July 2011

  1. Kingdom Farm and Food Days - August, 2011

    A Celebration of Vermont Food & Agriculture: Kingdom Farm & Food Days on Aug 20-21st, 2011 Cabbage taste testing. (Last year it rained, but we still had over 200 people show up, and everyone had a great time!) High Mowing Organic Seeds, Center for an Agricultural Economy, Pete’s Greens, New England Culinary Institute and Craftsbury Outdoor Center are once again...
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  2. Trials Field Walks! Learn Something New!

    Join us for monthly Trials Field Walks for gardeners and professional growers. These free guided tours will highlight over 800 vegetable, herb and flower varieties being grown, compared and evaluated in the 3-acre HMS trials garden. The High Mowing Organic Seeds trials garden serves as a rigorous testing ground for selecting stand-out varieties to offer through our annual seed catalog...
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  3. Update on 2011 High Mowing Organic Seeds Breeding Projects

    Our breeding program began in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. To date we have released: Midnight Lightning Zucchini an OP black zucchini (Midnight Lightning), an OP pumpkin (Jack Straw), an OP butternut squash (Nutterbutter), and an OP tomato (Bing Cherry). In the next two years we are slated to release a hybrid medium green zucchini (Cha-Ching F1...
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  4. Fun with Fermentation!

    For me, summer is not only about eating as much bounty in all of its freshness, but also about preserving that bounty to enjoy in the midst of our snow-blanketed Vermont winters. While there is no way to quite capture the taste of a cherry tomato, still warm from the afternoon sun, or the sweetness and tenderness of baby kale...
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  5. Blossom Drop on Tomatoes

    Due to the hot and humid weather, lately many gardeners are noticing "blossom drop" on their tomato plants. Blossoms are drying up and dropping off before the tomato fruit sets. As explained by J.M. Kemble, Extension Vegetable Specialist and associate Professor, Alabama Cooperative Extension System: "This condition is NOT related to any nutritional disorder, or any disease or insect damage...
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  6. Planning the Fall Harvest

    Summer is finally here…time to start thinking about the fall!  This might sound funny, but very true when planning your fall harvest.  In regions with a shorter growing season, such as ours in Northeastern Vermont, most all of the fall crops are already in the ground.  In regions where the frost doesn’t hit until later in the fall, like October...
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