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Organic Non-GMO Greens - Specialty::Organic Non-GMO Endive and Escarole::Organic Batavian Broad Escarole

Organic Batavian Broad Escarole  Organic Non-GMO Batavian Broad Escarole - Less bitter than endives with large, broad, lettuce-like leaves. Leafy heads average 10-12 and are tightly packed for a dense heavy head. Plant close together or cover centers for well-blanched, tender hearts. (Cichorium endiva)

Days to maturity: 50 days
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1975E 1/2 LB $39.90
1975L001 1 LB $75.60

Unit Size

Endive and Escarole - Growing Information

Baby leaf days to maturity are from direct seeding, full size is from transplant. Seed depth: 1/8. For baby leaf- Seeding rate: ~30 sds/ft; Row spacing: 3/4 between bands. Full size open heads- Plant spacing: 10-12; Row spacing: 12-18 apart or 3 rows, 10 apart on 36 beds, 5 centers.

Members of the chicory family, endives and escaroles are hardy biennials that prefer cool temperatures and short days. Plants are tolerant to heat as well as cold and are grown like lettuce. Endives have frilly and serrated leaves, while Escaroles have broad leaves and Catalogna endives (dandelion greens) are long and thin with softly serrated edges. Start transplants 6-8 weeks before planting date. Plant heads closer together for self-blanching technique or cover centers for 3 days before harvest. Harvest as you would lettuce. Light frosts in fall will improve flavor.

SEED SPECS: endive- 17-20M seeds/oz, escarole- 13-16M seeds/oz.  M= 1,000, MM=1,000,000

Baby Leaf Endive - 96M seeds/100 bed (~ 4 oz), 960M seeds/1,000 bed (2.5 lbs), 7.7MM seeds/acre (~20 lbs), using ~960 seeds/ft, 16 rows/bed, 36 beds, 6 row centers. Full Size - 360 plants/100 beds (~1/32 oz), 3,600 plants/1,000 beds (1 oz), using 10 spacing, 3 rows/36 bed, 5 center beds. 31M plants/acre (~2 oz), using 10 plant spacing, 18 row spacing.

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