January 2011

  1. What's In a Name – Our Company's Place-based Identity

    High Mowing Organic Seeds' Farm When the early European settlers came to New England, they brought with them their livestock-based agriculture. The practice of mowing hayfields and storing winter feed was well-established, and became even more important when they encountered the long winters in northern New England. But instead of calling such a field a “hayfield” like we do today...
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  2. Survey Says... Mother Earth News Readers Choose Their Favorite Tomatoes (And We Carry Many Of Those Varieties!)

    In Fall 2009, Mother Earth News Magazine conducted an online survey asking their readers to recommend tomato varieties that grow best where they live. More than 2,000 people responded.  Mother Earth News classified tomatoes into the following categories: Slicers: main-crop tomatoes for eating fresh and making sauce Cherries: marble-sized fruits in a rainbow of colors, for eating fresh or drying...
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  3. Welcome to our new blog, The Seed Hopper!

    The knowledgeable and friendly staff at High Mowing Organic Seeds welcome you to our new blog! Hello fellow gardeners! We're excited about the creation of our new blog, The Seed Hopper! The Seed Hopper will provide us with a central spot to post informative organic gardening articles, information about our varieties, farm and seed happenings, and the latest happenings with...
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  4. Choosing the Right Organic Vegetable Varieties for Your Region

    There are so many different varieties out there - how do I decide what to plant based on what region of the country I am in? Growing organic vegetables is a rewarding experience when the correct varieties are chosen for your specific area. Looking through a seed catalog can be a beautiful, exciting, and overwhelming experience for the beginner gardener...
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