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Organic Spring Raab Broccoli Raab  Organic Non-GMO Spring Raab Broccoli Raab - A traditional Italian specialty; mild mustard flavor and broccoli-like florets. Easy to grow, loaded with folic acid and vitamins. Plant early spring to midsummer; over-winter in mild climates. Large plants grow to 30 tall. (Brassica rapa var. ruvo)

Days to maturity: 45 days
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Flowering Brassicas - Growing Information                    

Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Seeding depth: ; Seeding rate: 10-12 seeds/ft; Plant spacing: 2; Row spacing: 18-24.

Moderately hardy annuals that combine qualities of mustard greens and broccoli for salads and light cooking. Grown for their tender flowering shoots, this large family of vegetables has no central head but many tender leaves and side shoots with penny size clusters of buds. Many plants in this family are quite beautiful in the garden, some favoring cooler seasons and some preferring heat. Use floating row cover when planting to protect from flea beetles. Will tolerate light frosts. Harvest multiple times as flower stalks peak above foliage or for a one time harvest.

Hon Tsai Tai- 10M seeds/oz, Spring Raab- 17M seeds/oz. M=1,000

Insect pollinated. Different varieties of the same species must be isolated by a mile from each other to prevent cross pollination. Physical barriers such as tree lines, woods or buildings may make shorter isolation distances possible. Allow plants to bolt and flower. Staking may be required. Harvest individual pods or stalks as they begin to dry. Seed can easily be lost due to shattering so harvest into bags or onto a tarp while they are still damp with dew in the morning. Use a 1/8" screen to help with cleaning. Seeds will remain viable for 5 years under cool and dry storage conditions.

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