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  1. Katie's Kitchen - Celebrating the Cabbage

    Cabbages tend to keep us Vermonters company for the duration of the long winter. Sometimes they are pickled in kimchi or sauerkraut, providing a bright, salty crispness to heavy meals. Sometimes they appear as a fresh head, harvested in the fall and still crisp beneath the outer layers months later. Try one of the recipes below to dress up those...
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  2. An Indoor Seed Starting Workshop for the Home Gardener

    To some, starting seeds indoors seems intimidating, but with some simple techniques and inexpensive start-up supplies, you can easily build a seed starting workstation and get your favorite varieties started indoors with minimal effort.  Why take the time, you ask, when you can more easily buy seedlings from...
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  3. Well, it’s time for another round of sue Monsanto!

    This time, a group of organizations, several of which High Mowing Organic Seeds is a proud member, are suing for legal protection against Monsanto’s transgenic pollen drift. The lawsuit asks courts to protect organic farmers from transgenic contamination by GE-crops, which results in a loss of value of the products (now no longer able to be sold as organic) and...
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  4. Out of Stocks, Backorders, Delays, Oh my!

    Anyone who has a farm or garden knows that despite our best efforts, things don’t always go according to plan. Now imagine tending a garden with over 600 varieties of vegetables and flowers. The fruit of this garden is the High Mowing Organic Seeds catalog. It seems that the two things that no one wants to hear this time of...
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  5. Give Peas A Chance - Growing Peas On Your Farm

    It seems that everyone likes eating peas, but the planting and picking part can be a challenge. At my farm, we have decided that they are an important piece of our crop mix, and have found ways to ease their burden and have them week after week for our markets without too much stress. Lots of the problems around...
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  6. Excellent Tomato Varieties for High Tunnel Production

    Season extension has become standard practice among farmers and many home gardeners across the country.  Growing tomatoes in a high tunnel or hoop-house extends the season by providing protection from frost and maintaining warmer temperatures that allow for earlier harvest.  High tunnels and greenhouses also provide a protected growing environment for plants which increases the potential for higher yields and...
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