April 2011

  1. How to Do a Quick Germination Test at Home

    Are you using last year's seeds (or even older) and aren't sure if they're still viable? Try this germination test at home to see if they're worth planting, or if you should be buying new seeds this year. Use a double thick paper towel.  Moisten with water and fold in half. Open paper towel and place a minimum of 10...
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  2. Variety Spotlight - Organic Spinach!

    Fresh, vibrant, delicious organic spinach! In this spotlight we'll cover: Recommended Varieties Planting & Cultural Tips Harvest, Market & Storage Tips Diseases & Pests Seed Saving Tips This time of year, everyone is looking for signs of spring: longer days, new buds on trees, birds returning…and spinach in the garden or at the farmers’ market! Spinach is a fast-growing crop...
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  3. Over-Wintering Greens in our new Hoop House

    Background Here in Northern Vermont the average grower has to wait until mid-to-late May to direct seed their spinach, with a harvest that will be anywhere from 3-5 weeks later – pretty close to mid-to-late June. Who wants to wait that long for fresh spinach? We know that we don’t, so last fall we joined a growing number of northern...
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  4. What are "Hybrid" organic seeds?

    One of our Hybrid Varieties: Organic Drago F1 Cabbage Seeds -by Holly Simpson, HMS Sales Associate At High Mowing Organic seeds we often get questions concerning our "Hybrid" seeds. Hybridization is a naturally occurring process that happens all the time as plants can potentially get pollinated by bees and insects or even by the wind.  Then those two parents create a variety...
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