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High Mowing Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds

Trials, Breeding & Stock Selection

In our 4 acre Trials & Showcase Garden, we grow over 900 vegetable, flower and herb varieties with the goal of evaluating variety characteristics such as yield, flavor, disease-resistance, and performance under different seasonal and climate conditions. Our Trials & Showcase Garden serves as a rigorous testing ground for selecting stand-out varieties to make available to our customers, and the data collected helps us to accurately describe and assess their characteristics independently and in comparison to other varieties.

Annually, in August, we co-host the Kingdom Farm and Food Days, an open house for our Trials & Showcase Garden.  Growers from across the northeast and Canada attend to observe a wide range of side-by-side comparisons of many popular and some yet-unreleased varieties. The Kingdom Farm and Food Days also offers a great opportunity for growers to give us feedback and let us know which variety characteristics they like or are looking for.

The High Mowing Organic Seeds breeding program focuses on developing varieties with
traits that are important to organic growers..

We have collaborated with university programs to develop excellent open-pollinated varieties and high-quality hybrids.  OPs - such as PMR Delicious melon, Green Finger cucumber, Sweet REBA acorn squash, and the mini-butternut, Honey Nut –all came out of Cornell University’s breeding program and are produced for seed on our farm. High-quality hybrids - such as Sunkist F1 tomato and Sweet Dumpling F1 winter squash - both developed by Dr. Brent Loy of the University of New Hampshire and also produced for seed here on our farm.  

We are especially excited about recent introductions from our own breeding program: King Crimson, an early maturing, blocky bell pepper developed in partnership with Cornell University, Midnight Lightening, a dark green, single-stem zucchini with good Powdery Mildew tolerance, Bing, a cherry tomato with exceptional flavor and Tang, an orange slicer tomato with high levels of beta-carotene.  For a description of  some of our other breeding projects, such as a bi-color butternut , click here to read an article in our July 2009 e-newsletter.

In addition to our breeding work, we select stock seed from within our own organic production.  Stock seed is the seed from which a seed crop (which is what we sell to you, the consumer) is grown.  By consciously selecting stock seed from the most vigorous, healthy, disease-free plants, we ensure that the seed grown and then sold to you for planting will be of the highest quality and yield plants with the most desirable characteristics for that variety.


Heather Jerrett evaluating varieties in our trials.

Holly measuring corn.

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