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High Mowing Organic Seeds

Staff Directory

If you would like to contact a specific person on the High Mowing Organic Seeds staff, please see below for a listing of names, departments, and contact information. If you have general questions or comments not intended for a specific staff person, please use our Contact Us Form. We love to hear from our customers, so feel free to drop us a line about what worked, what didn't and what you'd like to see us do!

To contact staff via e-mail, please use the name listed in the E-mail column, plus (for example,
(802) 472-6174

Tom StearnsTom Stearns
Founder / Head Seedsman
x 114
e-mail: tom

Meredith Martin-DavisMeredith Martin Davis
Co-Owner /
Dir. of Strategic Planning
x 113
e-mail: meredith
Tom FurberTom Furber
General Manager
x 125
e-mail: tomf

Retail Sales and Marketing

Andrea Boggs-Tursini
Retail Sales and Marketing Manager
x 101
e-mail: andrea

Jacob KeszeyJacob Keszey
Sales Supervisor
x 134
e-mail: jacob

Barbara ConnBarbara Conn
Sales Associate
x 131
e-mail: barbara

Christy SlateChristy Slate
Sales Associate
x 137
e-mail: christy

Fran Leavitt
International Sales Associate
x 142
email: franl

Jess Huyghebaert
Sales Associate
x 133

e-mail: jess

Katie SpringKatie Spring
Sales Associate
e-mail: katies

Barbara ConnKerri Hansen
Sales Associate
x 107
e-mail: kerri
Megen HallMegen Hall
Sales Associate
x 135
e-mail: megen
Nels Lund
Sales Associate /

Production Equipment Operator
x 138
e-mail: nels

Paul BetzPaul Betz
Sales Associate
x 106
e-mail: paul
Sara SchlosserSara Schlosser
Sales Associate
x 102
e-mail: sara

Delia Gillen
Webmaster / Photographer
x 119
e-mail: delia
Brigitte DerelBrigitte Derel
Marketing Assistant
x 132
e-mail: brigitte

Sophia BielenbergSophia Bielenberg
Marketing Associate
x 140
e-mail: sophia

Wholesale Sales / Seed Rack Program

Katie LavinKatie Lavin
Wholesale Sales Manager
x 105
e-mail: katiel

Beth Ruman
Wholesale Sales Administrator
x 126
e-mail: bethr
Pam VanDeursen
Wholesale Sales Administrator

e-mail: pam


Koi BoyntonKoi Boynton
Social Mission and Education Coordinator
x 144
e-mail: koi


Tony RisitanoTony Risitano
Fulfillment & Receiving Manager
x 112
e-mail: tony

Lee PellerinLee Pellerin
Fulfillment Assistant

Ben RoyBen Roy
Fulfillment Assistant
Jon MorseJon Morse
Fulfillment Crew

ErinErin Rosenthal
Fulfillment Crew

Jen JonesJennifer Jones
Fulfillment Crew

Fran F.Fran Forim
Fulfillment Crew

MarkMark Wycoff
Fulfilment Crew

Andy EarleAndy Earle
Seed Rack Fulfillment Grand Master

Seed Packing / Purchasing

Bradley RussellBradley Russell
Merchandising Manager
x 122
e-mail: bradley

KyleKyle Emerson
Seed Packing Supervisor
x 121
e-mail: kyle
KristaKrista Mayer
Seed Packing Crew

Stephen PurdyStephen Purdy
Seed Packing Crew / Seed Production Crew

Steve HartSteve Hart
Seed Packing Crew


Gwenael EngleskirchenGwenael Engleskirchen
Trials Manager
x 104
e-mail: gwenael

KathyKathy Ciarimboli
Trials Crew

Seed Production

Katie TraubKatie Traub
Seed Production Manager
x 115
e-mail: katie

Craig Slaughter
Field Assistant / Seed Cleaning Specialist

Katie WellerKatie Weller
Seed Production Crew

/ Seed Packing Crew

Charles GillCharles Gill
Seed Production Crew / Seed Packing Crew

Quality Control

Jodi Lew-SmithJodi Lew-Smith
Director of Research
x 116
e-mail: jodi

Melanie HernandezMelanie Hernandez
Seed Testing Specialist
x 120
e-mail: melanie


PatrickPatrick McCarthy
Info Systems Manager
x 141
e-mail: patrick


MaxineMaxine Kelly
HR & Accounting Manager
x 108
e-mail: maxine

AmberAmber Gillespie
Accounting & Purchasing Assistant
x 109
e-mail: amber
Holly SimpsonHolly Simpson
Accounting Assistant
x 103
e-mail: holly

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