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  1. Order Guide: Take a look at our displays and collections by clicking here.
  2. Initial Orders: Use this fillable PDF to place your initial order for the season. View the varieties in each collection here.
  3. Reordering: Use this fillable PDF to reorder seeds when your racks start to get low.
  4. Custom Orders: Use this fillable PDF to customize your order. Missing our old themes? We can help with recommendations! Use the contact information below to get in touch and discuss your specific needs.

If this is your first order of the season, or if you'd like to order a collection, please complete our 2022 Initial Order Form and then email or fax it to the contact information listed below.

To place a reorder, please use our 2022 Custom Order Form or give us a call at (866) 735-4454 option 4.

Please check out our Collection Varieties to see the items included in our Best Seller Collections or take a look at our Ordering Guide for Resellers for more information.

Please note, we are prioritizing packing a great selection of 48 varieties to ensure that we have a deep inventory that allows us to continue filling reorders throughout the season.

  1. Step 1: View our ORDER GUIDE and our COLLECTION VARIETIES.
  2. Step 2: Fill out an INITIAL ORDER FORM and order a collection, or customize by filling out our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.
  3. Step 3: Email, fax or mail in your order using the following contact information:

Email us at

Or send us a fax at (802) 472-3201

Or call us at (866) 735-4454, option 4

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You are supporting an independent, mission-driven business, the family farms that grow our professional-grade organic seeds, a safer ecosystem for pollinators, and agricultural practices that result in healthier soil, water, and communities.

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