September 2011

  1. Frost Tolerance in Vegetables

    Fall is on the way, and many of us in the northern part of the country have had frost warnings, or will soon. Some gardeners are tired, and happy to let the frost kill the remainder of their garden -  while others are eager to get as much out of their garden as possible. If you fall into the latter...
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  2. Fall Salves & Tinctures

    As summer starts to wind down and weeding and planting give way to harvesting and processing, I like to begin to think about my winter remedies. I like to make salves, tinctures, and syrups to ensure my health through the long Vermont winter. These medical alternatives help to keep immune systems strong, fight bacteria, and keep us going through the...
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  3. Growing Soybeans for the Farmers Market

    - by Sara Schlosser  (Sara owns Sandiwood Farm in Wolcott, VT, and is also a High Mowing Sales Associate) Soybeans, or edamame, is a staple in Japanese menus and is becoming more and more prevalent in grocery stores and farmers markets. Every autumn we look forward to devouring these freshly steamed and salted protein rich treats. This year we made...
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  4. Fall Soil Amendments

    The second week in September has brought with it a chill reminiscent of October. While most of us are all still busy harvesting and processing the fruits of our labor, now is also the time to begin thinking of fall soil amendments. In the fall, after you have removed plants from the soil is a great time to add nutrients...
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  5. Thoughts on Growing and Marriage

    - by Sara Schlosser (owner of Sandiwood Farm and High Mowing Sales Associate) In the wake of Hurricane Irene, and a hard spring. Because I’m a Market Grower, Justice of the Peace, and I work for High Mowing, I offer my thoughts: an analogy of farming and marriage. Farming is a love and a relationship with the land. The ties...
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  6. Organic Beans Taste Testing!

    Every Wednesday, we take turns making or buying snack for everyone and have an all-employee shin-dig. Last week, Jessie and Krista from the trials crew brought in a few beautiful blueberry pies – but they were off-limits until everyone had diligently completed the bean taste test! 23 varieties, both raw and cooked, received ratings on flavor and texture, as well...
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