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High Mowing Organic Seeds
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Organic Non-GMO Herbs::Medicinal Herbs::Organic Sacred Basil

Organic Sacred Basil  Organic Non-GMO Sacred Basil - OPEN-POLLINATED

Musky, fragrant flowers and foliage excellent for tea and medicinal purposes. Also known as Holy basil. Worshiped by Hindis as Tulasi, the incarnation of the goddess. Flowers attract bees and are refreshing added to ice water or dried for tea. Many medicinal properties including adaptogenic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory qualities; also an immune stimulant. 40M seeds/oz. Potent medicinal · Tea plant (Ocimum basilicum)

Days to maturity: 75 days
SKU Description Our price
6130A 1/10 GM $2.75
6130B 1 GM $5.50
6130C 8 GM $9.50
6130D 1 OZ $17.90
6130E 1/4 LB $69.00
6130L001 1 LB $254.00
6130L005 5 LB $1160.00 $232.00/LB

Unit Size
Item CodeVariety NameTypeDisease ResistanceDTMPlant SizeColorStandout Characteristics
5002EleonoraGenoveseDM6518-24"greenIntermediate resistance to DM with elongated stems and large leaves with good flavor. Upright, suitable for field or containers. Not as bolt-tolerant
5004ElidiaGenoveseFW6510-12"greenCompact plants with tight internodes well-suited to field or container production. High yielding and slow to bolt
5030SweetGenovese 6510-12"greenexcellent variety for fresh eating and pesto, heavy-yielding, large cupped leaves, aromatic
5000GenoveseGenovese 6810-12"greendistinctive sweet flavor, best-pick for pesto, productive plants, glossy spoon-shaped leaves
5003KeiraGenovese 6818-24"greenCold-tolerant variety for storing and shipping long distances. Good for field or container. Not as bolt-tolerant
5036Aroma 2 F1GenoveseFW7020-24"greengrows well in field or greenhouse, becoming a commercial standard, improved-Genovese type. Leaves are 3". Resists bolting, holds well in field and post-harvest
5025Aroma F1GenoveseFW7020-24"greenvigorous, slight anise flavor. Slow to bolt
5043Italian Large LeafGenovese 7818-24"greenup to 4" leaves, great for pesto and Italian cuisine, slow to bolt
5010LemonSpecialty 6015"greenstrong aroma, lemon flavor, smaller leaf variety
5031Sweet ThaiSpecialty 6312-18"green with purple stems & blossomsclove-licorice flavor, ornamental and edible, compact plants, leaves are 2" long, excellent for Thai cooking
5001CinnamonSpecialty 6512-18"green with purple stemshearty herb flavor, fragrant pink flowers, good for cooking and drying
5020Purple Dark OpalSpecialty 658-10"purplestriking, great as an ornamental but can be eaten too, strong flavor and color
5037RosieSpecialty 6514-16"purple-reduniform germination and stands, compact and upright, mild flavor
5007GreekSpecialty, Dwarf 556"greenattractive, flavorful mini basil great for container gardening with rounded, topiary-like habit
6130SacredSpecialty, Medicinal 7510-12"greenpungent aroma, bushy, attractive, bees love it, many medicinal properties
Disease Resistance Key:       
FWFusarium Wilt      
DMDowny Mildew     

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