June 2011

  1. Got Inoculants?

    Got inoculants? If you’re on your second or third succession planting of beans or anticipating a fall planting of peas, it may be important for you to think about using inoculants in your garden or field. Why use inoculants?  Inoculants help to maximize plant growth and yields by increasing the number of naturally occurring Rhizobia bacteria in the soil directly...
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  2. Late Blight - Attack of the Killer Plant Disease

    The pathogen Phytophthora infestans, commonly called Late Blight or Irish Potato Blight, has been responsible for the demise of potato, tomato, and other solanaceous crops worldwide for centuries.  It was the vicious culprit of the European, Irish, and Highland Potato Famines in the 1840’s and, more recently, the widespread epidemic in the Northeastern U.S. in 2009.  This pathogen strikes when...
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