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High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Non-GMO Cover Crop Seeds

Cover crops have the capacity to improve soil conditions by increasing organic matter, fixing nitrogen, breaking up compaction through root penetration, suppressing weed growth and preventing erosion of fallow ground. The organic cover crop seed we sell in this section are either grasses, legumes, buckwheat or mixes. In order to ensure that adequate populations of the nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium bacteria exist in the soil, leguminous cover crop seeds are often inoculated immediately prior to planting. Call for availability of larger quantities. Please note: We can only ship cover crops to addresses within the continental USA.
Organic Buckwheat, Common
Organic Buckwheat, Common Quick View
Organic Oats Cover Crop
Organic Oats Cover Crop Quick View
Organic Rye, Winter
Organic Rye, Winter Quick View
Organic Hairy Vetch
Organic Hairy Vetch Quick View
Organic Field Peas
Organic Field Peas Quick View
Organic Medium Red Clover
Organic Medium Red Clover Quick View
Organic Ryegrass, Annual
Organic Ryegrass, Annual Quick View
Organic Winter Rye/Hairy Vetch Mix
Organic Winter Rye/Hairy Vetch Mix Quick View
Organic Field Peas/Oats Mix
Organic Field Peas/Oats Mix Quick View
Organic Field Peas/Oats/Vetch Mix
Organic Field Peas/Oats/Vetch Mix Quick View
Organic BMR Sorghum- Sudangrass F1 Hybrid
Organic BMR Sorghum- Sudangrass F1 Hybrid Quick View
Organic Crimson Clover
Organic Crimson Clover Quick View
Organic Improved White Clover
Organic Improved White Clover Quick View
Inoculant: Alfalfa/Clover
Inoculant: Alfalfa/Clover Quick View
Garden Combo Inoculant
Garden Combo Inoculant Quick View

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