November 2012

  1. Giving Thanks

    In 1995, my wife and I moved to Maple Corner in Calais, VT, and found a cool little house to rent. We had been traveling and the prospect of having more than 80 square feet of living space was really exciting. Our plan was to get to know the local area, work on a few farms to get a feel...
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  2. 2013 New Varieties: Tom’s Picks for the Cream of this Year’s Crop

    - by Tom Stearns, owner and President of High Mowing Organic Seeds Hello Growers! Just as the season has finished, it is already getting to be time to plan for 2013. What new markets are you going to strive for; what new tools do you need; what new crops might you grow? And of course, what varieties are you going...
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  3. Our new 2013 catalog is hot off the press!

    Our new 2013 catalog has just arrived at our warehouse and we're very excited! We're offering over 650 varieties this year - with 73 new varieties! High Mowing moved the printing of our catalog back to Vermont this fall after printing in the Midwest for several years. We printed 95,000 copies this year and are excited that we were able...
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