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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Non-GMO Bean Seeds::Organic Non-GMO Soybeans::Organic Shirofumi Soybean

Organic Shirofumi Soybean  Organic Non-GMO Shirofumi Edamame Soybean - OPEN-POLLINATED

Gourmet edamame soybean with exceptional flavor. Sweet, nutty flavor and smooth texture. Medium to tall plants produce prolific pods with clear pubescence, containing an average of three beans each. Warm days and cool nights are important for good yields. Limited availability in 2016. Medium-large plants · Short harvest window (Glycine max)

Days to maturity: 95 days
Disease Resistance: Anthracnose, Bean Common Mosaic Virus
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2250A 1 OZ $4.10
2250B 1/2 LB $15.25 Out of stock for 2016
2250L001 1 LB $29.00 Out of stock for 2016
2250L005 5 LB $132.00 $26.40/LB Out of stock for 2016
2250L025 25 LB (includes $14 S&H) $579.00 $22.60/LB Out of stock for 2016
2250L050 50 LB (includes $28 S&H) $1023.00 $19.90/LB Out of stock for 2016

Soybean Comparison Chart
Item Code Variety Name Type Heirloom DTM Disease Resistance Pod Length Pod Color Seed Color Standout Characteristics
2253 Chiba Green soybean   75-80     green pale green very early, compact plants producing mostly 3 seeded pods with superb flavor
2241 Midori Giant soybean   80-95     green pale green early, heavy yielder, 90% 2-3 seeded pods, clear pubescence, flavor is sweet and buttery
2250 Shirofumi soybean   95 AN, BCMV   green pale green excellent flavor, nice texture, averages 3 seeds per pod, short harvest window, does best in warm days and cool nights

Disease Resistance Key:
AN Anthracnose
BCMV Bean Common Mosaic Virus (races indicated if known)
CTV Curly Top Virus
DM Downy Mildew
PM Powdery Mildew
PMV Pod Mottle Virus

Organic Soybean - Growing and Seed Saving Info

Downloadable Soybean growing and seed saving info

Soybeans (Glycine max) are a type of legume native to East Asia. They are incredibly high in protein and are used to make a variety of food products from soy milk and tofu to soy sauce, tempeh, and edamame. They produce more protein per acre than most other uses of land and are considered a heart-healthy food.

Soil Requirements

Soybeans are grown in much the same way as any dry bean. They grow best in loose loamy soil rich in organic matter; however they will tolerate (and improve, through N-fixation) poor soils. Water lightly after planting as too much moisture can cause seeds to crack.


Full sun.

Seeding Depth


Seed Specs

Varies, about 2,200 seeds/lb

Seeding Rate

225'/lb., 5 lb./1,000', 87 lb./acre at 8 seeds/ft. and rows 30" apart.

Plant Spacing

1.5 thinned to 4-6 apart.

Row Spacing


When to Sow

Direct sow 2-3 weeks after last frost date, when the soil is about 60F.

Other Considerations

Mulch when soil warms above 60F to conserve moisture and keep down weeds.

Frost Tolerant

Soybeans are tender annuals and will not survive frost.

Drought Tolerant

Soybeans are somewhat drought-tolerant but will be much more productive if evenly watered. Irrigation is recommended during dry periods.

Heat Tolerant

Heat-tolerant plants thrive in warm weather, especially with adequate moisture.


Soybeans are usually ready 60-100 days after planting depending on the variety. For edamame, harvest when pods are plump and green. The beans should feel firm but not hard to the touch. Most of the pods will ripen at once. You can test the ripeness by boiling a few pods and trying the beans inside. If they taste good, they are ready! Clip plants at the base of the stem and tie into bunches for retail, or strip off the pods, rinse, and steam or boil for five minutes. Cooked shelled beans can be frozen at this point.

For dry beans, leave plants in the ground until at least 90% of the leaves have fallen and pods are dry. Pull plants up by the roots and continue drying under cover in wet weather. Thresh beans and check that they contain less than 9% moisture, then store in a cool place or freeze.


Pods have a short storage life. Fresh pods or shelled beans will keep for about one week in refrigeration.

Pest and Disease Resistance

Generally problem-free. Crop rotation is recommended.

Seed Saving

Soybean seeds are easy to save because they have perfect (self-fertile) flowers and cross-pollination with other varieties is virtually impossible. Allow the pods to fully dry on the plants, then shell and leave out to dry for at least 24 hours before storing in a cool, dry, dark place.

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