November 2011

  1. Seed Viability Chart

    Ever wondered how long you can save your seeds and have them still be viable? We've created this chart to help you determine the longevity of your seeds. Proper seed storage conditions are cool and dark. The moisture content within the seed greatly affects germination rates. Seeds should be stored in their original packaging in a cool (below 50 degrees...
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  2. Butternut Squash and Cheddar Bread Pudding

    In my childhood home, our holidays were vegetarian affairs, much to the shock of my Ohio suburban friends. Even now after embracing an omnivorous life, the turkey centerpiece of the traditional holiday meal isn’t what I look forward to most about the meal. The vegetable sides are where the action is in my opinion and this recipe is one of...
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  3. Notes from the 2011 Trials Field

    As the night-time temperatures continue to drop here in Northern Vermont, we’ve pretty much wrapped things up in our 4-acre Trials Garden.  Once the crops are harvested, the cover crops planted and the fields cleaned up, it’s time to sit down to compile trials reports on all of the varieties we evaluated over the course of the season, drawing conclusions...
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  4. Pies For People/Soup for Supper

    Once again, High Mowing Organic Seeds is participating in the "Pies for People/Soup for Supper" event put on by The Center for an Agricultural Economy and Sterling College.  Every year High Mowing donates winter squashes that we have grown in our production and trials fields. We bring the squash over to Pete's Greens, where the seeds are removed (and saved...
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  5. Trials Program Conclusions - Organic Beans!

    (Top Row) Provider, Bronco, Strike, Jade, Tavera, Maxibel (Bottom Row) Pension, Dragon Lingerie, Royal Burgundy We’ve been working on compiling the results of our 45 variety trials that were conducted at our 4-acre Trials Garden in Wolcott, Vermont.  The results are interesting – sometimes surprising – and always fun in terms of identifying standout varieties for future introduction to the...
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  6. Guerilla Gardening at Occupy Wall Street

    Several weeks ago a group of students from Sterling College in Craftsbury, VT contacted our donation program to inquire about bringing organic seeds with them to the Occupy Wall Street. They selected between 150-200 seed packets and headed to NYC. Once there, they began planting winter greens, beets and other cold-tolerant varieties in an effort to "bring fresh food to...
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