December 2012

  1. Feeding From Our Fields

    The Trials Field at High Mowing sits atop a hill in Wolcott, Vermont and overlooks rolling mountains to the west.  On the Trials Crew, we spend our spring days meticulously laying out sets of varieties a few feet at a time—6 varieties of mini Romaine lettuces, 12 varieties of leeks, 8 varieties of peppers.  We handle each trial with a...
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  2. The Challenges of Sourcing Organic Seed: The Beloved Parsnip

    Update - Jan. 2014 - we were able to source organic parsnip seeds this year! These seeds didn't make it into our catalog, but we have them on the website: Organic Lancer Parsnip Seeds The world of organic seeds is an interesting one.  As you turn the pages of your High Mowing catalog, you may wonder why we have sixteen...
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  3. Nels’ Savoyed Cabbage Delight

    A recipe inspired my uncle Steve, once a fine dining chef in and around Seattle.   I perused the assortment of bounty in the HMS produce fridge and found: two leeks and a few heads of Famosa F1 cabbage.  I called my uncle and listed my ingredients and ideas; within minutes we had come up with this recipe.  This spur of...
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  4. A Glimpse into our High Mowing Breeding Program

    The world of vegetable breeding is as much a world of art as a world of science where the biggest successes come from sheer luck combined with a healthy dose of close scientific observation.  What sets our own breeding program apart is that we work exclusively under organic management, so any selections made in our program are pre-adapted to organic...
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  5. Trial by Farmer: On-Farm Variety Trialing at the Intervale Community Farm

    Becky Maden is the Assistant Farm Manager at Intervale Community Farm (ICF), a thriving member-owned CSA farm in its 21st season of growing organic produce in Burlington, Vermont. Becky has worked on several diverse vegetable farms throughout the country and around the world. At ICF, Becky is either found in the greenhouse, on a tractor, or jogging between the two...
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