October 2013

  1. I Love Winter Squash - Harvesting, Storing, & Curing Winter Squash

    When I was a little baby, I have been told, I loved winter squash so much that it was fed to me so often that I got sick of it, and then I refused it for the next 25 years - "The Lost Years". Then when we moved to Vermont and started working on farms, it was winter squash this...
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  2. High Mowing’s Seed Cleaning Facility

    Seed quality is the cornerstone of High Mowing Organic Seeds. Everyone here at High Mowing works in some way to grow, trial, sell, or ship well-adapted organic seed of wide varietal selection that germinates well. Our success depends on clean seed. The seed cleaning process at High Mowing is two-tiered. We clean seed crops in the field before they come...
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