September 2013

  1. Disease Prevention in High Tunnel Production

    Organic growers are increasingly choosing to grow year-round in high tunnels, in part to avoid the diseases encountered by field crops. Not only do high tunnels provide physical exclusion from airborne disease, but the environmental conditions necessary for the presence of many disease pathogens simply do not occur in high tunnel production. Of course disease is not eliminated entirely in...
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  2. Our Food Preservation Favorites: Recipes from High Mowing Seedsters

    It’s finally that wonderful time of year when the garden is full of produce, but here in Vermont a chill nips the ears and neck on early morning harvest missions. Many of us have already seen the first frosty weather, so now is the time, before a hard frost claims our heat-loving eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, and cucurbits, to claim those...
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  3. A Cold Frame for Many Occasions

    The dog days of summer are dwindling and the cooler temps of September have commenced in Northeastern VT.  Season extension has been a hot topic in our region as of late, and so many folks are scrambling to get ready for the impending frosts - wishing to hold on to some late season crops, and further yearning for winter greens...
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  4. Tips for Planning Your Winter Harvest

    Here in northern Vermont, our first fall frost can come anytime from the end of September through the middle of October, typically. It’s a short growing season, so, like many northern growers we’re interested in how to tease a little more yield out of the field. There are several strategies for winter growing. You can plant in the field and...
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