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High Mowing Organic Seeds

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Planting Instructions for Organic Medicinal Herbs

Catnip P 1-2' F/D/T/B DSE/T/DSF 10-14 65-70 deg.F SUN/PS
Chamomile, German A 8-18" F/D/T/B DSE/T 10-14 65-70 deg.F SUN
Echinacea P 2-3' F/D/T DSA/T 14-21 65-70 deg.F SUN
Lemon Balm A 1-2' F/D/T/B DSA/T 7-14 65-70 deg.F SUN/PS
Sacred Basil A 18-24" F/D/T/B DSA/T 4-10 70-85 deg.F SUN

Key to Abbreviations
Organic Medicinal HerbsPlant Type: A= annual, B= biennial, P= perennial
Height: Plant height at maturity
Uses: F=fresh, D=dry, T=tincture, O=oil, B=beverage
Sowing: DSE=direct seed early, DSA=direct seed after all danger of frost, T=transplant,
DSF=direct seed in the fall
Days to Germ: typical number of days until germination
Germ Temp: ideal temperature for seed germination
Sun/Shade: sunlight preference Sun= full sun, PS= partial shade

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