March 2013

  1. Complete Seed Starter - Newbie Gardener Giveaway!

    Are you new to organic gardening and overwhelmed by where to start? Excited to start your own garden and grow food for your family, but have little gardening experience? Check out our exciting new giveaway! We're giving away TWO different starter gardener packages! Both include: a Seed Starting Kit(Contains: 1 Plug Tray (50-cell), 1 Propagation Dome, 1 Open Flat...
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  2. Tomato Grafting for Your Greenhouse

    I have been growing tomatoes in the greenhouse for 12 years now. I switched to grafted plants after my house “hit the wall.” After four successful years of growing glorious plants laden with fruit, my un-grafted plants topped out at three feet. Fortunately, I had gotten some grafted plants from a friend. Their production was off the hook, and saved...
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  3. Nels’ Beef Steak Hashbrowns

    I am a man with steak and champagne desires but endure a potato and Pabst Blue Ribbon reality.  I was lying around my house one morning desperately in need of a breakfast steak and only had a sack of HMS grown All Blue potatoes.  My imagination took hold.  I love the All Blue potato.  When cut open the vibrant deep...
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  4. A Look at Our Variety Trials

    Sometimes I feel like the luckiest farmer around.  As Trials Manager at High Mowing Organic Seeds, my job affords me the satisfaction of not only farming vegetables and flower and herbs, but also cultivating information.  In fact, harvesting data is the reason for all that we do on our 5 acre Trials Farm.  (Read about what we do with all...
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  5. Greenhouse Management

    February surprises me each year with feelings of doubt.  As the days grow longer and the boxes of seeds are unpacked and organized for the seeding marathon that lies ahead, I feel a tremor inside of me.  Really? I think, as I stare at all of the seeds. Will these really turn into enough food for hundreds of people?  I...
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  6. Ready, Set, Grow!

    I often joke with customers that ordering seed is the hardest part.  With over 650 varieties in our catalog and endless ways of growing them all, the freedom can sometimes be stifling.  Of course, so can the heat in July.  Now is a time to breathe deeply and think clearly about what lies ahead. We find it prudent to keep...
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