May 2012

  1. Trellising Your Organic Tomatoes

    Tomatoes pose a unique challenge to gardeners large and small. Indeterminate varieties can reach towering heights but are unable to support themselves, especially once they begin to set fruit. All varieties of tomatoes gain several benefits from support. Plants are able to dry out more quickly, leading to less rot, ripening is more thorough and even, and harvest is easier...
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  2. High Tunnel Winter Growing – Get a Jump On The Market!

    Winter is so, like, last season.  But, in a moment of reflection, we wanted to share with you the results of our overwintering variety trials. Like many Northeast growers, we took advantage of NRCS’s Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative to put up an unheated high tunnel in 2010.  We’ve been excited to have this year-round growing space, particularly for trialing different...
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  3. Spring Salad with Meyer Lemon Cream Dressing

    The thrill of cutting real heads of lettuce from our hoop house in April cannot be overstated. Head lettuce in these parts is a phenomenon of early June if we’re lucky. So when trials staff started bringing in compact, beautiful, vibrant heads of lettuce for us to take home, I was first in line. This recipe is about as simple...
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