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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

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15% Off & Free Shipping
On Select Varieties!

Dear %%First Name%%,

Because we appreciate the work that you do, High Mowing Organic Seeds would like to extend a series of special offers to you.

Each week for three weeks, we’re discounting some of the varieties we’re most excited about. We're on week two - next week is your last week!

As you may know, we don’t typically offer discounts on our seed. We have one price for everyone. But we are so excited about these varieties that we wanted to make sure you have an extra incentive to fit them into your farm’s plan for the year.

This week's deal: 15% off and Free Shipping on the following varieties:

Note: Use the web links in this e-mail to get to the discounted varieties. This is an exclusive offer, so you won't find these discounts any other way.

These discounts end 3/24/14. Free Shipping on these varieties only.

Silver Slicer Cucumber - A creamy white slicing cucumber with excellent flavor and lovely smooth skin! Hands down winner due to its mild flavor, juicy texture and thin skin. Average fruit size measures 5-6” long by 2” wide. Silver Slicer was bred by Cornell University and is noted for powdery mildew resistance. DTM - 52 days

Sivan F1 Melon -CHARENTAIS Reliable fruit set; excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew. A huge hit in our trials every year. Small round melons with smooth, heavily netted skin. Fruits average 1.5-2 lbs. Deep orange, fine-grained flesh and superior sugary flavor. An excellent melon for market, wholesale or the garden. DTM - 82 days
Segev F1 Summer Squash - Parthenocarpic variety with good tolerance to powdery mildew. Segev is a light green summer squash with slight taper and extra long stems for easy harvesting. Open habit with single stem and nearly spineless. High yield potential, producing late into season when other varieties slow down. DTM - 47 days
Roxy Lettuce - High quality red butterhead for spring crops. Glossy, red leaves on the outside and big bright green heart on the inside. Roxy is a standard organic variety in Europe, and now available in the United States. Holds very well in the field and has good resistance to Tip Burn. Available as raw and pelleted seed. DTM - 60 days
Crown Pumpkin Winter Squash - A delicious eating pumpkin with hard blue-grey skin and rich orange flesh. While this variety is called a pumpkin, make no mistake, it is a delicious eating squash not to be relegated to the front porch display this autumn. Excellent keeper. DTM - 100 days

All our best,
The HMS staff

p.s. - We
farmers. You guys are why we do what we do. Thanks for growing good food!


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