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Outright Sale

$1.18/pkt, 60% margin, no returns

This low-cost option provides a higher margin but does not allow for returning unsold seeds. Seed must be sold by the sell-by date on the back of the packet. SRP is $2.95

Guaranteed Sale

$1.77/pkt, 40% margin, 90% credit for returns up to 50% of total purchase

This option allows stores to return unsold seeds for credit toward next season. Unsold seed must be returned by October 15th for 90% credit up to 50% of total purchase. SRP is $2.95

We do our best to ensure that all the great varieties in our program are available. However, sometimes crop failures or an increased demand for a certain variety forces an item out of stock or on backorder. When this happens, our experts will substitute with a similar variety so that your order ships complete. Please indicate your preference here:

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