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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds In The News

Listed below are press releases from High Mowing Organic Seeds and our partners, articles in recent publications and other related items in which High Mowing Seeds or issues pertaining to organic seeds and non-GMO seeds have been featured.

Press Releases

  • High Mowing Organic Seeds Press Release - March 15, 2016
    High Mowing Founder named VT Small Business Person of the Year. The Small Business Administration announced the 2016 Vermont small business award winners today. The top prize, the Vermont Small Business Person of the Year, is awarded to Tom Stearns, High Mowing Organic Seeds founder and owner. He is being recognized for growing his company, increasing sales, employee growth and contributing to the local community.
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds Press Release - December 3, 2015
    High Mowing Organic Seeds Seeks Talent as Company Continues to Grow. High Mowing Organic Seeds today announced that the company is recruiting candidates for multiple positions, as part of its continued growth strategy, which specifically focuses on product development, quality control and seed production.
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds Press Release - April 16, 2015
    High Mowing Organic Seeds Purchases Farm Property for Future Headquarters. High Mowing Organic Seeds today announced that it has purchased a farm property in Hyde Park, Vermont. The new property will serve as High Mowing’s future permanent headquarters, enabling the company to expand production of organic seeds while supporting the long-term needs of the business.

  • High Mowing Seeds Press Release - October 14, 2014. High Mowing Organic Seeds Offers Nation's First Full Line Of Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds. High Mowing Organic Seeds today announced that its entire line of seeds, all certified organic, has now been verified by the Non-GMO Project, an independent non-profit committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply. High Mowing Organic Seed Company now offers the first full line of organic, Non-GMO Project Verified seeds for farmers and gardeners. 


Articles and News by Year


  • 2014 Organic Seed Alliance. 'Keynote Address'. An audio presentation of Tom Stearn's keynote address from the 2014 Organic Seed Alliance Conference.


  • Grow - Wisconsin's Magazine for Life Sciences - Summer 2013. Seeding An Organic Future. An excellent article providing an overview of the Student Organic Seed Symposium held at High Mowing Organic Seeds in the summer of 2012.
  • Cornell Chronicle - March 13, 2013.Ready To Plant: ‘Iron Lady’ Tomato Punches Out Blights. An article about High Mowing's Iron Lady F1, a “triple resistant” hybrid tomato, developed by Cornell University and North Carolina State University, that provides commercial vegetable producers and gardeners with a tomato variety that can stand up to Early Blight, Late Blight, and Septoria Leaf Spot, which dramatically reduces the need for expensive fungicide.
  • The New York Times - March 2, 2013. Look Carefully At Those Seeds “All seed is not created equal”, says author Margaret Roach. Conventionally grown seeds may not produce as well under organic conditions and are often subject to much greater applications of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which goes against the ethics practiced by organic gardeners.


  • The Natural Famer - Fall 2012 - High Finance At High Mowing - When success grows a business beyond its current capabilities, how does the company continue to function and grow? As a leader in the organic seed business, High Mowing used the same guiding principals that inspired the business to develop a unique financing strategy to help fund the company’s rapid growth. Tom Stearns explains how High Mowing pulled together a variety of investors together, from deeply committed local folks to people who were interested in a slow money type of movement, to grow and develop High Mowing Organic Seeds while staying true to its core values.


  • Profile - Vermont Public TelevisionTom Stearns & Pete Johnson. March 2011. Fran Stoddard talks with two Vermont agricultural entrepreneurs. Tom Stearns is founder and president of High Mowing Organic Seeds in Wolcott. Pete Johnson heads up Pete's Greens in Craftsbury. (Video)
  • The Organic and Non-GMO Report - Company on a Mission: Saving the Safe Seeds - Feb. 2011. Tom Stearns and his organic seed company, High Mowing Seeds, are on a mission. This independently-owned, farm-based seed operation not only produces over 500 heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid organic seeds that thousands of commercial growers and home gardeners rely on each season, but it’s also involved in an agricultural renaissance.
  • Eco-Farm Conference - Can You Imagine a Better Food System? It's Easy If You Try! - Jan. 2011. Keynote speech by Tom Stearns, speaking about the need to re-imagine and revitalize our local food-sheds, during which he highlighted our community of Hardwick, Vermont. In our region, we have many food-based businesses that share resources, and over the years we have garnered community support which has resulted in new jobs, a strengthened local economy, and great local food networks.
  • Acres U.S.A. - Seeds of Success - Jan. 2011. High Mowing Seeds founder Tom Stearns recounts the story of this organic seed company's humble beginnings and its steadfast commitment to safe seeds.


  • The Boston Globe - A Growing Movement - Dec. 1, 2010. Advice to new farmers from the founder and president of High Mowing Organic Seeds.

  • Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener - Organic Seed Production - Spring 2010. 2009 Farmer-to-Farmer Conference Presentation by Jodi Lew-Smith and Jim Gerritsen

  • Fox News - Small Business Spotlight- April 5, 2010: Interview with author Ben Hewitt about his new book "The Town that Food Saved", with pictures of High Mowing Organic Seeds.
  • New Hampshire Public Radio - Word of Mouth - March 25, 2010: The Town that Food Saved. Discussion of the book "The Town that Food Saved" by Ben Hewitt, with commentary by Tom Stearns.


  • VT Land Trust Annual Meeting - September 12, 2009 - From Farm to Market - Panel Discussion. Tom Stearns discusses the vision, opportunities, and challenges for High Mowing Organic Seeds, and how land conservation plays a part in our business plan.
  • Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Episode 49 in season 3, “The Collective”, highlights the cooperative relationship between several sustainably-minded businesses in Hardwick’s local “food-shed”. Check out the full episode! (The Hardwick portion of the show starts at 12:35)




High Mowing Organic Seeds is proud to be an integral part of The Center for an Agricultural Economy, based in Hardwick, VT. Read about the Center's activities on their News Page.





  • Vermont Small Business Development Center- September 1, 2006:Newsletter

  • Vermont Public Radio- May 17, 2006 - Equal Exchange with Anthony Pollina Interview:(MP3 file)

  • Vermont Community Loan Fund- Spring 2006:Newsletter


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