May 2013

  1. Eat More Dirt: Raising Kids in the Garden

    I began gardening with my father when I was very little. I don't really remember much about it actually, as if it was so commonplace as to not be special. But special it was because my love of the garden as well as the woods both came from my father and directly led to my passions for seeds. He, in...
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  2. Starting A Farm

    I didn’t know what to expect in May 2009 when I started my first day as a farm crew member.  It was on a small start-up farm in Northfield, Vermont called the Green Mountain Girls Farm.  It was their first year running a veggie CSA, I was their first employee, and as the season progressed there were many more firsts...
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  3. Field Walks: Staying Connected to Your Crops

    In my mind, I am a now junior grower.  I figure you get one freshman year, and then a bunch of sophomore years.  After 12 seasons, I am unwilling to consider myself a senior grower, but I get a little closer every day.  I remember when I first started farming I felt the need to see everything on the farm...
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  4. Striving Towards Sustainable Employee Management

    How to Keep Yourself and Your Farm Staff Happy - by Becky Maden In the fall of 1995, I found myself living in the loft of a barn, surrounded by a heap of hay, piles of mouse droppings, my pack of belongings, and a small mattress.  Below me, the cows, horses, and sheep sighed loudly all night long, and I...
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