August 2013

  1. A Garden Seed Worth Saving

    Many years ago, I was working on a farm, and happened by a group of people who were gathered around for a workshop.  The man giving the workshop, who was about my age, was talking excitedly about plant sex which was enough to make me take pause!  I listened for long enough to learn that they were talking about saving...
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  2. Introduction to Seed Saving, Part 2: Wet Seed Production

    This article is a follow-up to the article from last week about High Mowing’s production of dry seed crops, highlighting Ruby Streaks mustard.  The Seed Production Farm grows approximately 26 acres of seed crops each year. What are “Wet Seeded” Crops? The majority of our late season crops are wet seeded.  Wet seeded crops are those that house the seed...
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  3. Introduction to Seed Saving, Part 1: Dry Seed Production

    Dry seeded crops are quite easy to grow, clean, and save.  On High Mowing Organic Seed’s Production Farm, we produce multiple species and varieties of dry seeded crops each year.  As always, we are happy to disseminate all information about our seed growing and saving techniques.  To positively impact your community and local food supply, we encourage you to engage in...
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