love to try the Goldie Ground Cherry. I’ve never grown them (or eaten them for that matter!). They look delicious!