April 2013

  1. Container Gardening

    If yard space is your only limitation, you can still grow a vegetable and herb garden successfully on your patio, porch, or even your door stoop. With the proper container, amount of light and water, soil type, and fertilizer, you can grow a wide array of crops without even breaking ground. Choosing Your Container There are many types of containers...
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  2. Carrot Juices

    Here in Northern Vermont, April tugs at our heartstrings as it dangles spring in front of us, while at the same time threatening one more winter storm to put our hopes for new gardens and fresh veggies on hold a little longer.   Last year, we were all fooled by an early warm spell only to be pelted by hail the...
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  3. Carrots: A Look at Our Bejo Varieties

    We are fortunate at High Mowing Organic Seeds to have access to some of the highest quality seed sources available. This week two of our friends at Bejo Seeds, Inc. visited us here in Wolcott, VT. Bejo is a Dutch company that has two offices in the US, including a world-class research and demonstration farm in Geneva, NY. Jan and...
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  4. Mini Heads for Season Extension and Major Value

    Organic Breen Lettuce In recent years on our Trials Farm, we’ve fallen in love with the mini or midi type of lettuce – smaller sized lettuce heads that can be planted densely to maximize bed real estate and that offer great flavor. A particular favorite is the Little Gem type, a mini romaine with the sweetness and soft texture of...
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