February 2011

  1. Know your organic seed company!

    Know your food, know your organic seed, know the people who ship you those organic seeds! A little "behind the scenes" look at a typical day in the warehouse these days... receiving seed, packing seed, shipping seed, processing orders, petting cats & dogs... it's the crazy time around here!
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  2. Growing Organic Micro-Greens - A Shot of Green To Get You Through These Final Weeks....

    - by Kathryn Donovan The thought on everyone’s mind these days at High Mowing is spring, spring, spring!  I find it awfully easy to get caught up in garden planning, and the balmy temperatures we had here in the 50’s last week make things seem so close!  Every year Mother Nature seems to get us with that trick, so, I...
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  3. Organic Vegetable Varieties Suitable for Container Gardening

    Looking to get into organic vegetable gardening but are limited on space? Try container gardening! Organic vegetables best suited for container gardening are those with a compact growth habit. Dwarf, determinate or bush varieties of larger vegetable plants such as peas, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers can be grown successfully in containers, but generally require either support, such as stakes...
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  4. High Mowing Organic Seeds' Spring Social - March 20th!

    Thoughts turning to spring…and to growing? Join us to learn some new techniques, learn about new varieties, learn about seed cleaning and production…or just share some good food and growing tips with friends! Shake off those dusty winter cobwebs and celebrate the return of the growing season with your friends and neighbors! Tomato Grafting Workshop , 2 – 3 pm...
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  5. Variety Spotlight - Organic Onions!

    Welcome to our new Variety Spotlight! Each month we'll be highlighting a particular vegetable - including our recommended varieties, planting and cultural tips, common pests and diseases, and harvest and storage tips. We're excited to share this more detailed information with you, and welcome your comments and suggestions for future issues! This month we'll be discussing Organic Onions. Our Recommended...
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